Monday, June 20, 2016

Someone Told Me My Dreads Are Cultural Appropriation

It finally happened. Someone finally called me out for "cultural appropriation," and of all places it occurred on good ol' Plenty of Fish / Plenty of Whales / Plenty of Single Moms / Bottom of the Barrel dot com. (Yea, I know, pretty pitiful to be on such an app, but at this point I'm content banging randoms off internet apps because loyalty and commitment are dead. Fuck off.)

Last night I was getting smashed off $1 PBRs when I got a message from the POF app.

"White guy with dreads? Culture appropriation much."

Now right off the bat, PC rhetoric aside, saying anything in the form of "______ ________ much" is cunty. So not only is this cunt PC, but also uses annoying internet slang and improper grammatical structure in an ironic fashion. How cute. Let me school you right quick though.

The fact this sort of mindset is so prevalent is a testament to how badly the dark cabal has everyone by the balls and ovaries. This girl messaged me out of the blue with that cultural appropriation bullshit, I didn't even view her profile, shoot a message, or initiate any sort of contact. The app is lying dormant on my phone, unused and this cunt goes out of her way to send me that message. 

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