Friday, December 2, 2016

Racism and Sexism Isn't As Prevalent as the MSM Wants You To Think

You know PC / SJW culture is reaching a tipping point when people actually within minority groups are so vehemently against the rhetoric that's supposed to be "protecting" them. Like Dinesh here.

Look at the passion he displays when making his points, this shit really rustles Dinesh's jimmies. In reality, all the shit Dinesh is debunking is a huge cause of all the divisional problems currently destroying western civilization. Racism and sexism were pretty much dying off, or rather, were theocracies that were left to fringe corners of society. Now the people fighting racism are bringing it back to the mainstream when it was already dying it's own, slow death. My question is - why the fuck is everyone bitching so much?!

Things are more progressive than ever, baby boomers are dying off in droves and a generation of people constantly crying out "injustice!" fail to realize they are failing on their own personal levels. Bunch of dudes that wear skinny jeans and finger fuck their "gender fluid" male friends while listening to Drake and a bunch of chicks that can figuratively compose a symphony of dicks from her phone to bukkake her in an orchestral sexual climax in less than 15 minutes time trying to tell other people they lack morals? Indoctrinated liberal arts faggots who look into the mirror but ignore their own fucked reflection, only to spot something in the background to "trigger them," which inspires them to ostracize and shame traditionalists for thinking the hedonistic cluster fuck (which is deteriorating physical, spiritual and mental societal states) is a toxic mindset akin to the fall of Rome. 

Racism was pretty fringe, now it's mainstream again.
The new target is whites.

Sexism was pretty fringe, but now it's mainstream again. 
The new target is masculinity.

And you know why this is the ultimate rustling of jimmies? Because the collective group of people with an average to slightly above average IQ and higher necessitated to realize this bullshit, are literally watching the country slip into a figurative Idiocracy, and every time they try to point it out or warn people they get a bunch of slack jawed faggots with a Doctorates Degree in Oppression 101 telling them they're wrong. "Institutionalized racism is the biggest problem in America!"  No it's not. Stupidity and the victim mindset indoctrination are literally two of the very biggest issues plaguing culture, and they're both the direct cause of actual racism.

Of course, none of these issues are anything but petty compared to the #1 issue - the wealthy and elite monetizing basic necessities of life, and putting a price tag on people's time. The people profiting off those income streams of monetized time and life essentials are funneling a good portion of their multi-billion dollar profits into the propaganda machine spinning out the divisional rhetoric keeping people blind to their actions in the first place. What a god damn cluster fuck.

This SJW / PC shit pisses off anyone that's moderately rational because it is an ignorant rhetoric. 

The reason people who hate SJW / PC turned a blind eye to closet racism is because racists were fringe groups. No one took them seriously, they just ignored them and let them fester in their own fucked up little subsections of society. If a racist goes public, they are rightfully shamed for their racial ignorance. But SJW warriors causing the same problems inspiring the same divisiveness want to be celebrated. And society, currently, is celebrating them very much so.

Institutionalized racism is a thing of the past. How fucking fast do you think a business would get shut down if they said "No blacks allowed to purchase our product or working our assembly lines, sorry!" They'd be shut down in days. Corporate franchises don't give a fuck about gender, or race, or sexual orientation, you fucking idiots...all they care about are their profit margins.

It's not logical to judge someone on anything other than their character. Racism is one extreme, PC / SJW shit is the other extreme. Both are illogical theocracies.

Dinesh is so rustled in that video because he is frustrated by the lack of logic inherent with PC rhetoric. They use some big buzz words, sure, but they can't even seem to pronounce the word "Logical." Some people might say he's blind to the own oppression he faces, like a bleeding heart little liberal bitch tends to, but I don't see him as vindicating his own race in any fashion.
"But you are a straight white male, Sweet Funky Freedom, you don't know what it's like to be oppressed!" I beg to differ.

I worked for one medical cannabis company that was pretty much dominated by women. Besides the CEO, the company was 90% made up of women. It was one of the least organized and difficult jobs to socially navigate I've ever had. There was sexism at play, 100% with no question - I constantly saw men's hours cut, constantly saw men punished for small discrepancies despite being much more efficient at their jobs, and constantly saw the management favor women in almost every aspect. From hiring way more women even if they were less qualified, to giving them more hours, to being overall more lenient when the women made multiple mistakes in a day, whereas one small mistake from a male over the course of a month would be blown completely out of proportion. But I'm gonna stop myself there, and get to the point.

This was ONE company, and that was how they decided to operate. Sure, it ruined my personal experience working with the company, as a male, but I don't let that personal experience paint my perspective of every single other company out there as favoring women. I still write for them and get paid good to do it! But it was literally the strangest, rockiest job I've ever had when I was working in the clinics.

Again - one company. Was that company sexist? Sure. Did it shine light on an anti-male conspiracy that is the foundation of nearly every corporation in America? Fuck no. It was just the way they chose to operate their business. So I found another job, and still found a way to benefit from having worked for them, despite my mistreatment, and I continued to write for them. I didn't bitch and whine and try to start a God damn civil rights movement.

People find issues that afflict pockets of society and act like it's these widespread problems that effect everyone. 

Maybe people ought to start focusing on what they can do to enrich society on a personal basis. Personally, all I choose to deal with is what I have to contend with myself. I don't need to shoulder the collective (unwarranted) guilt of my race because I don't define myself by my skin color or the injustices my ancestors may have afflicted upon others. News flash - all of our ancestral lineage can be traced back to some asshole who mistreated some other asshole.

 Human beings by and large are self-serving, it doesn't come down to race or sex for me at any point, and it never really has. Just how people treat me personally. (Also observing how they treat those around them, how they talk when others are gone in contrast to when the other person is around, etc. That's an essential gauge of character.) In short, people hyper focus on the least important shit. 

Friday, September 30, 2016

Synthwave Artists

Not sure if you're all aware, but synthwave is an amazing music genre that is constantly gaining traction. And one of the most interesting synthwave projects is the Scythe Saga, a never-ending concept album. Each release adds more lore and depth to the story.

Here's a list of synthwave artists who have contributed to the Scythe Saga. Be sure to check out the discography on bandcamp as well.

Here's the latest release streaming from the convenience of this blog! This album is my latest release, a collection of tracks from 2009 - 2015. Everything from prog rock, to synthwave, to symphonic metal, to dubstep, psytrance, IDM and more is present in this diverse release.

Jon of the Shred - Ecliptic Prophecy


Friday, August 19, 2016

No Man's Sky Synthwave Playlist (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Who has been playing No Man's Sky, show of hands? Ok, now who has been playing No Man's Sky has enjoyed the gameplay, but is getting tired of gunning down innocent space creatures to the same songs again and again? Let me get a head count...all right. I got the solution. You can now commit genocide across the galaxy with a FREE synthwave playlist. Looking to throw an 80's aesthetic over your planetary exploration? Check out Atlas Pass - No Man's Sky Synthwave Playlist. It's completely free. (But throw me some pot money if you can.)

And here's the obligatory Youtube video:

Gunning down dinosaurs hasn't been this fun since they were dragons, the game was called Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and the soundtrack was built in-game. So go download the game for free, blast it all over social media and make this shit go viral. I got a franchise to build, for fucks sake. Get on it, people!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Guitar Shred Videos | Jon of the Shred

I got a job recently working security on very slow shifts. You basically get paid hourly to stay awake. Since starting there roughly a month to two months ago, there have been several people fired for falling asleep on the job. So what better way to stay awake than bring my LTD Deluxe electric guitar and Roland Micro Cube amp to work?

Now instead of dozing off as I wait for the first truck in an hour and a half to show up, I stay busy and productive by shredding generic, funky penatonic blues licks over backing tracks I find on Youtube. I can only surmise the other security guards who fell asleep on the job weren't musicians - or they played Ukulele or some shit. Hard to keep yourself up with an instrument you could cave in just by resting your balls on it.

So I present to you readers the first two videos in the Security Shred Sessions videos.

Security Shred Session #1

Security Shred Session #2

I also had another series I was going to work on called "Stoned Shred Sessions," but I only ended up recording a single video and got too high to hit record for the rest of the jams that day. I'll get back around to it some day.

Stoned Shred Session #1

If you find yourself digging the shredding in these videos, you might want to check out my four albums. They're available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, and a shit ton of other useless digital distributors. The jams above are funky, and more along the lines of my band Neighborhood Formula (currently on hiatus). But the jams on my albums are much more cinematic, a strange blend of heavy metal, progressive rock, synthwave, and film-scores. I've embedded some of my albums below, give them a listen ya jabronis.

That's four face melting heavy metal synthwave albums to get you started. If you check out the rest of the Scythe discography you'll find a ton more tracks as well. It is my hope that my music helps at least one person succeed in outrunning a police officer. Another good reason to buy is for post-apocalyptic inspiration. There's a good chance our next president might spark a third world war, considering it's gonna boil down to a loud mouthed cartoon character with a dead raccoon wig and a lady that's such a sociopath she has to go more over-the-top with her facial expressions than hipster improv comedy douche bags participating in a flash mob.

Yep, synthwave metal sure will be useful in the post-apocalypse.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Troll Hunting 19: Joshua Dorie Is A Limp Wristed Little Bitch

Why I post in the Facebook "Cringespotting" group, I do not know. It seems like everyone in there is constantly walking on egg shells, trying not to be deemed "Cringe worthy" themselves. They'll post something, then quickly edit their post saying "The cringe part is the comments!" so as to not be insulted by the group, the majority of which appear to be smug teenagers who have trouble growing a mustache and/or a pair of tits. (A lot of them are unique, gender fluid individuals, ok?) Smug teenagers like Joshua Dorie.

Someone put up a video of a racist white cop getting extremely hostile with a black delivery driver (who was on the job when he was pulled over.) So earlier today...roughly 12 hours ago, as I was on the verge of passing out from a several week long period of insomnia....I shared two stories where I had to deal with hostile police.

So some kid responds on his moral high horse, despite the fact it doesn't even look like he's tasted beer in his life, never mind have a drink legally. (He probably couldn't handle more than half a Budweiser anyway.)

Seriously? A kid that shares Spongebob memes and looks like THIS..... gonna attempt and troll me? Look at that mustache. Any good roaster could literally focus on that mustache for the entire argument and still win. And why does he have such a smug, cock sucky looking face in every picture he takes? Oh wait....

He used to be a personal consultant at VICE for Gavin. (Whoever Gavin is. But he works at VICE, so that's enough right there.) I'm under the assumption "Personal Consultant" really means "Personal Bitch." Wonder how many handjobs Joshua gave out to the hipsters on the VICE staff. I bet they even wrote an article about it. Oh shit, they even wrote an article about him! The Exploited Laborers of the Liberal Media. Looks like the smugness of the VICE staff rubbed off on him while he rubbed them off.
His new job seems far more prestigious. It takes years of courage, strength, and determination to make it up to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant at Lou's Wood Fire Pizza, I'm sure. At least 1/8th of the country would be beheaded by ISIS by now if it wasn't for the fine soldiers of Lou's Wood Fire Pizza army.


Now to be fair, I shouldn't have been driving drunk.......7 years ago. Way back in 2009. (
Back when this kid was getting touched by his uncle for the first time.) And I probably should have elaborated on that within my story. Ya know, the fact that I was NOT arrested, and that I actually passed the field sobriety tests and was allowed to leave (after they harassed us, mostly at gunpoint, for the better part of 2 hours after I passed said tests.) I just did not elaborate on the story all that much, it was a throwaway comment I made when I was half asleep. But even if I was SHITFACED at the time, that would still be a lesser offence, in my eyes, than the amount of passive aggressive smugness this little faggot likely exudes on a daily basis. 

How many generic comebacks can this kid use?

"I'm probably giving you more attention than your family and friends do."

"Degenerate seems to be a fitting word for you."

"You can still save face by standing up from your couch."

"By then I think you should have a job."

"Oh wait, not a job, a career."

What kind of smug shit is all that? Dude used to suck cocks at the VICE headquarters and now he works at a pizza place, and he's bringing up jobs and careers. He's bringing up drinking morality when he isn't even old enough to sit at the bar. He's calling others degenerates when he goes out in public with a mustache that creepy. A 2nd LT at a pizza place? What does that even mean? Is that supposed to be a respectable career? Doesn't he know I'm a prolific writer?! And sell a digital album or two every few months?! 

I'm sure this kid is gonna keep responding. But in the mean time...

The last argument I got into online was when someone told me that having dreadlocks as a white is cultural appropriation and offensive. Thus, me having the hair style I do was somehow racist, according to this person. I defended myself and sure, I got pretty abrasive with it. I didn't pull any punches. I called the fat fuck who called me a racist a fat fuck, because they were a fat fuck. It later escalated and I called them a faggot. This got me banned.

I don't mean faggot as an anti-gay slur, it's just a good word to describe a certain kind of behavior. Passive aggressive, smarmy, condescending behavior comes across as faggy to me. If I say "Cunt" it's not a "I hate all women" thing. Men can be cunts and women can be faggots. Just like white people can be niggers and black people can be Jews. Follow me? Anyway, Josh was being a faggot the entire time we argued above, I would argue. But notice I didn't call Joshua a faggot? If I had, I'd be 100% banned from Facebook right now. Fact is, I still might get banned for that argument.

In all honesty, he was a great troll. The best trolls just cherry pick extremely generic insults that can be used in any argument ever, and then use them at vaguely appropriate points. Kind of like Family Guy cutaway jokes - there's no context, they can be shoehorned in anywhere in the argument. It incites a rage within the other person, who is likely making custom, tailor made jokes for their opponent. So usually it breaks down into one person throwing rapid fire zingers at the other persons expense, usually honing in on a few extremely evident flaws in that person (inability to grow any style of facial hair aside from a creepy mustache, simultaneously looking like a child rapist and a child that might be raped, weak jawline, overall doughy features) and remixing that joke a few times, while the other uses the generic insults. So basically repetitive personal attacks vs basic internet lines. 

Since chances are he's gonna report me at some point, I've decided to concede with the NAMBLA punchline, and conclude the argument. I then reported Joshua, blocked him and effectively struck first, hopefully ensuring that I don't get banned from Facebook for another 30 days (or more).

So in the end, I did seek out the shelter of a Safe Space...a Safe Space on Facebook where I wouldn't get banned for troll hunting. I cant afford to lose any more pot sales because I can't respond on Facebook messenger.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pokemon Go Review | Exercise & Social Awareness

Unless you've been living under a crack rock, you're likely well aware of the launch of Nintendo's "Pokemon Go," the app sweeping the world unlike any other since Snapchat, Tinder, and Grindr. Pokemon Go is already wildly popular, and it is safe to assume that this will likely be Nintendo's most profitable outing in a long fucking time. Their key demographic is children and stoners that like gaming nostalgia. I wonder if they're aware that at least 50% of Nintendo gamers are potheads? They should cater more to that demographic. Pokemon Go is actually kind of refreshing. Yea, I downloaded it yesterday, so here's a little Pokemon Go Review.

   Pokemon Go Review

I played it for a few hours with a group of friends. I'd say that for me, personally, the biggest pull for Pokemon Go...the main contributing factor to it's getting nice and drunk and stumbling around public. And it's like a paradox - you can say you're playing Pokemon Go just as an excuse to get drunk in public, but also your excuse for playing such an insipid app is because of your drunkenness. It's a paradoxical guilty pleasure, like a step-sister creampie video. Yea, they're just acting...but why watch two people acting out that scenario? It's like what came first, the guilt or the prudish morality crisis?
Probably the most entertaining aspect of the game itself was the real life RPG-esque events that peppered the journey. We ran into multiple people playing the game as well, including very intimidating looking 12 year old kids posted up at a local gym. A car of two hot chicks drove by at one point, honking their horns, yelling out "Pokemon Go!" to which I yelled back, "Ayyyoo, come squad up girl!" It was all highly amusing.
But the most interesting moment came when a small terrier puppy ran up to us, off a leash, from the back of some random yard. We attempted to knock on the door of the house to return the animal, but no one answered. We let the dog go, assuming it's owners just let him roam free, but then he started running across the street and almost got hit by a car on two separate occasions. At this point, I announced "We should probably just catch the thing, look at it's collar and bring it back."

While some of the group were rearing to just head to the next Pokestop, I convinced them we couldn't just leave it on it's own as it was almost hit AGAIN by another vehicle. So we scoop the dog up, read it's tag, and head off on the short mile long walk to it's owners house. Some random old guy appears, and says something along the lines of "I was trying to catch that dog too!" He ends up following us to our destination.

We knock on the door and immediately, a beautiful Polish girl with blonde hair and her mother open it, thanking us in goofy accents for saving the dog. With my drunk swagger, I nobly pet the beast on it's head, saying "This little dudes a sweetheart." We continue on our quest for Pokemon.
The old guy starts unveiling his true intents - he's a business owner, and basically wants to prey on us with a pyramid scheme. Most of us ditch him at a 3-way intersection, while one of our friends (described as our "dark merchant" by another member of the PokeCrew) wards him off, allowing us to escape.
We continued walking, and another friend literally meets up with us ON FOOT and we continue the journey. Another fat, autistic kid wearing an Avengers Tshirt from Walmart is playing alone, we tell him to join the crew and he does. He seemed uncomfortable around cursing, and I could tell my ranting and ravings in particular, though satirical, were making him feel even more uncomfortable. We stopped at a liquor store to procure some nips, and then continued the journey.
All in all, my experience lead me to several conclusions on how Pokemon Go will sculpt society...
In the increasingly politically correct landscape of modern society, holding people to healthy standards is deemed insulting. "Fat shaming" is frowned upon deeply. "No one should be insulted or shamed for their body weight!" Well no, but anyone with even a shred of health knowledge realize it's unhealthy to glorify or romanticize being over weight.

"Big is beautiful!" "BBW (Big Beautiful Women)" "Fat Pride"

These are unhealthy mindsets promoting unhealthy ideals, all in an effort to spare someones feelings from being hurt. While outright insulting fat people like Stan, Kyle and Kenny rag on Cartman isn't necessary, glorifying unhealthy habits is a greater evil.

Pokemon Go gently nudges people into exercise. It isn't marketed as an exercise app. It's marketed as "Go catch some Pokemon, mother fucker!" This will no doubt get many people who regularly sit in front of their TV's with half empty, flat 2 liters of Mountain Dew and Cheeto stained t-shirts off their asses and inspired to go outside, getting more Vitamin D since they had recess 9 years prior, and might even teach them a bit of....

I think there's a stark contrast between people playing Pokemon Go out of nostalgia, and those playing it who are doing so 100% sincerely. Let's just say the ones playing with 100% sincerity likely aren't abandoning any hot dates in their pursuit of Pokemon. The most socializing a large number of "Pokemon Go" users likely get in is playing Call of Duty or posting on message boards. This game forces them out of their comfort zone, to go out into the real world, to interact with people that aren't 32 bit NPCs.

Maybe some nerds will get laid out of it. Forced to socialize, perhaps some upstart Ash Ketchum type will finally fingerbang a Misty type. Who knows. Good luck, young to middle aged Pokemon Trainer virgins. You may just get your dick wet yet.
C'mon now, pretty much EVERY cell phone app wants to track your every moment, collect data, and snap pictures of you while you're taking a shit. This is common knowledge. The Orwellian society has long been here, it's only more manipulative, subtle, and corny than 1984 would lead you to believe. This is the next step in surveillance - enter Pokemon: Global Offensive.

 What, are you surprised Pokemon Go has probably already recorded you masturbating multiple times since it's release a mere 3 days ago? Don't be. All the successful franchises and brand names attack us on the daily. They insult us financially, spiritually, intellectually, and even physically. Take McDonalds, for example. They've been poisoning us behind the smile of a clown, a retarded purple monster, and a thief who's entire motivation is free hamburgers for decades. (Why not be more enterprising, brah, ever think of robbing a bank?)
Are you really surprised a game that advocates capturing animals and forcing them to fight each other until unconsciousness in between terms of imprisonment in a tiny ball would infringe on your rights? You literally blast Pokemon with radiation to heal their wounds. Wake up, people!


I've saved the best societal influence Pokemon Go will no doubt have for last. Are you ready kids? Natural Selection.

 Let's face it, folks. There's just too many damn people on the planet. We can't sustain shit, not the way we live at least. And the best way to thin the herd out isn't having police gun people down left and right. Why not set them up through a cheeky augmented reality Pokemon app that has them flicking their cellphones like a college girls clit on railroad tracks and main streets? You know, setting up Pokemon gyms to battle at in alleyways and Police Stations? (Shit, guess cops should keep killing people. Just herd them to the station with Pokemon Go. They'll likely be disappointed by the lack of colored folk showing up balls deep in their cell phones, though.) Better yet, throw a Pokestop or two up at a liquor store or convenience store that's frequently robbed at gunpoint. Throw a Charizard in a meth lab or a Mewtwo 30 feet underwater.
 Then of course there's all the people who will no doubt be catching Pidgeys and Charmeleons on their dashboards as they go 78 miles per hour down a highway. 3 days into release, and some young aspiring entrepreneurs reportedly robbed people at a Pokestop.

How long before a Pokemon Go player climbs a rocky hillside, only to lose their fitting and fall backwards, ultimately breaking several ribs and their neck on the way down?

How long before a Pokemon Go fanatic is lured into a dark section of forest and is mauled by a bear?

 How long before a Pokemon Go devotee stumbles into a gang hideout and his gunned down, their corpse being used like a sex toy for weeks on end after?

Not long at all, I imagine. Not long at all. 

When will we see the Pokemon Go serial killer crop up? The voices in his head have always told him his time as Pokemon Master would come. One day, he'd be able to avenge all the sleepless nights, the wedgies and wet willies, the rejection from becoming a Pokemon Master. Catching them ALL! But only he deserved this luxury, so not only was catching them all his real quest, his real CAUSE was to murder any trainers who stood in his way, collecting their cell phones, and literally multiplaying his Pokemon catching rate.

So let's summarize. The game is promoting exercise and socializing, while at the same it likely films you poop and masturbate and a bunch of people will likely die and/or get robbed playing it. Eh, fuck it. Yolo.