Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Troll Hunting (Part 8)

Facebook groups used for music promotion are a funny thing. Now while I understand the concept...."Post your music so other people listen to it" never works out that way. Because the only people joining groups on Facebook called "PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC!" aren't joining the group to hear other peoples music. They're joining the group to "PROMOTE THEIR MUSIC!"

So basically, you need to give the potential listeners incentive to listen to your promotion. This is literally a group designed for the purpose of sharing the stuff you created in. 100% of people that post in the group are just promoting, they aren't a part of the group to discover OTHER artists. They just want to throw up their Soundcloud, get three or four plays, and be on with their day. So when I was added to another one of these groups, I decided to make an introduction and throw up my Soundcloud. But I was notified that every post required approval, first. And for your post to get approved to the group, apparently you need to "ADD 10 PEOPLE TO THE GROUP" first.

So I decided to have a bit of fun with the group, rustle some jimmies, and be on my way. (As opposed to posting my Soundcloud, not getting any plays out of it, and being on my way.)

So far, so good. I've got the thinking I'm injecting Bath Salts into my eye lids and people defending the legitamicy of their music career. But will it hold?

You insult me personally, no big deal. But when you insult my rap voice? You've gone too far, man. I'm a disgrace to rap? Well then listen to "The Real Deal" and say that to my face, bruh. I got flows, delivery, and rhymes you WISH you could come up with, dawg. Real talk.

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