Thursday, July 18, 2013

George Zimmerman? Who The Fuck Cares

I haven't been posting much lately. For a while I was focusing on Infinite Jelly Junction (and its subsequent spin-offs, Cosmic Assrape Armada, Merciless Memories, and Rape to the Future) and my music. There was too little time in a day to cut loose and verbally berate ideas or societal quirks that made my blood boil. Incidentally, the very first article I ever wrote on this blog turned prophetic, namely that the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin cluster-fuck would be used by the mainstream media to play on peoples emotions.

Seriously, I hate being right. Because of my jaded, bitter, cynical view on society, it is painful to learn I am correct. And to bring this blog full circle back to my very first article, George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin are both being used as the figurative poster child's of a race war. But let me break it down for you nice and easy for a second here....

George Zimmerman is a name NONE OF US should have ever heard....EVER. But because society is so ass-backwards, people sit by their TV sets with popcorn, digesting a court case like its entertainment. Shit like that makes my blood boil. Jason Holmes, Sandy Hook, Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman, the Boston Bomber.....they're all turned into celebrities, despite having very little to no impact on culture beyond the propaganda mainstream media spins out of their crimes. It's disgusting.
The only criminals I'm interested in hearing about are those populating our government, and by extension, the criminals funding the puppet show that is politics. THOSE are the criminals we need to bring to justice more than any other. But you won't see a 5 year media circus about the banker who stole billions of dollars...because that would be unbecoming of the very people funding the crooked media we're all supposed to base our views of reality around.

I have a question for everyone that has invested their time in this George Zimmerman business. HOW DOES IT EFFECT YOU DIRECTLY? In what way does this personal crime, this petty incident occurring between two people you've never met, effect you enough to waste HOURS of your life? The only way it does effect you, is how you personally react to the propaganda the media is spinning out of this rather personal crime. Again....


How am I in the minority on this one? How does no one else find it offensive and morally degrading to focus so much media attention on a crime that has no impact on any of our lives? How am I the only person who feels my intelligence is being insulted when mundane nonevents are turned into reality TV, at the expense of actual knowledge and insight? How am I one of the only people who finds it directly detrimental to the advancement of our society when the media dick-rides criminals, basically turning them into celebrities?

Tragedies are great reality TV, haven't you heard? And criminals are great celebrities, because they don't even have to get paid!
My main point is, journalistic integrity is being cast aside for ratings and, by extension of the quest for ratings, an uninformed public. Unfortunately, emotionally charged, biased reporting is what gets ratings. Human advancement is stifled and stagnant because everyone is conditioned (or expected to be conditioned) into vain, ignorant, materialistic knobs. Not saying it works 100% of the time, but just look at the ratings of Jersey Shore, or what musicians / artists populate the Billboard, or what is currently trending online. Birdman is worth $164,000,000 while people literally starve and die in the street. How does that happen?
Long story short, the amount of coverage given to non-events such as the Trayvon Martin case have a direct, negative impact on culture. It's basically like cultural herpes. Sure, the outbreak may go away, and you might be able to smash a few ladies while your sores are missing...but the herpes will be back. By the end of 2013, I guarantee we'll have another media circus giving unwarranted attention and coverage to some criminal, turning that criminal into a celebrity for committing a crime that happens every day.

The way the media spins stories in an emotional, biased fashion is 100% intended to both generate higher ratings while distracting the masses, and also to keep as at odds with each other, too busy hating the wrong people for the wrong reasons to realize the people actually raping our livelihood are the same people conditioning us to have these unwarranted prejudice thoughts in the first place. That's why they use pictures of Trayvon as a pre-teen. Not to mention all the anti-white propaganda being regurgitated by people too idiotic to realize that....

A. The murderer in question was Mexican

The media is totally trying to fan the flames of a race war. Just like they fan the flames of all other sorts of public unrest, day-by-day, minute-by-minute. Keep us scared, hateful, and ignorant so we're too timid and meek to stand up against tyranny and pull the governments figurative, barbed cock from the asshole of liberty.
How do people fail to realize the racism is being forced? Race should never have anything to do with anything, it should be a moot point in a list of facts that actually matter. The way they treated this case, both the judicial system AND the media reporting on it, was done in such a manner to get people angry and hateful. Race should have nothing to do with anything, it's a non-issue. At least, that's the way I've always seen it. You don't see preschoolers judging each other on skin color, because those aren't thoughts that naturally occur. They are ingrained by society, specifically through things like THIS - unwarranted media attention on an issue totally intended to spark debate and hatred.
Basically, the way the case played out AND the way the media (and by extension, the public) reacted to it was largely by design.

The worst part is, I go out of my way to avoid the mainstream media, and despite my efforts to avoid this exact sort of programming, I hear about it peripherally through social interactions and social media.

 And then you get toolbags like Akon.

“Every African American in the United States need to move their money, family, knowledge back to Africa were u will be treated like the royalty you are. You don’t deserve this treatment. This is not your country!!”

 Why just African Americans, Akon? Do you care less about people of other races, or something? How fucking idiotic do you have to be to turn a blind eye to the daily bombing of innocent people in the Middle East, the counterfeit "War On Terror," the raping of the worlds resources by our bloated, incompetent government....but then start menstruating over ONE court case that is quite obviously being used as a means to incite the very hatred and racism you spout?  You're a fucking idiot, Akon. So should white people, Mexican people, Irish, Italian, Asian....should THEY all move to Africa as well where their money, family and knowledge will be treated "like the royalty" they are? Or is it just black people that are oppressed against?

HOW DO YOU NOT REALIZE YOU ARE FEEDING INTO THE VERY RACIST THOUGHTS THEY ARE ATTEMPTING TO INGRAIN INTO YOUR PEA SIZED, TALENTLESS BRAIN? Go back to recording your generic music with your shitty auto-tune presets, you fucking knob, and let people with an actual semblance of rational thought discuss the blatant propaganda the media dishes out on a daily basis.

It boggles my mind, it really does. 

You know what is infinitely more offensive than any aspect of that Trayvon / Zimmerman bullshit? The ridiculous amount of coverage it's receiving. How many hours of a journalists day are dedicated to reporting on nonevents? Ron Burgundy and his crew had more relevant news in the movie Anchorman than what we get on TV. Such bullshit. Such tedious, brainwashing, hatred-inspiring bullshit.

UPDATE: 7/19/13

Really? People are really refusing to tip as "Justice for Trayvon?" 

Jesus fucking christ, people. This can't be real.


  1. Overall, I agree. The media is really just manipulating the masses (surprise surprise). There is no way to know what exactly happened, or whether or not Zimmerman was a racist. It's a tragedy that someone lost their son, regardless if he was a delinquent. But there is no reason why this should have deserved any more attention than any other murder anywhere else. I have been relatively unbiased about this trial, and I haven't paid a whole lot of attention to it, but I get a rough idea of how it went, and for people to say "the justice system has failed us" seems to be the opposite of true in this case. Zimmerman had a tit lawyer, and based on the evidence (or lack thereof) and a compelling argument, he was found not guilty. That's how it works. Personally, I think Zimmerman was probably an ass hole, but that doesn't necessarily mean I think he was guilty or not guilty. I don't KNOW the guy. But, so many people seemed to be outraged by this one death, when our government is committing mass murder overseas, stripping us of our rights, manipulating us, among a ton of other shady and outrageous shit...and evidently they are doing a great job at distracting and controlling the American people as a whole. That in and of itself is a tragedy.

    1. Well said. This entire media circus just seems like yet another example in a LONG line of distractions. Just like the petty "Gay Marriage" issue coming to a head the SAME DAY the Monsanto Protection Act was passed, this Zimmerman / Martin clusterfuck is being used as a distraction from some other injustice being perpetuated against the masses. Likely the NSA watching us masturbate through our I-phones or some bullshit.

  2. great blog shred i totally agree. and the no justice no tip thing really only fuels the hate more. if i got stiffed on a tip because of trayvon martin "not getting justice" i would feel obligated to go out and commit a hate crime

    1. Samson Simson, I stick by your story! I almost feel obligated to commit hate crimes myself. Only my hate isn't directed towards anyone over their skin's directed towards their stupidity. Fuck this whole "Justice for Trayvon" bullshit, how about "Justice for Intellect"?!

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