Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Proof North Korea and South Korea Are Back Together

It's true, folks. North Korea and South Korea have officially buried the hatchet. They've kissed and made up. They've mutually gang-raped and eviscerated the former foundation of their former conflict. I have the proof RIGHT HERE, exclusively, just for you. Are you fucking ready to have your fucking mind melted the fuck off?!

THEN CLICK HERE! (I swear this isn't a Rick Roll)

Or just hit play on the video below.

I don't get it with these governments. (This goes for every government in the world.) What the fuck is nuking a city on the other side of the world gonna do for you? What will that accomplish? If you choose to nuke someone, you're choosing to nuke yourself. There are no winners in a post apocalyptic landscape. And that's on societal and individual levels. Literally no one walks out of a nuclear holocaust the victor. People may think they want to live in a Mad Max-esque post-apocalyptic wasteland, but they don't realize just how shitty that would actually be. And that goes for North Korea, too. They think nuking America is gonna yield some kind of benefit for their weird little country, when in reality it'll just ruin the ecosystem of the entire world.
So who wins in a nuclear war on an individual level? No one. Because who wants to live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland? That shit would suck. No one would want to live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, it wouldn't be fun for anyone. Even the most rejected members of society....even the pedophiles and rapists and politicians and lawyers....would prefer living in a world hated by everyone than to live in a world as one of the 1,473 people left alive. Again, even rapists wouldn't relish the apocalypse.

All the rapists who survived the initial impact wouldn't bask in the lawlessness of the new world 'order.' You're probably thinking they'd revel in the wake of the big bomb, but you're wrong. Even the rapists would be missing the days before the big flash.....when raping took skill and effort, whimsey and class. Back when there was thrill and excitement in the rape; the chance of getting caught by law enforcement, or even just regular citizens alike. But now? In a post apocalyptic wasteland? It's like fishing for fish in a barrel - with dynamite.

To rape in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, you'd just need an unopened bag of expired Cheetos, a giant net, and the patience to wait for that rare occasion a starving survivor solemnly stumbles by your sneakily set snare. Then you can spring your trap, and rape to your hearts content - well, what's left of your heart in the wake of a nuclear apocalypse. Because the art of rape losing all its finesse, and turning into nothing more than a test of patience, would certainly be heart-breaking to those poor rapists.
And yet countries still decide to make their idle threats, and test nuclear capabilities as if they'll somehow benefit or even be able to survive the very attack they're 'testing' the launch of. It's like someone thinking they're clever by pointing a gun at the person sneaking up behind them - but their own chest is in the way.

You want to impress us, North Korea? You want to make us respect your superiority and rich, noble, oppressive and cripplingly depressing history? How about you develop a machine that can sustain free energy? Or how about you try to cure cancer? Or how about you develop a way to make my semen taste like chocolate so I can give my favorite escort a Valentines Day surprise? Bitches love chocolate flavored semen. Or at least, they will....once North Korea figures out how to do it for me.


  1. I wish this is true. I hope there will be a real reconciliation between Koreas. Maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC?

    Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you!

    1. It's unfortunate the entire world are at each others throats for having different opinions. I wish that not only the Koreas could unite again, but literally the ENTIRE WORLD could get its shit together and the collective people of Earth could start acting human again. Then I could retire from my angry internet alter-ego and just make music in peace, without being forced to become some kind of lifeless slave dedicating 40 hours of my life each week to a government that treats me and everyone else like a piece of shit. (I live in the USA)

      Unfortunately, I feel that this is just a pipe dream.


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