Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vanilla Ice, Cream, and Eminems

This picture bridges decades like no other image ever could.

First we got Cream, who debuted in the early-to-mid 60's. If any band should be pissed at Led Zeppelin, Cream would be the guys. Although Eric Clapton is a wildly successful musician to this day, it must piss him off Led Zeppelin got so much credit when they pretty much ripped off the sound of the Yard Birds and Cream, applied it to old blues and folk music, stole someone elses lyrics, and took credit it for it. For this picture, Cream is certainly the voice of the 60's.

Then we've got Vanilla Ice, the soul of hip hop, who paved the way for white rappers like the Beastie Boys and Bubba Sparxxx. Did you know Vanilla Ices real name was "Robert Matthew Van Winkle?" Well now you do. His career started in the mid 80's and changed the world forever.
Vanilla Ice also starred in the greatest unintentional comedy of all-time, Cool As Ice. Hell, Vanilla Ice even paved the way for the third link in this multi-generational image.....

Eminem. Eminem reppin' it for the 1990's and 2000's. The first album I ever bought (with a gift card I got for Christmas) was Marshall Mathers LP.  I was 12 years old when I bought the Marshall Mathers LP. That shit dropped in the year 2000. That was 12 years ago already.  The daughter he rapped about on that album is now smoking hot jailbait, and the ex-wife he rapped about murdering now has tits that sag to the floor. Eminem has only released ONE really terrible album to this day - you know the one, where he rapped in that terrible fucking Borat voice in every song. Something tells me he was diving into mountains of cocaine and popping handfills of painkillers when he wrote that album. (That's correct, he was speedballing the entire time.)

Vanilla Ice, Cream, and Eminems


  1. >_> hiphop sucks , listen black metal or die

    1. What's this Black Metal you speak of?

      Living Colour?


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