Friday, February 22, 2013

Hotel Za Za and the Illuminati Rape Chamber

This story is basically the real life equivalent of a CreepyPasta. Vigilant Citizen did a quick article about this, but I guess the discussion originated on Reddit. Let me break it down for you.
 So apparently some jabroni booked a room at Hotel Za Za. Only thing is, the hotel was booked solid, fucked up and put him in a room that, according to the front desk, "Wasn't supposed to be booked." When he got to his room, he was (rightfully) all like, "What the fuck is this shit?" So he took a bunch of pictures and jumped on Reddit. (I assume he didn't post to Reddit right from the hotel room, but rather removed himself from the hotel and traveled 5 states away first to try and distance his soul from the room it was raped in.

I'm gonna post some of the pictures this guy took, and then caption them accordingly.

Nothing says luxury, comfort and class like cold concrete floors. (Because, ya know, dried semen and chunks of flesh are much easier to squeegee off concrete than pick out of carpet.) 
I wonder who's masturbating on the other side of that two-way mirror? Or maybe there's just a camera behind there capturing everything for multiple viewings.
Chains on the bed? Right, I'm pretty much convinced this is an "Illuminati Rape Chamber" at this point.
 It's 4:20, do you know where your kids are? (Hopefully not getting raped in room 322 by reptilian shape-shifter Freemasons.)
 I can't be the only person who refuse to sleep in the same house as this painting, never mind the same room. BURN IT! BURN IT NOW!
 This 'art' looks as though it was painted by a young child....a young child that murders and dissects his neighbors pets.

This room isn't creepy or anything. Surely this is the perfect place to bring expensive escorts after Dave and Busters. Nothing gets escorts wetter than creepy paintings of disfigured twins and skulls.

Apparently, hotel representatives have claimed the room is dubbed "Hard Times" and is a "playful spin on a jail experience." Right, because nothing says 'playful' like jail. And nothing says 'jail' like unsettling paintings of disfigured twins and skulls. Ok then...

The best part is the troll that posed as a secret society member and offered $1,000 to the Redditor who started the discussion.

I hope his 'location of choice' for the cash drop isn't in the same hotel room / rape chamber that is the subject of his Reddit discussion. Quick, someone look up MZM3 on Reddit and see what other posters he's made disappear over the years.

Whether this is a Republican rape chamber, or a room bought from the hotel by the Skull and Crossbones to haze people in, or just a 'theme' room they're attempting to publicize through clever viral marketing, one thing is for certain.....that one picture of those two twins with the hyper-extended necks is fucking creepy.


I do not want to know what kind of sick, twisted sexual fetishes the person who painted this is privy to. Jesus Christ, it takes a truly twisted individual to draw that. That shit makes Salad Fingers look like Dora the Explorer.


  1. for some reason when i hear playful and jail my first thought is to carve a shiv and stare at my door

    1. Got some experience behind bars? Or just heard some war stories from Ty-G?

  2. so i just realized those creepy twins are giant dicks and one of them is being stroked.....

    1. Ok, Sigmund Freud.

      Nah, I noticed that too. Adds a whole other level to the creepiness factor.

    2. They're literally using the tits as balls - makes the terms "chesticles" quite literal

  3. >Reptilian shape-shifter Freemasons

    The second you stop spreading misinformation, disinformation and pointless lies. How about uncovering the real zionist-jew problem to your army of sheeple.

    1. Look at the title of the website, jackass. "Sweet Funky Freedom (Conspiracy Humor Blog)"


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