Sunday, February 10, 2013

Where In The World Is Christopher Dorner?

Holy fuck, this guy is intense. He's like a real-life Rambo, with a dash of Dirty Harry and a whisper of Dwight Johnson.

The manifesto he wrote is ridiculous. I'm not even gonna bother paraphrasing, find it yourself and try to read it if you can. I think the song I posted right above, "Bummer" by Harry Chapin, is a far more entertaining method of educating yourself on the type of man this Christopher Dorner is.

Would it surprise me if numerous officers of the LAPD were corrupt and publicly racist? Not in the least bit. I can't really agree with Christopher's methods, though - I'm more of a "Pee in your cereal and verbally rape" character, as opposed to the "RAMPAGE!" type.

I wonder how long it'll take to make a movie about this guy? Maybe they'll have Kimbo Slice star in it. Kimbo Slice, of course, will eventually try his hand in acting after being a failed boxer, failed bob-sled racer, failed Reality TV star, failed porn star after portraying the protagonist in a pornographic web-series called "Tranny Slayer," failed WWE wrestler, and failed entrepreneur attempting to sell 'grills' like some kind of bizarro universe George Foreman.

The whole Christopher Dorner saga is getting increasingly crazier, too. (Yes, things get even stranger after the manifesto.) Now Charlie Sheen is publicly reaching out to Christopher Dorner, attempting to get the man to turn himself in, leaving myself, Charlie and the rest of the world to ask........


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