Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Arrested for Being A Piece of Shit (Over Mac and Cheese)

There is a reason that when you are a child, a thing called "the belt" or "the backhand" would oftentimes come into play. As unfair as your childish, prepubescent mind made it out to be, the threat of physical repercussions over wrong doing, these objects of uncompromising justice would serve as warnings for irrational and shitty behavior.

Little kids are oftentimes shitty people and need to be put in their place - verbally and physically.

Nowadays, it's frowned upon for parents to give their kids a swift kick in the ass. For merely implementing (reasonable) physical force, parents are ostracized as abusive or neglectful. Dislocating your kids jaw for breaking a plate is out of line, obviously, I'm not suggesting excessive physical abuse is a moral method of parenting. But when a kid is knowingly acting like the little sociopath that undeveloped minds tend to act like, they need to be put in check. This is teaching the children right and wrong. And some times a really shitty act requires the infliction of moderate pain to sort it out in a kids brain.
I remember getting punished. If I was acting like a piece of shit to my older sister, I'd get the belt, and same for her when she was shitty to me. We didn't have welts and bruises - it's not exactly difficult to instill fear with minimum pain on a child. It's more about the fear of the consequences than the severity of the consequences themselves - these are young minds. You're not trying to physically scar them, only mentally check them.

You know what happens when you don't enforce punishments beyond taking away a kids Iphone or Xbox? 

They'll end up like this shit head.

Right off the bat, the first thing I gotta mention is how much of an amateur this little bitch is. If you plan on getting heavily intoxicated and grabbing some munchies in public, it'd be wise to finish your beer BEFORE you made it to the food court. How many wine coolers did this smug, Justin Beiber looking faggot drink before he stumbled into this establishment? And for that matter, don't you know how to cook your own damn mac and cheese with bacon and jalapeno? Possessing the skills to boil water, mix in powdered cheese, butter and milk and pan fry (or oven bake) bacon could have been the difference of a jail sentence of assault, disturbing the peace and public intoxication. (Although this idiot would have probably cut off a finger trying to chop up a jalapeno pepper.)

The manager showed a respectable amount of restraint. And he had to - if he took the little bitch down with a right hook, he'd be faced with a lawsuit. It almost comes across like this jackass planned to be filmed and hoped to get a lawsuit, or, more likely than not, become Youtube famous and have a viral smash hit on his hands.

Maybe a few lashings in this kids adolescence would have stripped him of this desperate validity seeking mindset, which is not unlike idiots taking selfies from dangerous locations and literally dying in the process, or chicks on tumblr posting pictures that would make their parents blush and grandparents roll around in their graves seeking likes and comments from complete strangers on the internet ogling their erotic amateur photography whilst masturbating in a dingy apartment with the methodical sound of "fap fap fap" echoing about nearly as loud as the shame and loneliness coating the miserable room.

So was it a drunken mishap? Had too many bud light limes, got flaked on his last 3 Tinder dates and he just wanted Mac N Cheese? Or was it being raised by complacent and inattentive parents who were afraid to punish him for shitty behavior? As far as I can tell, this kid is either too incompetent to cook Mac N Cheese or too much of a piece of shit to behave in public. Or, worse than both still, making a public mockery of himself in a pathetic attempt for internet fame. All three roads lead to him being an asshole.


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