Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shredzilla Raids Again

I'll admit it. I kinda rushed this song once I saw the finish line. I could add about two dozen more orchestral layers, but I was getting lazy and decided to finalize the video to just be done with it. Usually I finish tracks after 3 or 4 days of constant recording; it gives the song a more organic, on-the-spot vibe when I record everything whilst the ideas are still fresh. When I take too long to finish a track....like take a two or three week break from working on it....I seem to lose that "first week magic" of the compositional process, and am almost never satisfied with the song.

This track I put off for two or three weeks, and sloppily threw on some orchestra hits to finalize the track. It still has promising ideas, but I wish I had just finished it in the first week instead of dragging out the process. Now I'm second-guessing my ideas as an artist usually does when they take their time. 

UPDATE: God dammit. Toho blocked the movie from Youtube. I don't get it...I'm promoting their film for them, paying homage to their film with a brand new composition to compliment the fan video....not to mentioned the movie itself is from 1955, so it's not like they're losing money over my video. There wasn't lines of people at Blockbuster scrambling to get their copies of Godzilla Raids Again for the holiday season, and these lines didn't dissipate when news of my brand new video hit the streets.

 I painstakingly edited that film down, cutting out everything but the monster fights. I trimmed all the fat from the movie and left you with the prime cuts, and Toho gets pissy and blocks my video. And not only that, but I composed a badass new Symphonic Metal piece to accompany the video. This aggression will not stand, man!

Here's a link to the Vimeo upload:

And I'm also gonna upload it to Blogspot itself. This epic Godzilla mash-up I poured hours of my time into can't go to waste. Try watching it on Vimeo instead, the sound quality is SHITE on this site. Speaking of soundcloud, also check out the track on Soundcloud.


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