Sunday, May 17, 2015

Complete Nonsense (2)

Perpetually spiraling into the pits of madness and despair, the flames that once burn bright are now dim and dying. The air ripped from the lungs like a newborn babe from the breast of his mother. The weight of the world lifted off your shoulders, only to come crashing back down directly on your spine, leaving you twitching and bloodied in a muddy ditch, completely alone and isolated. No thoughts of redemption, no feelings of time to waste, only time to grow. Pushing forward cannot be achieved if one walks backwards, even if they're moving forward whilst walking backwards - the eyes are still set on the past. Each footstep towards the future should be taken with grace and calculation - shaky at first, frequent stumbling and tripping, eventually making way to sure-footed power walking that would make soccer moms nod with seasoned approval. Rambling incoherently with little thought, reason or rhyme, as if said incoherent rambling offers a glimpse into a healthier mindset, a way to heal, a path to move on. Illuminating the chasms of self-doubt in a blinding light of self-awareness, the aura blanketing the subconscious in a white hot energy that permeates every crack and crevice of the damaged mind. The soul, hungering for love, thirsting for recognition, will only benefit from solitude and self-reflection in these dire times. Shed the societal ties to servitude, shred the misconceptions of life and happiness and find happiness of your own. With each keystroke of melodramatic bullshit the soul is bled of it's negative energy, making room for positive energy and confidence to return. The mind's eye blinking sleepily, awoken from months of complacent slumber, vying to move forward. Should one crush the opposition, drive their enemies into the ground with a powerful burst of rage and despair, leaving them bloodied and dying? Or should one leave the opposition in the dust of their success? Never have I ever thought that forever was never, nor have I thought thoughts of forever in forever. Never have I ever dreamed of forever, forever have I dreamed of never. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and hurt you. Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye. Never gonna tell a lie, or hurt you. FUCK YOU.

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