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Some Cunts Want to Ban the Word Bossy #BanBanBossy

I wonder how much money these jackasses wasted on this oxymoronic cause. Bossing people around to ban the word they not realize the severe hypocrisy in this campaign? God damn entitled cunts.

Let me type out some of the bullshit this video says and give my insight.




I already want to kick every single one of these smug cunts in the face. 

 (dramatic music stop for no reason to hype up Beyonce)

The self-satisfied sneers are almost unbearable. My cup of jimmies rustle and overfloweth.
Beyonce, in particular, rustles the jimmies something fierce. Ever since she starting taking the Jay-Z dick she thinks her shit don't stink. How can she be so full of herself when her family is basically a brand name? It's pathetic. I feel bad for their child Blue Ivy for more than just the parent's terrible choice in names. The fact I, of all people, know their kid's name in the first place is a blatant indication of how severely marketed it's birth was. How you gonna sell your kid out before it's even born? And then try to trademark their name? It's pure evil.

Why does the media ride Jay-Z and Beyonce's dicks so hard, anyways? Is it all the corporate dick they collectively suck whenever they aren't in front of a camera masturbating their egos? Is it because Jay-Z is a 33rd degree freemason and names his company Roc-a-Fella, an urban variant of Rockefeller? How much Illuminati dick would an Illuminati dick sucker suck if an Illuminati dick sucker was Jay-Z or Beyonce? Roughly 3 dozen daily, between the two of them, I'd wager.

"When I was growing up, I was called bossy."
What a tragic upbringing. To be called bossy, it must have been such a traumatic and mentally damaging experience. Never mind all the starving and impoverished people around the world, they got off easy with their Malaria and Small Pox, especially compared to the horror of being called bossy.

"I think the word bossy is just a squasher."

A squasher of what, exactly? Hypocritical, paradoxical, and ignorantly causeless campaigns such as this one? Because calling this "Ban Bossy" campaign, bossy, effectively renders it pointless.

"Being labeled something matters."
Yea, if you're a fucking pussy and can't handle being labeled it matters. Grow a fucking spine and stop giving a fuck what other people think. Anyone with half a brain will likely label you all SELFISH IGNORANT CUNTS after watching this stupid fucking video, so if you can't handle being called "bossy" just wait for the feedback to this video to start pouring in.

"By middle school..."

By middle school what? You couldn't finish this statement yourself? Beyonce has to come in and finish it for you, as if her word is the most important? God damn do I hate that self-important cunt.

"...girls are less interested in leadership than boys."

I love the unintentional double meaning to this. Not only does it imply girls have less interest in becoming leaders than boys of the same age have, it also subconsciously implies girls are MORE interested in boys than leadership. Essentially, they'd rather spread their legs than have any societal responsibility.

"And that's because they worry about being called..."

God dammit, not again. FINISH THE FUCKING STATEMENT YOURSELF. Why do you keep having white bitches start a statement for black bitches to finish? Is this supposed to be edgy editing? Go fuck yourselves.


Sounds completely logical. Every female is scared of being ambitious because of the fear of being called bossy. That's not irrational or reaching in any way. That's not one of the most idiotic and exaggerated statements uttered in the history of communication or anything like that.

"We need to tell them it's OK to be ambitious."

Everyone should be ambitious, yes. Not just little girls in middle school being called bossy, but everyone should be ambitious. (Well, besides pedophiles, rapists and murderers, they should probably be institutionalized, since their ambitions bring a heavy toll and numerous victims.)

Ambition today proves difficult in a society based on indentured servitude and materialism. How can one be expected to be ambitious with what we have to look forward to as a society? A lifetime of paying off the debts of our selfish, bloated, war hungry government, who play petty war games with other petty nations and fund frivolous distractions such as "Ban Bossy" to keep their indoctrinated population's vaguely satisfied and collectively docile, rather than taking responsibility and doing the jobs they were elected to fulfill, namely focusing on technological growth, the exploration of space and the depths of the ocean, mutual gain for the entire species, and the symbiotic evolution of society on an international level. We're supposed to be talking about Ban Bossy here, but no, fuck that, that's just a distraction. Ban Ban Bossy, how about that, assholes?

All these rich faggots with all the power and all the wealth and golden plated toiletries with diamond encrusted toilet paper, wasting their time, money and influence enthusiastically waving banners representing causeless causes and non-issues, effectively distracting the public from things that really matter, either in a calculated effort or as a result of complete ignorance and idiocy.

This sort of shit is commonplace now; society is so complacent and ignorant, that THIS SHIT, Ban Bossy, passes off as a false flag. Miley Cyrus twerking at the VMAs is a false flag event. Justin Beiber getting a DUI racing a car more expensive than the average American's yearly salary is a false flag. Oh, a young woman murdered her daughter in cold blood? Let's drum up a media circus around her court case and keep the gravy bubbling for 5 years. In the 60s and 70s you'd need to stage wars and shoot presidents in the face for a successful false flag. Now, through social engineering, you can wow the entire public with a nip slip or work them into a raging frenzy over words of an outspoken celebrity on a drug binge.
We debate abortion and gay marriage, when they're both choices individuals should make on their own; they're both issues that don't effect us beyond our own perceptions and morals. Unless you're pregnant or gay, who the fuck cares about abortion and gay marriage? Let the homos bones, the lesbos scissor, and the sluts abort. We should encourage abortion, as most of these kids are having kids way too fucking young in the first place. Stop making logical, sane people feel guilty for wanting to wait until they're older to raise children. If they realize they are not mature enough yet to take the responsibility required in raising children, let them flush the fetus out ASAP. Quickly, before we're overwhelmed with a nation of step-brothers and step-sisters, because at the rate sluts are gonna continue to slut it up, giving birth to various babies from various fathers, we're all fucked.

We debate recreational drug use, jailing hundreds of thousands for non-violent drug crimes, while big pharma peddles all the drugs they want, liability free, largely to children, profiting off the addiction of kids in school doped out on their benzodiazepines and hopped up on their amphetamines. They do this whilst simultaneously favoring manageable treatments over one-time-cures.
And Ban Bossy is right up there. It's a non-issue being kicked around like a dead fish by all these rich, vapid cunts, and everyone wants to join in on the game of hacky sack and kick the dead fish around some more with Beyonce in her $10,000 high heels. Hey jackasses, it's 2014, you're 30 years late for this shit.
"We need to help them lean in."

We need to help you all lean in and get backhanded across the face repeatedly for peddling this mind numbing garbage for the past few decades. GET OVER YOURSELVES. You lucked out and made a shit-ton more money than all the people you preach to, good for you. It doesn't mean your shitty, privileged opinions hold any more weight or truth than the average folk. If anything the wealth only dilutes your perspective, not enhances it.

"Words matter."
"Lets just ban the word bossy..."


"...and encourage girls to lead..."
" be strong, and to be ambitious."

Why not encourage EVERYONE to example? (And finish their own god damn sentences.) Ya know, lead by growing their own food, or lead by being nicer in their day-to-day life, or lead by letting go of their racist and bigoted thoughts, or lead by not being so god damn bossy and leading by example like a real fucking leader leads, for fucks sake.
"Listen to your own voice..."

Unlike all you pretentious cunts, I don't like the sound of my own voice. In fact, 9 out of 10 people find the sound of their own voice off-putting. But sociopaths that rise the media ladder to be in a position of bossing people around to stop using the word bossy,'s obvious they lack the self-awareness to comprehend such a known fact of human nature. They love the sound of their own voice and smell of their own farts, so everyone else must too, right?

"There are no limits"

No limits besides the use of the word bossy, that is.

"Dare to be you."
"You can change the world!"

Yea, you can change the world girlfriend! Uhm hm. Maybe you'll even get real ambitious, and invent a new word to replace the word bossy!

"Let's ban bossy."
"Be brave. Be you."
"BAN BOSSY." (horse face)

I hate you all. Seriously, I hate you all so, very, very much. And once again, Beyonce's name shows up first on the credits. I swear, Jay-Z must have hit the dick sucking lottery at Bohemian Grove. He sucked that ONE Illuminati dick, that one time, with such raw technique and frenzied passion.....that one all-powerful Bohemian Grove member with the giant white dick, that Jay-Z slobbered on like a $4 whore....and now him and his wife have celebrities putting THEM on a pedestal. That ONE DICK they sucked with such precision and accuracy, and they now have POLITICIANS putting them on pedestals. It's creepy as fuck.

"I'm not bossy. I'm the boss."

See? Beyonce again, ending it. Why does she get highlighted any more than the rest of these self-important gashes? A pop singer is more important to a supposed cause than a former Secretary of State? That just proves where our priorities as a society lie, and what a joke politics really is. They use a pop singer who shakes her ass half naked and sings songs with lyrics such as "Bow Down Bitch" and they use her as the spearhead of this supposedly feminist movement. I guess that's just the black cherry on top of the hypocrisy sundae.

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