Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The "Moral" Fabric of Society

It's ludicrous how the moral fabric of society is essentially woven with political correctness and bigotry. Individuality and innovation are cast aside, in favor of sterile ideology and constrained monotony.

We are socially conditioned by our supposed 'superiors' to act a certain way, dress a certain way, think a certain way. To behave like the diligent workers we were born to be; like hamsters fixed upon our running wheels, spinning the figurative wheel of consumerism through our consumerist thoughts and consumerist actions. We carelessly and unknowingly stifle the very advancement of our entire species, all to focus on our own individual strains of vanity, greed, and avarice.

Produce, produce, produce.
Consume, consume, consume.
Obey, conform, produce, consume...
2013 is just 1984 + 29.

Unfortunately for the disenfranchised, severing ties with mainstream society is infinitely easier than trying to influence it. Those who stand in stark indifference against the current of mainstream culture are all expected to bend, bow, and eventually break under it's crippling tide of ignorance and unoriginality. So few who stand against the current have the means or fortitude to push forward, as the path of the unique and gifted is oftentimes precarious and filled with peril. These perils are not only numerous and bountiful, they are intentionally laid snares, utilized as a tactic of suppression, to trap the inventive while simultaneously rewarding the subservient.

Docility is rewarded.
Individuality is penalized.
Ignorance is celebrated.
Intellect is stigmatized.
Subservience is cherished.
Freedom is bastardized.

Governmental institutions defiantly take credit for the very freedoms we were born with, whilst simultaneously writing new laws, ordinances and regulations to suppress the masses on the daily. While one hand offers food, shelter, and protection, the other hand is pulling the wallet from your back pocket, but only after twisting the knife it put in your back long before you walked the Earth or drew air.

Governments and figures in any position of power and authority should be willingly protecting, empowering and educating their peers, but instead use the masses as pawns and human shields, as they cognitively exploit, inhibit, and oppress the very people they were elected to serve.

The casualty of intellect...the corpse of societal advancement.....the tattered remains of independence.......these are the stepping stones to corporate profit and, ultimately, totalitarianism. Political and monetary gains should be earned with honesty, philanthropy, humility, and intellect. Instead, these gains are forced through manipulation, coercion, and bribes; monetary bribes as well as mental bribes.
Political scoundrels don their counterfeit smiles and synthetic grins, spinning deceiving fables to blind the docile masses. Many of these snake oil salesman are completely unaware that their despicable acts of vile futility are orchestrated through the puppet strings of greed and rapacity.

Like an egotistical symphony of selfishness and narcissism, society remains off-key, out-of-tune, and incompetently tone-deaf. Politicians utilize their instruments as devices of torture and control. Instead of composing awe-inspiring music full of rich melodies and resonant timbers, they compose dissonant, abrasive, jagged noise, offensive to the ears and detrimental to the soul.

All the while, the vast majority remain entirely clueless to our fate as a society, a nation, a species, a world. Poisonous cultural trends continually dumb down the masses, drugging them into a state of docility and cerebral submission. The world spirals into unnecessary war, with imaginary borders serving as inspiration for people to wrongfully hate each other, to ignorantly view our beautiful planet as a divided, calculated entity, when we should instead be viewing it as a spontaneous, symbiotic entity.

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