Thursday, June 30, 2016

"Letters to My Future White Sons" I Wouldn't Count On It, Cunts

Holy fuck, I think I found the worst video on youtube.

I love the deep breath the one on the right takes before they go into their self-hating, anti-white (despite the fact they are white) diatribe. You can tell how important they feel their opinion is, how smugly they try to express the oppression they don't even understand. At 46 seconds in, that old black dude is just sitting there with a facial expression that screams he wants to put a bullet in his brain so he can stop listening to these uppity cunts and their hysterical ranting.

One good thing about people like this existing, is that they are shouldering ALL the white guilt for the rest of us who don't base our entire lives around feeling offended for other people. Look how intense they get, how much passion they put into this trivial bullshit. I was half expecting (and fully hoping) one or both of them would have a stroke and die at the end of the video. Let me go search Documenting Reality, hopefully that footage is already uploaded. My pants are already half down.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I hate myself just like every other person in the world. But it certainly isn't hatred over my skin color, or misplaced guilt over what my forefathers might have done to oppress another race. I tend to judge others based on how they personally interact with me. And how would I judge these two jackasses? They're fascists.

The whole political correctness movement is literally fascism. The people involved in the politically correct social justice warrior Tumblr Oppression Olympics movement are so short-sighted they don't even realize this. Shoehorning buzzwords you learned from your hipster liberal arts college professor into self-hating slam poetry isn't making a positive change, it's basically supporting a modern day remix of fascism. Clearly they're too self-involved too realize this, too indoctrinated by the yarn mainstream media spins to keep racial division alive.

Also, despite the fact they are verbally attacking their own unborn children, something tells me they're gonna have a real hard time conceiving considering how much hatred they have. Who would want to put their dick anywhere NEAR these two? Their personalities are hollow fabrications, they clearly try as hard as they can to remove any femininity from their appearance and behavior, and even if, for some reason, someone was drunk enough to get it up for either of these flannel cunts, there's a good chance they don't even enjoy sex unless they're ramming a strap on dildo up their cuckold husbands assholes while they both suck off black cock. And they lube the dildos up with his "male tears." They'd probably squirt just reading that if it was a fan fiction piece about Girls on Tumblr.
 Basically, it seems like the only way these two would enjoy sex is to utilize it as a weapon. I'd bet 20 bucks the only reason they'd want to have sex is to turn it into a rape charge and another 4 minute slam poetry piece they can shriek in their shrill voices at Vice reading hipster crowds that applaud by literally snapping their fingers.

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