Monday, May 27, 2013

Troll Hunting (Part 14) UPDATED

As any musician out there could probably tell you, Soundcloud is a great site to upload your music to. Soundcloud has a few "universal truths" about it. Every person that uses Soundcloud, be it the musician, DJ, pod-caster or MC, we all share these thoughts about the platform:

  1. The "New Soundcloud" fails on more levels than it succeeds.
  2. Why the fuck do I bother uploading to this site again? 99% of people on soundcloud are just trying to have their music heard, not to hear new music. Oh well, despite that I'm gonna upload a new track anyways. As opposed to waiting to drop a full album....
  3. Great, some asshole just advertised their music in a comment on my track.

 That has to be the most ineffective method of advertising your spamming a link to one of your songs ON ANOTHER SONG. Take this dipshit Shogun, for example...

Really? You're gonna advertise dubstep on my heavy metal track? If you're gonna be a dickhead and promote music by spamming your link on other music, at least make sure the genre is relevant to the song your sharing. Naturally I felt compelled to respond, and Shogun quickly responded to me.

What I didn't expect is one of Shoguns random dick riders to take a break from riding Shoguns dick and take up arms in defense.

So because this Shogun character deserves more listeners, its my duty to let him spam links to his cookie cutter music on my music? I mean, it's not like he could have chosen a more fitting song to advertise his dubstep music on....there isn't a single song on my soundcloud that would have been a more relevant choice to share that link on.

Oh look, 8 songs that have relevant genres for you to spam your crappy music on, Shogun. Nice job picking the single least relevant song of my entire 41 song Soundcloud catalog to spam your link on. And then getting offended when I tell you to fuck off.

I was making dubstep in 2010, bitch.

Shoguns dick rider got all butthurt though and decided to tell me how much my music sucked.

And my response:

I don't even know why I bothered making this article. These 16 year old idiots will continue to abuse the comment feature on Soundcloud regardless of whatever input I might impart on this blog. My condescending remarks on their tracks will do nothing to educate them on the uselessness of advertising their music on other music. They'll continue making cookie-cutter, garbage music because that's what 16 year old kids do. That's what I did at 16. Only difference is I learned an instrument and performed my crappy tunes. Not dragged samples and dropped them in a pirated DAW because I want to be the next Deadmau5 or Skrillex or some shit. 

UPDATE: 6/2/2013

Looks like my jimmie rustling caused a case of the butthurt for DeKeR.

If you and Shogun are done with my bullshit and have been, why would you take the time to respond to my response? Wouldn't you just ignore and delete my remarks? And now you're saying "Holy shit, leave me alone" when you started shit on one of my songs in the first place?

It's not like this is the first time I've dealt with fucking idiots spamming their shitty, generic music on my soundcloud....

Like this past incident...
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And who could forget the lameness of "Face Palm"?
Or the fact EDM is retarded?
And so is PLUR.


  1. soundcloud a place where no talent douche bags get props from other no talent douche bags

  2. Hey man that's not cool. I know you hate SoundCloud and EDM, but Shogun and DekeR are good people. So what if he's promoting his music on your page? Did you write the rules of SoundCloud? No, you didn't. Also, promotion is an important part of being any musician. No one's going to get anywhere by sitting back and hoping for some f*cking miracle to bring them into the music industry. Also, if you think no one on SoundCloud is looking for new music you're dead wrong. I check my SoundCloud feed every day to see who's been uploading what and I give both positive and negative feedback about others' work. I HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU. If someone spams on your page and you don't want it there, delete the comment, ask the person not to spam, or maybe even mute them. I don't think a comment on SoundCloud is worth starting a huge fight and attempting to publicly humiliate someone. And about "growing up..." The fact that you haven't grown up doesn't dictate others' ability to be mature.

    1. Spamming your Soundcloud link on other peoples uploads is literally the single worst way of going about promoting yourself. How the fuck does that seem like a good idea in any way, shape, or form? Also, like I stated in this article, isn't it rather ineffective to spam the link to a brostep track on a heavy metal track, a song of an irrelevant genre? I have a dozen tracks on my soundcloud with dubstep influences, some from far back as 2010. This Shogun retard couldn't have even put in the effort to select a relevant song to spam his crappy music on? That's called abusing Soundcloud. And instead of reporting this sort of thing, which would be fucking lame of me, I just respond with insults to the musicians who suck at promoting.

      What's up with all you little kids adding unnecessary capitalization to your names, by the way? SaviD and DekeR. Are you idiots that unoriginal? Or are you just the same person?

      In all honesty, I've responded to many people that chose to spam their music all over my songs with similar responses. If anything, it's intended to be a wake up call to these jackasses who abuse the comment feature that people don't take kindly to that. So I reject your supposed solution and offer this solution instead: either make music innovative enough to necessitate a promotion style that is literally disrespectful to other artists.....or learn how to fucking promote the correct way.

    2. I don't dislike Soundcloud or EDM. I just hate idiots that abuse Soundcloud, particularly those that make generic, cookie cutter copy-cat music. No one is trying to innovate anymore, they all try to sound like someone else. People care more about mastering their music than they do about composing something worth mastering. So when I see a prime example of this mindset, the whole "Lets just try to sound like someone else, buy DJ equipment and press 'Play!' as opposed to learning music theory and musical instruments to record ACTUAL ORIGINAL MUSIC" and they spam their shit on my wall I choose to lash back in a dramatic and over-the-top fashion in an attempt to, in my own small way, help drain the cultural diarrhea that is clogging up the rivers of progress.


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