Thursday, February 21, 2013

This Song Is Bigger Than The Beatles AND Jesus COMBINED

This song is bigger than the Beatles AND Jesus combined.

It is called....


Nearly 38 minutes of face-melting epicness. A world record breaker...I think.

This track has accomplished the following in the hour it's been posted to Facebook:

- Solved world hunger.
- Put Monsanto out of business.
- Cured herpes, the common cold, AIDs, and various forms of cancer.
- Raised the bar to a new level for DIY one-man-band producers.
- Gave Chuck Norris a concussion.
- Gave Justin Beiber a miscarriage.  - If Mozart were still alive, this track would give him a fear erection.
- If Beethoven were still alive, he would gain back his hearing after listening to this track.
- This is the first thing to come to Tenacious Ds head while they were walking down a long, and lonesome road.

That was just in the first hour. Imagine what it will accomplish in a day? A week? A MONTH?!

I will update as time passes.

UPDATE: I gotta step up the promotion, apparently.

I'm getting beaten by a bunch of remixes and even a preview. Because a 2 minute preview really deserves to rank higher than a 38 minute track that cured herpes and the AIDs.
We'll see how I fair on this list after a few more hours of promotion. I would bet money that I'll soon be at the #1 spot.

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