Monday, January 21, 2013

FUCK GOD(like Productions), and FUCK POLITICS

The website "Godlike Productions" is one of my favorite troll stomping grounds. Picture this - a website full of conspiracy theorists, doomtards, shills, spooks, trolls, and Jimmie Rustlers from all across the world, all yelling over each other in different tones of crazy. You don't even have to sign up an account; you can post completely anonymously. I take it the "Anonymous post" route is an option for the people who are afraid the government will track them from their GLP account and arrest them for being a terrorist or throw them on some Gang Stalking list. Which is exactly why I always posted there anonymously - I get Gang Stalked enough as it is, and it's getting really old fucking with these people.

"Ok, car with shiny stickers of Egyptian symbolism on the back, that constantly follows me around....I just watched you in my rear view mirror follow me from the Wal-Mart parking lot, to Stop 'n' Shop, to I-Party, and then back to Wal-Mart. There's no possible way you were hitting all three places up, in that order, and just happened to show up at the same time I was. Not to mention returning to Wal-Mart later. What are the odds of that shit? I hope you get paid good money for being a government shill, because you just wasted a lot of gas following me around while I went on a high ride listening to 'The Odyssey' by Symphony-X." Gang Stalking satire. Now there's a genre all of my own.

However, things took a turn for the worst earlier today over at Godlike Productions - I got banned.

Why did I get banned? Well, this retarded faggot who uses Yosemite Sam as his retarded avatar made a retarded post I felt needed my retarded input. The post was a link to this article.... which point, I felt it was necessary to point out that political affiliation is retarded regardless of which political party you are claiming affiliation to. It's just another trap to catch people in. People seem to ignore the fact that political discourse held in public is for entertainment purposes only. The only time political discussion matters is when it happens BEHIND THE CURTAIN, OFF THE RECORD, BEHIND THE think these people are going to make any legitimate statements in public? You think the fate of you, the clueless worker drone, is going to be decided in a public forum at all? Well you're wrong. Because bribes don't happen in public.

The purpose of my musings was merely to spark a debate about the topic; why do we need political parties at all? Why not abandon the entire concept of politics, gut the system, and start voting for people on their personal merit and individualistic qualities? Why the hell is the choice always between the same two talking heads from the same two bullshit political parties, likely both paid off by the same shitty mega-corporation? This is exactly why I don't vote - because even if voting DID matter, the entire system is flawed in every single level. Well, flawed as far as being a free society is concerned. It certainly isn't a flawed system if the goal is to keep people ignorant, subservient, and entirely reliant on the government.

I was also attempting to spark this debate so I could eventually shoe-horn in my old article and get some hits. Which I will do here instead;

"I'm a Republican!" No, you're an asshole

Politics is a scripted contingency put in place by affiliates of the people intentionally poisoning our food, water, Radio waves, TV stations....this isn't some crazy conspiracy theory, you fucking sheep idiots. The American Dream is dead now - the cost of living is steadily rising while they capped off minimum wage a decade ago and it isn't going much of anywhere. So conspiracy theorists are a necessary backlash to the continual raping of the constitution - they are the people crazy enough to yell this shit out loud, in public, to blow the whistle, to wave the "Don't Tread On Me" flag and point out every single flaw they see, and even a few flaws they only think they see.

Whether or not people are correct in their assumptions of a NWO, you should at least respect their determination and testicular fortitude to put their own reputation and safety on the line to voice their discontent in the tyrannical government.

Sure, a lot of people over at GLP make us look bad. When Alex Jones screams in Piers Morgans face for the duration of a 15 minute interview, it might make the theorists laugh because they get the joke, but it doesn't exactly lend our little sub-culture of basement dwellers and tin-foil hat craftsmen in the most favorable light as far as 'mainstream' folk are concerned. But again, when people are willing to publicly voice dissatisfaction with the government, they are doing so at the risk of their own reputation and safety. Even if you think all us "conspiracy theorists" are crazy (and we all are crazy - in fact, I'd say 100% of everyone EVER is crazy, but that's a different topic for a different article) at least respect the fact we're putting effort into exposing what we feel are injustices being perpetuated against us all.

 It is in this spirit that I post on GLP. I'm trying to voice my opinion in a sea of trolls, shills, spooks and doomtards. And yet....ironically enough....the site goes fascist on me when I disagree with one of their more frequent posters. A site that is supposed to be about conspiracy theory discussion, a site filled to the brim with frothy, anti-government statements and anti-establishment rhetoric.....banning someone from not only posting, but viewing the forum entirely for pointing out Politics is Reality TV for baby boomers? I didn't even get to see how people responded to my response.  And now I have to actually get one of my friends to post this article at Godlike Productions, since I myself can't.

FUCK GOD(like productions.) I said it, that's right. You're just as fascist as the fascist governments people use your website to rage about. Just a bunch of fear mongering shills that stifle out any voices that attack anyone with an avatar.

Guess I'll go deny ignorance at Above Top Secret instead, or join in the discussions at Lunatic Outpost, or maybe I'll just form my own opinions based on general social trends without having to do hours and hours of research to verify my obvious observations.


  1. the internet is striking back at you

    1. Shit, now the internet is just like real life. I'm gonna have to start using .tor to find a safe haven to complain about shit now, apparently

  2. Getting banned from GLP means absolutely nothing. You were banned simply because your IP address posted. So for 2 years, I didn't post and only lurked. Last week I got banned. I haven't posted in 2 years. It had nothing to do with the content you posted. You were banned BECAUSE you posted. They want you to pay for a premium account.

    1. I realize they regularly ban "anonymous" posters to try and get more people to sign up. But I was specifically told I was banned for posting links to this blog. I figured sharing conspiracy humor would go over best at a conspiracy theory website, but any time you want to share something you've created on the internet it is automatically "spam." Even on Facebook. People get jealous of creativity. In the case of GLP, they have banned me a number of times, with at least a few of them being right after I posted a link to some conspiracy satire or got in an argument with one of their mods.


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