Sunday, May 15, 2016

Tour is Over. Lay Down and Rot.

A young boy wearing shorts is fidgeting in line at the Dollar Store, his inattentive mom taking a Snapchat and ignoring him as she waits to purchase $1 makeup products. He tries to get her attention, but she is preoccupied - she desperately needs to upload this latest selfie for validation from strangers, ironically to compensate for the lack of attention her parents gave her. And now....she does the same to her son. Who just needs to shit. But alas, it is too late, as the toddler squeezes out a turd right out of his shorts, the fecal torpedo falling upon the dirty Dollar Store with a sickening plop....and no one even notices.
Everyone is so apathetic, they see this toddler straight up get schwifty and take a shit on the floor.....and they don't even bat an eyelash. Not a single brow is furrowed, never mind any attempt made to correct the behavior of the unruly child or his inattentive mother. Consumerist zombies, casualties of a decaying culture literally drenched in societal mediocrity much like a whore is drenched in buckets of cum during the money shot of an interracial cuckold gangbang fetish video.

Where do inattentive parents lead us, America? They lead us to furries. And it's not even just furries. This young generation is truly fucked. If it isn't furries it's bronies, or Sonic the Hedgehog fanatics, or Homestuck faggots, or Minecraft autists, or Adventure Time nut huggers. So many different autistic pursuits for young adults to throw their lives away over, in lieu of developing social skills or harvesting skills in applicable hobbies such as learning an instrument, or becoming a 5 star chef, or literally anything other than niche fandoms that rob a person of their very individuality. You know it's bad when these strange niche's become sexualized. People putting pocket pussies in My Little Pony dolls, wearing fur suits with sex zippers...the decadence of culture is much uglier than one could have ever fathomed.

If the autism doesn't get 'em, then it's the social justice crusade. A bunch of genderqueer, genderfluid, social justice warrior princess, civil rights, crybaby generation phaggots skipping around, finding offense in the most mundane of things. Literally vying as hard as they can to leech a personality off of whatever trendy cause crops up on their Tumblr feed that month. Mothafukas literally identifying as a different race or species because they are too uncomfortable in their own skin to form their own personality so they wear a hollow mask to hide their shallow husk of a soul, every single ounce of original thought beaten out of them by the cuckold mainstream media damning them for their own natural animal instincts.
Tour is over. Last call, America. LDAR.

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