Friday, December 2, 2016

Racism and Sexism Isn't As Prevalent as the MSM Wants You To Think

You know PC / SJW culture is reaching a tipping point when people actually within minority groups are so vehemently against the rhetoric that's supposed to be "protecting" them. Like Dinesh here.

Look at the passion he displays when making his points, this shit really rustles Dinesh's jimmies. In reality, all the shit Dinesh is debunking is a huge cause of all the divisional problems currently destroying western civilization. Racism and sexism were pretty much dying off, or rather, were theocracies that were left to fringe corners of society. Now the people fighting racism are bringing it back to the mainstream when it was already dying it's own, slow death. My question is - why the fuck is everyone bitching so much?!

Things are more progressive than ever, baby boomers are dying off in droves and a generation of people constantly crying out "injustice!" fail to realize they are failing on their own personal levels. Bunch of dudes that wear skinny jeans and finger fuck their "gender fluid" male friends while listening to Drake and a bunch of chicks that can figuratively compose a symphony of dicks from her phone to bukkake her in an orchestral sexual climax in less than 15 minutes time trying to tell other people they lack morals? Indoctrinated liberal arts faggots who look into the mirror but ignore their own fucked reflection, only to spot something in the background to "trigger them," which inspires them to ostracize and shame traditionalists for thinking the hedonistic cluster fuck (which is deteriorating physical, spiritual and mental societal states) is a toxic mindset akin to the fall of Rome. 

Racism was pretty fringe, now it's mainstream again.
The new target is whites.

Sexism was pretty fringe, but now it's mainstream again. 
The new target is masculinity.

And you know why this is the ultimate rustling of jimmies? Because the collective group of people with an average to slightly above average IQ and higher necessitated to realize this bullshit, are literally watching the country slip into a figurative Idiocracy, and every time they try to point it out or warn people they get a bunch of slack jawed faggots with a Doctorates Degree in Oppression 101 telling them they're wrong. "Institutionalized racism is the biggest problem in America!"  No it's not. Stupidity and the victim mindset indoctrination are literally two of the very biggest issues plaguing culture, and they're both the direct cause of actual racism.

Of course, none of these issues are anything but petty compared to the #1 issue - the wealthy and elite monetizing basic necessities of life, and putting a price tag on people's time. The people profiting off those income streams of monetized time and life essentials are funneling a good portion of their multi-billion dollar profits into the propaganda machine spinning out the divisional rhetoric keeping people blind to their actions in the first place. What a god damn cluster fuck.

This SJW / PC shit pisses off anyone that's moderately rational because it is an ignorant rhetoric. 

The reason people who hate SJW / PC turned a blind eye to closet racism is because racists were fringe groups. No one took them seriously, they just ignored them and let them fester in their own fucked up little subsections of society. If a racist goes public, they are rightfully shamed for their racial ignorance. But SJW warriors causing the same problems inspiring the same divisiveness want to be celebrated. And society, currently, is celebrating them very much so.

Institutionalized racism is a thing of the past. How fucking fast do you think a business would get shut down if they said "No blacks allowed to purchase our product or working our assembly lines, sorry!" They'd be shut down in days. Corporate franchises don't give a fuck about gender, or race, or sexual orientation, you fucking idiots...all they care about are their profit margins.

It's not logical to judge someone on anything other than their character. Racism is one extreme, PC / SJW shit is the other extreme. Both are illogical theocracies.

Dinesh is so rustled in that video because he is frustrated by the lack of logic inherent with PC rhetoric. They use some big buzz words, sure, but they can't even seem to pronounce the word "Logical." Some people might say he's blind to the own oppression he faces, like a bleeding heart little liberal bitch tends to, but I don't see him as vindicating his own race in any fashion.
"But you are a straight white male, Sweet Funky Freedom, you don't know what it's like to be oppressed!" I beg to differ.

I worked for one medical cannabis company that was pretty much dominated by women. Besides the CEO, the company was 90% made up of women. It was one of the least organized and difficult jobs to socially navigate I've ever had. There was sexism at play, 100% with no question - I constantly saw men's hours cut, constantly saw men punished for small discrepancies despite being much more efficient at their jobs, and constantly saw the management favor women in almost every aspect. From hiring way more women even if they were less qualified, to giving them more hours, to being overall more lenient when the women made multiple mistakes in a day, whereas one small mistake from a male over the course of a month would be blown completely out of proportion. But I'm gonna stop myself there, and get to the point.

This was ONE company, and that was how they decided to operate. Sure, it ruined my personal experience working with the company, as a male, but I don't let that personal experience paint my perspective of every single other company out there as favoring women. I still write for them and get paid good to do it! But it was literally the strangest, rockiest job I've ever had when I was working in the clinics.

Again - one company. Was that company sexist? Sure. Did it shine light on an anti-male conspiracy that is the foundation of nearly every corporation in America? Fuck no. It was just the way they chose to operate their business. So I found another job, and still found a way to benefit from having worked for them, despite my mistreatment, and I continued to write for them. I didn't bitch and whine and try to start a God damn civil rights movement.

People find issues that afflict pockets of society and act like it's these widespread problems that effect everyone. 

Maybe people ought to start focusing on what they can do to enrich society on a personal basis. Personally, all I choose to deal with is what I have to contend with myself. I don't need to shoulder the collective (unwarranted) guilt of my race because I don't define myself by my skin color or the injustices my ancestors may have afflicted upon others. News flash - all of our ancestral lineage can be traced back to some asshole who mistreated some other asshole.

 Human beings by and large are self-serving, it doesn't come down to race or sex for me at any point, and it never really has. Just how people treat me personally. (Also observing how they treat those around them, how they talk when others are gone in contrast to when the other person is around, etc. That's an essential gauge of character.) In short, people hyper focus on the least important shit.