Thursday, February 7, 2013

Judge Xanax

We shouldn't be applauding a fascist government jailing someone for 30 days and charging them $10,000 for possession of XANAX. OK, so technically the bail was only $5,000 and not $10,000 - you got me, readers. The judge actually increased her sentence because she was acting high. So let me just say it's even more preposterous for a judge to DOUBLE THE BAIL and ADD A JAIL SENTENCE because this stupid cunt was too retarded to know how to show a judge respect.

Yes, she was laughing.
Yes, she appeared to be high.
Yes, she even name-dropped Rick Ross.

But should we really be applauding this judge for abusing his power? Shouldn't a judge have a thicker skin? He's got the normal "judge wittiness" about him, throwing 'Adios' back at her. And "judge wittiness" is always entertaining in court, like when you see the ghetto people too stupid to know how to dress nice, so they go to court wearing baggy pants and those awkward rapper T-Shirts with just a rappers giant face. (Cool shirt, brah.)

But you can't say you have a thick skin as a judge if you're gonna let some cute little 18 year old girl rustle your jimmies enough to DOUBLE HER FINE and THROW HER INTO JAIL FOR 30 DAYS because she's giggling. You fucking pussy of a judge.

So people are all applauding this judge, "Good for him! Show that evil Xanax abuser respect!" How is any of that video endearing in the slightest? You people aren't just applauding a power-tripping judge by the way. You're applauding the entire, rotten, fascist legal system he is abusing to soothe his butthurt. His butthurt caused by the giggles of an 18 year old girl.

Xanax is fucking childs play, considering how many doctors prescribe that shit to children. Think about it - it's perfectly fine for the government to deal drugs (both illegally on the black market and completely) legally through doctors, but someone who gets caught in possession of Xanax deserve to be fined $5,000 bail? THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. The average girl at 18 years old probably makes $5,000 at her job in about a year. Unless she's a stripper, because if she's a stripper she can realistically make that kind of money in less than a month. But we're not here to talk about how many cocks it'll take this girl to suck to pay off the menstruating judge. We're here to talk about how the general public will applaud this viral video like the sheep they are.

Once again, the general public seemed to completely skip the important details in this story and focus on the petty ones instead. Instead of finding it sickening a judge can abuse their power to double a criminals crime...instead of finding it disturbing that the very system used to sentence this girl is archaic and morally hypocritical....they'll cheer the judge on. Like brainwashed sheep zombies or something. Think about it. In this country.....

 - If you grow a natural plant less dangerous than water in your backyard and potentially get arrested.

- If you eat the second half of your Adderall prescription in one sitting, no worries, just get another refill. You know, that prescription you've been getting refilled since you were 14 years old.
The war on drugs is like the government having their cake and eating it too, but only after stealing the cake from the bakery, murdering the baker, and robbing the cash register on their way out.


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