Friday, June 24, 2016

The Slaps Heard Around the World: Rich Piani and Jason Genova

After finishing their pose for the photograph, Rich Piani and Jason Genova both relaxed. Before either of them return to a normal stance, however, Jason Genova's smug smirk deepens as he proudly informs the hulking, demonic looking synthol tub next to him "I'm the king of Order 66." Rich Piani brings his hand to his brow in frustration, muttering out a "You're what?" that seems even more impatient than his usual demeanor. "I'm the king of Order 66," Jason Genova repeats the statementin his lispy, mentally challenged drawl, nodding his head matter-of-factually to emphasize his pride. " ordered a 66 on me, didn't you, right? Didn't you do that once?" Rich's question penetrates Jason Genova's ears like an eager girl on prom night. But Mr. Genova, being socially inept and borderline retarded, doesn't notice the anger boiling under the surface of Rich Piani's fake smile. He feels the two are bonding over an inside joke, and continues the conversation undeterred, like a child with a fork at an electrical socket. "Noooo!" Jason says, as if he's a young school boy teasing the pig-tailed, timid blonde in class he has a crush on. "You never did?!" Rich says, barely able to contain his seething rage, his fake smile causing him to speak through gritted teeth. "I DID, actually!" Jason laughs, his smile getting even broader. "Why would you do that?" Rich smiles back at Jason - he had him right where he wanted him. "Cuz I'm....I was just joking." Jason still doesn't seem to realize the severity of the situation. The situation quickly spirals downwards, with Rich growing increasingly angrier and Jason quivering in fear.
Finally, Rich agrees (for the both of them) to a slap boxing bout of 5 seconds to settle the score. "You ready?" Rich starts with a quick right, and Jason giggles nervously. He slowly raises his right hand to slap Rich back, but hesitates, and Rich hits him with a dizzying left. This stuns Jason, and he stumbles forward not unlike a baby who has just learned how to walk. Rich's forced smile gets more intense and sinister as he gets another quick left and right combo in. Jason stumbles  backwards. "You ready?! You ready?!" Rich taunts the retard menacingly, as people gather in the background. The crowd is both uncomfortable but enthralled, some of the scummier among them recording the event from their devices. No one intervenes to save the retarded man. Rich continues his assault. "You ready?! YOU READY?!" Another quick two-hit combo. "You ready, YOU READY?! YOU READY?!" Another two slaps. "Are we good?" Rich asks Jason, as if he was the one who should be asking the
question. The two shake hands for the 74th time that day.

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