Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ruining Jokes

Sometimes I enjoy ruining the punchlines of corny jokes with equally applicable answers, or even statements that nullify the joke entirely.

"Why is 6 afraid of 7?"
 Because 7 is of greater numerical value than 6.

"Why did the chicken cross the road?" 
Because the chicken achieved cognitive self-awareness that warned him to get the fuck out of there before he gets murdered and eaten.
"How do you make a 12 year old cry twice?"
 Why the fuck would you want to make a 12 year old cry twice, you sadistic piece of shit?
"A man walked into a bar...."
 Jesus Christ, I don't wanna hear his life story.

"Want to hear a dirty joke?"
 Two horses stuck in the mud.............penetrating Mr Hands.
 Only if it involves yeast infections, menstrual blood and twisty straws.
 "Knock Knock."
 Please state your first and last name.

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