Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Troll Hunting (PART 16) Maxx Potential

Without delving into a paragraph of background, someone stole some artwork and got trolled accordingly.

Original Artwork:

Stolen Artwork:

Look, you can even still see the ORIGINAL LOGO from the REAL ARTWORK on the pirated version. Right under "Max Throttle" you can still make out the loops of the Lueur Verte logo. Awesome job concealing your plagiarism, bro, you must listen to Led Zeppelin or something.
Synthwave producers and fans herd together....in a good way. Not in a derivative fashion; we aren't herding sheep style, all trying to bah the same. But when shit is going down, we band together and get shit done. And we aren't afraid to troll. I'm sure we all remember a certain ASH KAHN character.

The person who stole the artwork had their chance. They were sent a private message, they were left dozens of comments from various producers in the scene....we're basically having fun at this idiots expense. But he couldn't laugh at himself. He just couldn't develop that self-awareness necessitated to realize the folly of his ways. Even an ephemeral self-awareness, long enough to delete the stolen art, is all he needs.

As things usually tend to go in the synthwave community, the trolling almost immediately got out of control. People started posting their own stolen album covers.

But then a picture of the person in question was posted, and all hopes this issue would end in civility and mutual respect from both sides of the fence was rendered impossible. As I said in the discussion thread in the Synthetix Music facebook group, this isn't just golden troll opportunity....it's crystallized platinum trolling opportunity. LOOK AT THIS GUY.

Even the spray-painted rabbit next to him is thinking to himself, "What the fuck?" And so the trolling began to hit in full force.

So I decided to try a different approach. Instead of raining trollfire down on his soundcloud, I decided to do some trollfiltration instead.

He has since deleted my question about the artwork, but KEPT my obviously falsified compliment. What a chode. From there Perturbator noticed every song on his album had the word "Maxx" in it to some capacity. And the imagery kept coming in strong, now with a specific focus on puns.

I even made two myself. What is the best Stephen King movie? Easy....

The Maxxiknockers.

I also made up this beautiful re-imagining of Contra.

How can you go stealing artwork when you look like this guy?  I'm not saying give up on life because you look like a love-child of the Pillsbury Dough Girl and the Michelin Man. I'm just saying don't go painting a giant target on yourself by stealing someone else's artwork. Especially since genetics already painted a giant target on you, a target that will only wash off with a haircut, shave, proper diet, and daily cardio.

One more for good measure:

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