Monday, November 25, 2013

In the last week of television....

In the last week of television we've lost Brian Griffin....

....April Powers....

....Kenny Powers....

...Martinez and Shumpert (he actually had a name other than bizarro T-Dog. At least T-Dog didn't die off-screen though)....


.....Clay Aiken...

.....Chaulky Whites hot black daughter.....

........Richard Harrow, god dammit......
I was just googling "Maybelle White death" on Google images, and this hilarious image presented itself:
 Whoever made that must have slit their wrists after watching last nights episode. They couldn't have been more wrong in their prediction. It's almost like the writers saw this image online, it offended them deeply for anyone to make such a wildly wrong and misguided prediction for the show, and they immediately thought to themselves "We need to have Richard Harrow shoot Chaulky Whites hot black daughter in the face. It's the only way."
How about that episode of Boardwalk Empire? That shit was like the Requiem of a Dream for every character. Literally everyone got fucked.
-  John Torrio got gunned down.
- Eli forced to murder the agent trying to use his son as leverage, so he is now forced into hiding. His son is Nucky's new number two, which is basically what Eli never wanted.
- Chaulky White's daughter unintentionally murdered by Richard Harrow.
- Dr Narcissist is now the FBIs bitch and has to refer to the white man as "sir." 
- Gillian stuck in prison.
- Margaret Schroeder goes back to the whore life and starts whoring it up for Rothstein.
- Rothstein is stuck with Margaret Schroeder.
- Richard Harrow shot and dies under the boardwalk. Has disturbingly effecting final dream with a full face.
See what I mean? Everyone might as well be going ass-to-ass with giant black dildos while old Jewish dudes huck wads of $20 at them.

 All that bullshit reminds me of the ending to Requiem for a Dream.

The old lady goes crazy from meth pills.
The black dude is stuck in a racist prison system while withdrawing.
The emo kid loses an arm due to infection.
The chick whores herself out for heroin.


Sorry, hate to post spoilers to such an epic movie in case someone hasn't seen it yet. Can never be too careful about spoiling seminal story beats in cinematic history.

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