Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The War Z Is A Disgrace To Humanity (Zombies Part 7)

The War Z is a Disgrace to Humanity.
Now at first I was going to say The War Z is a disgrace to the zombie genre, which it is, but then I decided against using that title, because the War Z is actually an even bigger disgrace to gaming. But, again, I decided that title needed tweaking, much like my nipples on this frosty January morning, and tweak them all I did (both my nipples, and the title of this article) and have finally settled upon;
The War Z is a Disgrace to Humanity.

"Sweet Funky Freedom, you must have your zombie games and movies mixed up from huffing too much paint. Clearly you're mixing up the Arma 2 Mod, 'The Day Z,' and the upcoming Brad Pitt zombie blockbuster 'World War Z.' They're two separate things."
Don't you question my knowledge of the zombie genre EVER AGAIN. So help me God, if you try to correct my musings again on my own blog with incorrect information I will use a pair of tweezers to slowly peel the skin off of your face, starting with your eyelids and working outward in a counter-clockwise direction. Eventually. after dousing the muscles of your now skinless face in battery acid, I'll dip your head in a big bucket of salt, eventually washing the salt off by urinating all over what is the botched results of my hack-job, amateur, alleyway abortion of the skinoff your face.
 Got it? GOOD.

Now while the trailer to Brad Pitts "World War Z" did pinch out a few of my brain cells like a figurative "mental bathroom break 5 minutes into eating at a Taco Bell," (or was that the paint I was huffing while I watched the trailer killing my brain cells?) I assure you there actually is a game out there called 'The War Z.' As well as a mod of another game, Arma 2, that is called "the Day Z."

The Day Z mod was released FOR FREE many months before War Z was even announced. The Day Z picked up in popularity fast, receiving unanimous critical acclaim across the board - gamers, game companies, zombie enthusiasts - everyone loved the Day Z. I became so popular, in fact, in such a short amount of time, that they are currently in development of a Day Z stand-alone title. Which is awesome, because I was seriously debating buying Arma 2 and the expansion just so I could play the Day Z mod. 
You'll see it happen whenever any good or 'innovative" idea takes the world by storm - a number of copy-cats and hacks will try to milk the success of another franchise, another persons idea. Just like those terrible "Mockbuster" know, the movies that make a slightly different movie than the one they're stealing their entire idea from (I Am Omega Man, Abraham Lincoln Zombie Hunter, etc.) and attempting to trick stupid people into rent them on Netflix.....some times this even happens in gaming.

Make no mistake, "The War Z" is yet another cash-in on the current popularity of zombies. I'm not the first, second, fifteenth, or even ten-thousandth person to make that claim. In fact, people have already done a great job of ripping this game apart. Some people even noticed the War Z's developers stole assets right from other people. For example...

Now I'm gonna stop here, and say I lift graphics and alter them for digital artwork all the time. As a musician, comedy writer, stoner, slacker, and part-time Carpenter, I simply don't have time to develop zombie artwork from scratch. So I literally just alter other images to make my own. For example, the latest track in my zombie rock opera "Apocalyptic Dawn," a song called "Undead Pestilence," used this artwork:
 There's quite a few assets lifted from other sources. The zombies in that picture are both taken from a poster of "Diary of the Dead." The city itself was some random shot of an urban alley I found on Google Images, and the sky is an edited portion of an image I found on NASAs daily image feed.

See? Look all the way to the left. I actually got the idea from the War Z to blatantly steal other peoples work and call it my own. But there is a world of difference between "Apocalyptic Dawn" and "The War Z." Namely, "Apocalyptic Dawn" is a free, online concept album and is actually quite an innovative idea. More importantly, "Apocalyptic Dawn" is completely, 100% free.

I'm not like The War Z. The War Z is just lifting from other peoples works, stealing other peoples ideas, leaching off other peoples success, then rushing out a half-assed product so they can release (and capitalize on) someone elses idea before that someone else has a chance to refine or finish the very product the War Z is bootlegging their ideas from.

I'm creating a unique, modernized execution of the rock opera; free, online, episodic song releases that tell the story of a zombie apocalypse musically and visually. A concept album website with supplemental digital artwork, housed on a poorly designed website, all made by me to house and pad this unique style of musical story-telling. This hasn't been done before, to my knowledge. 
And I'm not charging anything - this is music I want people to hear, a story I want to be experienced by as many people as possible, for free, from the comfort of their own homes. I want listeners to pack themselves a fat bowl, sit back, and let the relaxing images of a zombie apocalypse fill their minds as the tranquil, chaotic music streams out of their computer monitors and bathes them in my face-meltingly epic heavy metal psytrance symphonies.

Meanwhile, The War Z is a mere cash-in on a genre by a team of developers who clearly know nothing about zombies in the first place. They probably aren't even zombie fans, they likely saw the success of Day Z and the Walking Dead, went and watched the Day of the Dead remake on Netflix to steal more ideas from, then shit out the half-assed product known as "The War Z," ripping off thousands of people.

Me on the other hand.....I don't charge for my music. Even though I feel the music itself is pretty unique, even though I know the concept of an online episodic concept album is innovative, I don't charge people. I share my work with the world. I don't
monetize this very blog you're reading, bogging it down with advertising so I can make a penny off each view. Sure, I give people the option to BUY my music to listen to on the go, but who am I to only throw up a 30 second clip and let people make a blind (deaf) purchase? They have a right to listen to the entire album online before buying it.
The War Z is the opposite of "Apocalyptic Dawn." The War Z is a cash-in, it's a stolen idea with stolen elements and is a complete disgrace to the zombie genre, a disgrace to gaming, and a disgrace to humanity. "Apocalyptic Dawn," on the other hand, is a modern-day "Tommy," a modern "The Wall," a modern "Operation: Mindcrime," mashed up with
"The Walking Dead," "World War Z" (the book), and George Romero's original "Dead" trilogy, with just a dash of John Williams on a quarter of mushrooms, Ennio Morricone on a sheet of LSD, and Hans Zimmer on peyote.
In short, stop wasting money and time on the War Z, spend that $20 on a bag of pot instead, get nice and stoned and listen to my zombie concept album, "Apocalyptic Dawn" instead. Don't support scam-artists that take other peoples ideas without coming up with anything unique of their own. "The War Z" is such a hack-job, they lifted music directly from American Horror Story.
I've even heard animations from the War Z are taken from War Inc, whatever the fuck War Inc is. That might explain why it comes across as so half-assed when I watch Youtube videos of the combat in War Z. The animation, the music, the marketing, the concept, the gameplay, the network, the customer service.....literally every single element of this game is either completely stolen from someone else, or so hack in execution you wish they would have stolen GOOD ideas from other people and attempted to make a coherent experience.
Who do they think they are, the Led Zeppelin of game developers?
Seriously, this game is an abomination, and your time could be spent on much more fulfilling experiences. Like "Apocalyptic Dawn."


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