Monday, January 28, 2013

Stacie Halas aka Tiffany Six (Troll Hunting Part 11)

I wonder how many students of Ms. Halas have seen their teachers porn videos. And I wonder how many of these students just call her by her porn name. And I wonder how many of these students intentionally try to misbehave in her class so they can get a detention and stay after school with her. I know I would be trying....every day. I would love to be in Ms. Halas class, not only as an opportunity to try and have sex with her, but also to raise hell. Literally any time she tries to reprimand her students, she's setting herself up for zingers.

"Can someone stick a cock in that bitches mouth and shut her the fuck up?"

"We don't have to listen to you. We all watched you get peed on on Steves tablet at lunch. Fuck off, skank!"

"What's that you say, teach, pop quiz? Well how about I whip out my tablet device..."

 "Not enough yet, teach? This picture of you taking a cock up your ass isn't working? Maybe this picture of you taking BIG BLACK COCK up the ass will prove more efficient."

 "That's what I thought, Tiffany Six. A's and B's for the whole class. That way it won't be obvious we're black-mailing you for good grades. And for sex after school."

"Can I raise a fist instead of my hand? And by raise I mean can I fist it into your cunt?"

"Hey, if Billy gets to raise a fist instead of an open hand I want to be able to raise the Shocker!"

There's definitely some legitimate commentary that could additionally be made on this topic.

Is it feasible to employ a former actress of
pornographic films as an educator of children?
If so, how old should the children be? Should they be too young to even take notice of the fact their teacher was in porn, or old enough where they will be searching her name on the internet the second they find out about her past and spilling seed minutes later?

Should this woman ever be allowed to teach children again after being captured on film taking black cock up her ass for money?

Should this woman be allowed to shape the minds of today's youth despite having appeared in multiple, readily available videos on the internet depicting her getting penetrated by a racially diverse shopping list of penises?
I don't know, and I really don't give a fuck. So instead of tackling this issue with my usual stoner insight, here's another edition of Troll Hunting......

 .....and another picture of her naked instead.

Just wait, if this slut plays her cards right, this will propel her much higher in the porn world. You weren't born to teach, lass, YOU WERE BORN TO SHAG! You damn well know your destiny is in front of a camera, crawling on all fours, covered in semen. And you damn well know hundereds, no, THOUSANDS of cocks have a destiny as well - that destiny being your cunt. And mouth. And anus. ESPECIALLY YOUR ANUS.

Ok, maybe she shouldn't be allowed to teach kids anymore.


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