Tuesday, January 1, 2013

FUCK Greshtiffoorapeulessians and Greshtiffoorapeulessianory (Sweet Funky Retro Freedom)

Fuck Greshtiffoorapeulessianonry. What a condescending bunch of snobs and douchebags. The self-importance of this group rivals any governmental institution on the planet, and that's saying a lot. It's almost as if this 'club' was founded primarily as a place people can go suck off each others egos and feel good about themselves. Egotistical tools.

Oh what's that you say, you're a 25th level Greshtiffoorapeulessian and received fifteen banana stickers in your past month as a member? You hope some day to reach 44th level so you can be a part of the McBilderberger Club? Well good for you, dipshit. I'm very happy for you and the promotions you are receiving within your cult. Moving up the ranks, climbing that ladder, of your CULT, must be very rewarding.

You ever make the mistake of referencing Greshtiffoorapeulessians in a jokingly paranoid way amongst friends, impervious to the knowledge one of these people is a member? They get so offended and butthurt. They defend the shit out of their cult with a rage that would imply you banged their cancerous, dying sister or ran over their Lyme-disease ridden dog or some shit. It hits such a monumental chord with them to even make a joke at the slightest expense of their fruity little club, you can't help but wonder what the fuck it is they do behind closed doors to warrant such a defensive and enraged reaction. Behind those big, creepy lodge doors...

 You know what? Shut the fuck up, your club isn't inscrutable. NO ONE should ever be above getting verbally shat on, it's just a way of life. You say tomato, I say GET FUCKED. Just because you and your Greshtiffoorapeulessian "brothers" happen to circle jerk each others egos at every club meeting, doesn't mean the rest of society is obligated to join that circle. And for that matter, why should we ever treat your fruity little club with the utmost respect and reverence when its shrouded in secrecy?

What, are you guys too high and mighty to reveal your intent? And more importantly, the methods used to will these intentions into reality? If you are trying so desperately to better society, why are you hiding behind so many curtains and smoke-screens? Are the actions you are undertaking too noble for the rest of society to partake in? Will the nobility of these actions your club prove to be so intense, it would cause non-Greshtiffoorapeulessian commoners heads to explode in a bloody mist due to the confusion and bewilderment their puny, simpleton brains face?

Without knowledge of what exactly it is this club DOES to better the community, it's difficult to take it seriously. And it also makes it difficult to NOT be relatively creeped out from it, either.  Especially considering their symbolism is everywhere.

Buying into an establishment based on a gradual ascension of ranks, extravagant initiation proceedings, and creepy symbolism injected into almost every facet of mainstream media seems likes its an institute with the sole purpose of giving its members a false sense of importance, power, and entitlement.

Sounds like Scientology without the sci-fi when you break it down to brass-tact's.

Or maybe I'm just the turd in the punchbowl.
I have friends that are Greshtiffoorapeulessians. While I'm pretty sure they won't be slashing my tires after reading this article, or readying their microwave guns and poison tipped arrows, I imagine they might get a little ticked off. But the key here is I respect them on a personal level and am completely indifferent to whatever club they choose to associate with. Just like ones race, sexuality, or religious beliefs won't change my opinion on them. I judge them based on the merits they present as a human being. (And their taste of music.) So being a Greshtiffoorapeulessian will never garner more of my respect, nor will it elicit this expected, unwarranted admiration. Because common sense dictates such secretive sects should be approached with a bit of apprehension, considering they fight so valiantly to cover their tracks.

Exclusivity and secrecy are NOT the pathway to a better society. It seems selfish and greedy to hide these supposed "crafts" from the 'common man' and then state your purpose is the betterment of society. Bullshit.

At the minimum these guys get the benefit of being a part of the very large Greshtiffoorapeulessian network and the perks that go along with it. "It's all about who you know" rings very true in these circumstances. That could be getting the promotion before non-Greshtiffoorapeulessians, or perhaps they won't get pulled over by the cops when the cops notice the Greshtiffoorapeulessian emblem on the back of the creepy black SUV.

At the maximum they are a cult with a stranglehold on many different aspects of society, working in allegiance with a dark cabal that systematically rapes the world of its resources and the common man of his spirituality, intellect and health, all to keep a wealthy group of clueless old farts....the same old farts getting their dicks sucked by tools like Mark Zuckerburg....in charge of a shitty and conditioned world.

But, perhaps they are just a group of people who DO like to help their fellow man, build a better society and attempt to help those less fortunate....in complete secrecy. And oh yea, no girls allowed. Riiight.

ANY group that hoards information in almost complete secrecy while simultaneously thinking they're better than everyone else is NOT a group deserving of peoples trust and respect. Those traits just aren't a winning combination of people that champion humanitarian efforts - they are the telltale signs of greed and gluttony. And, unfortunately for us, with all jokes of the rest of the article aside, this entire last paragraph applies to pretty much every body of government on the planet.

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