Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mainstream Media Fucks Up....AGAIN

I'm not gonna bog down this article with an introduction chronicling my fervent distrust of mainstream media. Those very thoughts, and my reasoning behind them have been immortalized on this very blog numerous times in the past, and I'd be wasting both of our times if I reiterated said past ramblings. Instead, I present to you EVIDENCE (a GIF that I stole from another website) that CNN were blatantly lying to their viewers. And the scariest part is....they didn't even need to be lying. It accomplished nothing.

Here they are, pretending to talk through their ear pieces to each other, 'via satellite,' when they're quite obviously standing a few fucking feet away from each other. Just look at the cars whiz by, they are literally right next to each other in the same god damn parking lot, staring into different cameras like giant fucking cunts. Completely ridiculous.
Now just think: if CNN is willing to lie to you about two of their anchors standing in the same parking lot....just what are they getting paid to sweep under the rug?

Seriously, why the fuck is it necessary for them to have two anchors speaking to each other through ear pieces via satellite? Are we to assume this was CNNs failed attempt at swinging its non-existent technological cock around? Are they trying to heighten the drama? What purpose did this lie even serve? There was no fucking point to lying. They had nothing to gain from this lie, had it succeeded. And yet they stand so much to lose for such a blunder. They really should lost so much fucking credibility for this kind of hokey, amateur error. This shit should NOT be tolerated....and yet no one will even notice. And those who do notice aren't likely to grasp how offensive and degrading such a small, insignificant lie is.
Such an idiotic, simple mistake, and yet if only the masses would notice. Are the New World Order Reptilian Illuminati Free Mason McBilderburger Greshtiffoorapeulessians just toying with us, at this point? Are they intentionally making petty mistakes to test the waters, to see how much they could get away with, to challenge the effectiveness of their propaganda and social indoctrination?
God damn mainstream media. Making every story they report seem simultaneously counterfeit and sleazy. All we fucking hear about for 2 months is the Boston bombing, we get 100s of perspectives on the incident, and for some reason we still feel uninformed.
Smarmy fucking news casters, just o
ozing sincere pretentiousness with their nasally, monotonous voice inflections and forced, corny attempts at humor. Reading patronizing scripts that treats the American public like the 5th graders hopped up on Ritalin and McDonalds that they really are.
If only the media took some inspiration from Anchorman....

Through some extensive research (a 10 second Google search) I found this retro CNN blooper.

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