Sunday, September 8, 2013

Month/Day/Year Isn't Flawed, Jackass

What exactly is flawed with "Month / Day / Year"? I frequently see people talking shit about this method of date formatting. Usually in this context:

Of all the things to hate America for, you choose to attack the way we format our dates? And what's with the caption "America, fuck yea!" Team America: World Police was released in 2004. Unless you are Trey Parker or Matt Stone and it's the year 2003 and you're busy making a brilliant marionette puppet movie, the context of those three words in that order will never be funny.

"America, fuck yea" is just as lame (but not nearly as tired) as 'merica. Anyone using 'merica to make fun of America are the very jackasses that made 'merica relevant for its first 2 minutes of existence. It isn't funny, it isn't's arguably paradoxical because any idiot using 'merica to attempt and disassociate with the country they live in is a hypocrite and traitor.

If you wanna attack America, do it for the right reasons, not for petty bullshit like date formatting and treat it like a joke. "'merica" negates the seriousness. Be disgusted with the fact we oppress our own people. Be enraged we attempt to force our will throughout the world with trillion dollars in military spending. Don't merely pick fun at the corny, forced patriotism like Eagles and apple pie like its all some big, funny joke. You're picking fun at the distractions without realizing why you're being distracted in the first place. But I have plenty articles talking about this kind of bullshit, go look at the very last article. Because....back to date formatting.

Month first, year last, day in the middle makes perfect sense. So do other date formats. I'm not here to talk shit about other date formats...your little pyramid schemed day / month / year works just fine too. I understand the logic behind that. So let me simplify to you simpletons why month / day / year is also a relevant style of formatting.

Months have the least amount of possibilities.

Days have the potential to reach 31.

Years continually increase. At the moment of time you are reading this, they have the potential to reach 2013.

Get it? Does it make sense to you yet? The day is basically describing the month; the month is a more important figure, because it describes what part of the year you are in. And since the year is the biggest number it does not look aesthetically pleasing at the start of the date. Understand?

There are 12 months...
...a potential of 31 days...
...years are on a continual incline.

Of course it's gonna look fucking stupid when you make it look like this....

The person who made that even fucked up the shapes. Good going, dickhead, you can't even draw shapes in MSPaint. Couple that with the fact you don't understand why this date formatting works just as well as the fancy "day first" pyramid method, and I wouldn't put your IQ past the mid 80s.

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