Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sandy Hook (Cultural Cancer Part 3)

Sandy Hook was a topic of discussion I intentionally chose to avoid out of principle. (Yes, a real-world tragedy in which innocent children were murdered is where I draw the line. Or, better yet, it WAS where I drew the line, because here we are.) Technically, I've already expressed my opinion on the Sandy Hook massacre before it even happened. Hell, my first ever article, from nearly a year ago - the one about Casey Anthony, Trayvon Martin, and Whitney Houstons death - is almost entirely applicable to Sandy Hook.

Just like journalists like to use ad-libs to streamline their "journalism" - and by journalism I mean sensationalizing mundane non-events like the pope sharting his pants, to Britney Spears having another abortion, to gun-toting lunatics opening fire on unarmed civilians in movie theaters - I too can literally use ad-libs to point out their lack of journalistic integrity.

"__________" was either a false-flag, or is now being utilized as one to springboard political agendas. They are intentionally playing on peoples emotions, namely peoples "___________" and their "__________." Whether or not "____________" actually "____________" "___________" is irrelevant, because the media is spinning the story in such a way that people feel "__________" and "_____________." As such, the social infrastructure of most nations on Earth should make like the Dodo.

Call me crazy (and you'd likely be correct in your assumption), but it just seems to me like nearly everyone misses the point when it comes to conspiracy theories. To paraphrase from my FIRST EVER ARTICLE with a statement that indirectly sums up my opinions on all this Sandy Hook nonsense....
Casey Anthony may have killed her daughter.....maybe her father did. Maybe it was Professor Plum in the kitchen. Who knows? WHO CARES, more importantly? It’s an unfortunate situation, the very tragic murder of a poor innocent child. But it's all mind games and propaganda to focus on the trial in the media for three years.
People always seem to miss the most important details when dealing with conspiracy theories. For example.....
The moon landing. Doesn't matter if it was faked or real, the MAIN DETAIL that people are skipping over is the fact the only reason we went t
o the moon in the first place is to prove the US had a bigger dick than Russia.
The Casey Anthony trial, everyone debated whether or not this ONE PERSON murdered ANOTHER PERSON. Yet they missed the MAIN POINT, that the figurative tents of a media circus were intentionally raised to profit off the marketing of a very personal affair that is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.
With Sandy Hook, everyone is debating whether it actually happened. Whether it's a reality or a fabrication...or perhaps CIA spooks ran into the school and pumped the bullets into innocent children themselves. The MAIN DETAIL people are ignoring is they are using this tragedy as a springboard for political agendas. Just the fact the media is clinging so desperately to these massacres....just the fact they're wringing out the figurative blood-soaked rag that is Sandy Hook into the metaphorical toilet that is mainstream journalism
....puts the blood of those children on their hands.

Listen, I agree with what people are doing - questioning the government and media is essential in these trying times. When I was born in the year 1988, I certainly didn't expect to live in the year 1984 for a few decades. (If I even had the cognitive reasoning to understand such a statement, as in somehow managed to be fully aware of the book "1984" at birth and how it would apply to the world more in more as I aged, I don't think I would have.) Questioning the government, media, and other social institutions is not only expected right now, but completely necessary.

So to reiterate, once again.....if there ever was a statement that deserved to be tattooed on everyone's forehead, it would probably be "Question Everything." And then after 'questioning everything' is no longer necessary....when all tyranny and injustice has been done away with, making questioning anything besides what was for supper an unnecessary strain on the brain....the term "Question Everything" would be lazered off and replaced with the tattoo 'Show Us Your Tits." But I's the point I'm trying to make.
It just seems like the one time people have decided to entertain the notion there might be a conspiracy in play in post-9/11 times...the one time a conspiracy video has gone immediately viral....the one fucking time people don't immediately go "You're crazy for thinking the Government aren't out for are best interests!" THE ONE GOD DAMN TIME....and it's the most controversial fucking topic they could have chosen to run with. Namely..."THERE WAS NO MASSACRE. IT'S A HOAX!"
C'mon, really? You're gonna say this was a hoax, but you're too chickenshit to embrace the notion fluoride isn't exactly good for your health? Or that a cure for cancer is being hidden from the public, because manageable diseases are far more profitable than actual cures? Or that free energy and water-powered engines for vehicle isn't far fetched at all, and is what people should be focusing energy on instead of inventing new types of weaponry and developing a plethora of man-made diseases?
Use some fucking common sense, people. Stop focusing on the least important aspects of all these atrocities and focus on the real issues at hand.
Namely (and this aspect is pretty universal in its simplicity); perhaps people exploiting death and tragedy don't exactly champion the moral fortitude and philanthropic charisma that should be requisite to hold the power to influence popular opinion, and by extent influence and shape our very culture
 See, what I'm doing is stating an opinion made after taking a number of steps back from the proceedings. Lets remove the massacre itself from the equation, and focus on what is important.
Truth disclosure should be an important facet of journalism. But instead, truth is consistently drained through various strainers, diluted down to various half-truths and assumptions with the intent to keep people divided and arguing amongst themselves. "They" intentionally do this to keep us all divided and debating on petty non-issues.
On top of that, humans are socially engineered to have this twisted blood-lust, so when things like Sandy Hook or Virginia Tech happen, the media jumps all over it so they can profit on other peoples pain and suffering. The media basically elevates these supposed criminals to celebrity status, and play the tragedies these "celebrities" perpetuated like a fiddle, as their viewers watch on like tourists watching a busker, throwing them chump change for this unexpected form of entertainment. One of the reasons a lot of these killers go on these mass shooting sprees is to "leave a legacy" on the world, to be remembered in death as someone who did something that is recognized by people nationwide. Which is why I suggest earlier the blood of the victims in these shootings is on the dipshit medias hands.
 You don't think the media and government sensationalizes these issues to push their own agendas? Oh, ok. I'm sure you're right....
 The Miami cannibal attack occurred on May 26, 2012, when Rudy Eugene assaulted Ronald Poppo on the MacArthur Causeway in Miami, Florida. During the 18-minute filmed encounter, Eugene (who was himself stripped nude) accused Poppo of stealing his Bible, beat him unconscious, removed Poppo's pants, and bit off most of Poppo's face above the beard, including his left eye, leaving him blind in both.[1] As a result of the incident's shocking nature and subsequent worldwide media coverage, Eugene came to be dubbed the "Miami Zombie" as well as the "Causeway Cannibal".[2] The attack ended with Eugene being fatally shot by a Miami police officer.
May 26th, 2012, a man in Florida eats another mans face.
As you can see, the CDC capitalized on the "Miami Zombie" by making a Zombie preparedness....wait a second....the Zombie Apocalypse blog post was from May 16th, 2011.

Holy shit, I think I'm on to something. This must mean zombies are real and the CDC predicted it! They tried to warn us, BUT WE DIDN'T LISTEN! Wait a second, why haven't the zombies started to spread out yet? That can't be it.
 Wait.....the CDC must have developed a time machine and traveled back to 2011, before the zombie attack in an attempt to prevent the zombie virus from spreading. And it worked! Because they contained the zombie outbreak to Florida. CDC STAGED the "Causeway Cannibal" so people would read their discarded Zombie Preparedness blog article. They felt it was brilliant writing that just didn't get the hits it deserved when it was originally released. I guess I can relate to them, there.
Ok, bad example to go with to compare to Sandy Hook, but my point still stands - the media does everything for ratings, including constant coverage on tragedies executed in a morally reprehensible fashion. You don't think the media has the blood of these dead children on their hands for turning their untimely death into a media circus, do you? You don't even agree with the term "Media Circus" being thrown around, I bet.

C'mon, really? Less than a month after these poor girls survived a school shooting, seen their fellow students gunned down in front of them, and you're parading them around on National TV? I even see that cunt lady in the middle motion to one girl to continue clapping and smiling.
Those girls look scarred, they seem very uncomfortable and emotionally distraught. It disgusts me they would do this. They couldn't wait a good year or two for the scars to heal before having these girls record this? This had to happen less than a month after the shooting? Oh, right, you need to tug on peoples heart-strings and exploit the tragedy while it's still fresh in the public memory to maximize your profit. Right. That IS the complete motivation behind everything in this world. PROFIT. That's all people seem to care about is money. That's how they feel guilt-free about exploiting the death of kids...profit.
I bet you think I'm crazy for suggesting we should move on. That we should stop giving attention to this tragedy and let the families grieve in privacy. You think it's insane to suggest Sandy Hook does NOT deserve news coverage daily. It's called fear mongering, people. It's called exploitation, and it's also called disgusting as far as I'm concerned.
Seriously, if you truly believe that the above video isn't offensive and disgusting, I just can't trust your moral compass. And I think it's safe to assume you're probably offended by this article. And if you are offended by this article...but you aren't offended by the media exploiting a tragedy for ratings....then go fuck yourself, you hypocritical self-awareness lacking asshole. You aren't mad at the people turning a tragedy into reality TV for three years.....but you're personally mad at me for pointing this out to you? You don't even realize that what you're actually offended by is the truth of my accusations, so you turn your aggression and rage towards me personally in a desperate attempt at clinging to the blissful ignorance you've blindly submitted yourself prior to this awakening I've afforded you. What's that saying....

"Don't rape the messenger"
 I'm seriously, cursing out the person pointing out the medias blatant disregard for the privacy of murder victims families is idiotic. You're mad at me for pointing the finger, without even bothering to look in the direction I'm pointing. I'm not flipping YOU off, I'm flipping off the shadow government standing behind you.

So again,
if you are offended by this article, and what I have to say, without understanding the actual point it is I'm trying to should probably wash the bloods off your hands too, you idiotic, dense shithead. I bet you watched hours of Casey Anthonys trial. Might as well microwave yourself some popcorn while you're at it.

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