Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Music: Upcoming Album!

So I'm readying an album release. Since no one is gonna buy it, just like the last one, I figured I'd stream it all online for free like always.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fuck Duck Dynasty

Why the hell is everyone in such an uproar over Duck Dynasty? You really care what THIS guy has to say?
If you saw this guy in person and he had no affiliation with a crappy over-hyped TV show, would you take him seriously? Absolutely not. So why take him seriously because he's on TV? Reality stars whore out their reputation, hamming up their dull lives for a chunk of cash. Reality TV is just mediocre, easily produced garbage that mixes elements of documentaries and soap operas.

You know those cheesy documentaries that have the horrible "re-enactments" with campy acting, no sound or dialogue, and actors / actresses completely unrecognizable from the people they are supposed to be portraying? Those have more entertainment value than this new "Mundane Career Reality TV." It's like they're trying to socially condition people to be even more dull and brain dead than they already are.

Why the hell do people even watch those shitty reality shows in the first place? Pawn Stars and Storage Wars and Duck Dynasty and Ice Truckers and.....there's dozens of these boring, trivial shows. People getting thrown what I imagine is sizable chunks of cash to cornily dramatize their boring, banal lives. Why the fuck do people watch this shit? Contest Reality TV was always pretty boring if you ask me, but it's gold compared to the Dating Reality bullshit that followed. Then they had whole 'the lives of celebrities' Reality TV bullshit with drugged out Ozzy Osbourne and drugged out Anna Nicole Smith and creepy Hulk Hogan finger fucking his mannish, 8 foot tall daughter.

But now the TV industry is so lazy it'll literally build a reality show out of anyone's shitty life. 

You want some real reality TV of a pawn star? Ask to watch security footage of literally any building. THAT is what reality looks like. Boring. Realistic. Not all dramatic, soap opera-esque and over-acted.

Anyone offended that this Phil Robertson chump spat some anti-gay remarks is missing the bigger picture entirely - that the only offensive aspect of this entire debacle is the amount of outrage over this nonevent.  How dumb is the general public to be offended by something so inconsequential? I bet the government is finger fucking Uncle Sam right behind a thin, see-through curtain while everyone's head is too busy turned and fixed staring into the bigoted face of Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame.

I wonder if any of the idiots offended by his remarks are gonna stop watching the show and boycott it now. Hey jackass, you should have never been watching this trash in the first place.

Reality TV is basically the rape of documentaries.