Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Classic Kids Room Hidden Obeject Review

Hey guys, time for another Sweet Funky Freedom Review! BADABOOSH! This review is pertaining to a game found on the eduxtive website. Eduxtive is a website that offers educational themed games for children. These games are free and streaming directly on the website, and are admittedly quite addictive, not unlike dust or hoochie.

The game I'm choosing to review for this particular adventure in writing will be the "Classic Kids Room Hidden Obeject Review." I gotta say, the misspelling of the word "Object" immediately drew me to the game like a magnet. The game itself gave me a very high and potent dose of nostalgia - this game totally reminds me of the I Spy games. It's reminiscent, in fact, of a number of games we played in grade school computer class, the names of which escape me but were ultimately very fun and addictive games despite their educational slant.
This game focuses on finding objects within each room. You get a half dozen images at the top of the screen, things like alarm clocks, teddy bears and other stuffed animals, globes, books, radios and hats, among other things. You must find them amongst the room, but be weary, for all the objects are cluttered about in a clumsily messy fashion.

There is also a time limit, so make sure your clicking is efficient and true! I'd also advise you be careful where exactly you choose to click - if you click an incorrect object, you'll be penalized points for your hastiness and lack of patience. Kids need this aspect to games - if you don't add the penalty, they'll think they can make it through their entire lives spam clicking blindly in the dark, hoping to hit the right objects and progress based on sheer luck alone. This game tells you that NO! That isn't possible, Little Timmy!

I highly suggest "Classic Kids Room Hidden Objects" as it teaches children several great foundations to success in life: your life is on a schedule, don't make haphazard mistakes, and choose your options carefully and with confidence.