Sunday, December 23, 2012

Troll Hunting (Part 4)

The trap has been set, and I await a response.

Those lips really are extraordinary, though. My eyes are more drawn to the tits, to be completely honest, but the lips are also...the whole thing looks very enticing. I'd even venture to say I'd actually bring this girl on a date AND pay for the tip. Why the fuck did I leave New York again?

No worries though. Now, we must play the waiting game. I hope this Count Chocula character proves to be a formidable adversary.


UPDATE: Unfortunately, friends, the gorgeous young lady who uploaded that picture seems to have blocked me before that creepy vampire looking guy was able to respond, once again proving my ingenious witticisms on Facebook, while hilarious and cheeky, also serve as pussy repellant. Guess I should have asked for a Fleshlight for Christmas. It sucks being lonely, but at least I'm not catching STDs........or spreading the ones I already have, either. Wait, did I type that out-loud? Whoops.


This situation is really killing my mood - my mind is going to be in shambles for weeks. The lack of would this have panned out? In what manner would Count Chocula have responded to my advice? I will never get to reap the rewards of that trolling. But fear not, readers, I'm gonna pad out the rest of this article by adding additional pictures of Count Chocula.

One thing about the Count, he sure does love his cereal. Look at the look on his face - it's a look of intense, passionate happiness.

Well, unless he's on his period, that is.

I love when you find pictures on Google Images and try to save it to your computer, and it has a block that gives you a "COPYRIGHT" statement, as if that's accomplishing anything when I can't just print-screen the fucking thing and take credit for it anyway. But I'm not like that - I'm far too creative to steal other peoples ideas. I'm not like "The Meme Street Journal," which is literally like 10 unoriginal people sharing other peoples memes on a Facebook page who get mad any time someone trashes one of the memes they shared, then get all butthurt and posts 15 consecutive "FUCKTARD" and "LOOK AT ALL THE FUCKS I GIVE" memes like they're edgy and badass. Fucking retards.

Nope, unlike them, I'm actually creative, so I give full credit to you, gregg_koenig, and print-screened your name right into the image, despite it being racist. (They're African Americans, not "nigs.")

They even have a Christmas Count, apparently.


Here, here's something I actually DID make, hence the tag.

Oh heavenly bless beauty, why the hell would you block me over that Twilight looking faggot telling you you have nice lips? Is my blunt honesty too much for you to handle? Now I will never get a chance to sniff your panties or drink your bath water. My Christmas is ruined. Seriously, that other guy was being a complete creep, and I pointed out his creepiness in a heroic gesture of hilarious comradery, and you decide to block me for pointing out the obvious? You prefer the suave subtleties of "those lips, damn" to my elegantly crafted response to his perverted, idiotic tripe?


  1. I think you were right in what you said to the young , stupid man. I wouldn't think sending out sexual innuendos is appropriate until at least a certain trust is established. It would have been a bigger turn on for the girl if the young man showed an interest in the the girl rather than her physical features and how they can benefit him. This also shows how he could potentially behave in a real relationship. But you shouldn't have told him that, and save the pretty ones for yourself.


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