Friday, March 8, 2013

Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony Fan Fiction

Jodi Arias awakens to the sound of herself screaming, beads of sweat dotting her face and quivering breasts. "It was only a dream," Jodi thought to herself, relieved. "I didn't kill my child. I don't even have kids." Jodi relaxed her body, letting out an exasperated sigh, then started tracing her fingers around her belly button, eventually moving them in a spiraling descent to the healthy bushel of pubic hairs just inches above her hastily moistening gash. Jodi lets out a stifled moan.
 Casey Anthony, laying next to her, stirs at the sound of Jodi's pleasure and the scent of her generously excited womanhood, which smells like a crisp sea breeze on a lazy summer morning. Casey almost instinctively begins to fingerbang her own slit, still drowsy and half-asleep, hypnotized by the dull pleasure she is coaxing out of her stinky mud flaps.
Casey slips off her panties seductively, wiggling her buttocks enthusiastically to catch Jodi's attention. Operation: Wiggle the Buttocks is a complete success, and Jodi starts seductively slapping her vagina, donning a sly grin. With increasing passion and disregard for the well being of her flesh cavern, Jodi continues to smash her meaty, man-killing hand, raining intentional self-inflicted pain on her pink taco like she was channeling Josef Stalin.
Casey watches with fervent amusement and awe as Jodi continues to administer her impassioned Beaver Beatdown®. Caseys mouth hangs wide in satisfied disbelief, and she suddenly gets a flashback to the last time her mouth had gaped this wide.......
You can call Casey Anthony almost any name under the sun. Whore, media sacrifice, slut, murderer, cunt, bitch, guilty, innocent, Little White OJ, hot, bang-able. But one thing you can never call Casey Anthony is racist. The woman is a firm believer in equality between races and genders (besides little girls), and she made it a point to prove her racial sensitivity by slurping on a diverse variety of penis. Circumcised and uncircumcised...white and black....tiny or enormous...legion covered or blister didn't matter to Casey. She was a lover of all people, from all walks of life.
Casey thought back to that time with her mouth gaping wide. She was the proud recipient of a Hot Dog Oreo™, which means when a woman performs oral sex on two black guys and a white guy at the same time. It was one of Caseys proudest moments. In fact, the pride that Casey felt when she reached her 100th Hot Dog Oreo even eclipsed the pride she felt when she first layed eyes on her daughter. But something was dragging her back to reality, and the memories of

 Hot Dog Oreos
Hot Dog Oreos Double Stuff....

 literally the best moments of her life......
....faded into the obscurity of her subconscious.
When Casey came to, she noticed Jodi had climbed on top of her, their stinky snatches now mashing together in a frantic frenzy of lust and passion. The roam began to reek of freshly churned yeast on the beaches of Jersey Shore, with a tinge of vomit and a whisper of stale cigarette smoke. They were now basically wailing in ecstasy, the sounds of their heightened moans even drowning out the sound of the sirens outside....

The first member of the SWAT team to enter the house immediately starts to vomit through his facemask. The second SWAT member keels over, coughing and clutching at his throat. A third SWAT member begins to have seizures, convulsing violently on the floor. "Hold on a second....." The SWAT Captain surveys the scene quizzically, alarmed by his three amigos reaction upon entering the establishment, and proceeds to just barely stick his nose into the door.


The SWAT Captain
falls backwards out the door, and down the small half-flight of concrete steps. He lands aggressively on his neck, thankfully, and looks up in a daze.
"It was like....expired blue cheese.........milk that's three years sour....."

"Sir?" A young SWAT member inquires; it was his first week on the job, and he was ready for the big time. That's what all his training was for, right? But he had never expected to bear witness to the horrors of Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony, who's guttural moans of
passion still echoed through the surban neighborhood. Even the faint sound of their cunts bumping provided suitable background ambiance for the SWAT captains strained monologue.

"......three cartons of rotten eggs.............and the feet smell at gymnastics gyms meets the feet smell at Chucky"
The Captain breaks into a fit of coughing, hacking up blood and other portions of his insides that had been liquified just from setting room into the sex kitten meth lab.


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