Tuesday, September 10, 2013

We All Laugh Because You're Different? Shut the Fuck Up.

The boiling, searing hatred I feel when I am exposed to excessive amounts of corny memes is hard to articulate through text. This quote, in particular, is one of the biggest offenders.
How many different iterations are there of "You all laugh at me because I'm different...." Doesn't the incessant repackaging of this tired quote negate it's original message?

Nice touch with the text emoticon, you piece of shit. Because ":P" was really necessary in this context, just to make it THAT much easier to loath.
Jonathan Davis of Korn originated this horrible quote? I find it particularly ironic that this quote was plastered over this image. Of ALL the images of Jonathan Davis to choose, the dickhead who made this meme uses the one with Jonathan Davis wearing Monster Energy Drink wristbands. What a schmuck. 
We're not laughing at your because you're different, Jonathan Davis. We're laughing at you because your singing is horrible and your band fucking sucks. (And some of the more twisted people are laughing at you because you got raped.) Not only did Korn help spawn one of the lamest genres of music ever, giving rise to Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, and Slipknot among others....not only did Korn fans single-handedly give Hot Topic the business it necessitated to infiltrate every mall in America....no, this wasn't enough, Hot Topic and nu-metal weren't enough for Jonathan Davis. He had to go and create the corniest, most hypocritical and narcissistic "teen angst" quote of all-time. I bet Kurt Cobain would gladly suck Jonathan Davis off because he relates to that generic quote so much.

The only time this quote didn't self-implode was the first time it was uttered. Once this quote was used for the first time, it blew its entire load of poignancy and angst in one fell swoop. Anyone else saying it again later is repeating it, thus they aren't different at all and are just rehashing one of the shittiest quotes of modern history.
I'm not gonna end on that note, though. I'm gonna take it a step further and create a slew of variation memes.



  1. Made me laugh Jon


  2. correct german:
    Ihr alle lacht mich aus, weil ich anders bin.
    Ich lache Euch aus, weil Ihr alle gleich seid.

  3. ^love that commenter


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