Tuesday, December 11, 2012

JOTS's Chiptune Production Tool Give-Away Extravaganza! (Shred Stash Volume 1)

Thank you for participating in the Jon of the Shred music producer give-away extravaganza! Great wonders of musical technology will be revealed to before your very eyes; technological tools which you may now use to craft the incredible chip music sound you've been desperately seeking, so that you can get all those hot nerdy chicks at gaming conventions like E3 soaking wet with your boombox and demos.

For those of you who need SoundCloud more comments and followers, check this site out, I literally get 100+ comments a day for free! 


Don't believe me? Check out my Soundcloud and look at all those comments. I'm not bullshitting you, and if you ever doubt me again, I will backhand you back to 1993, where you will be forced to endure Grunge ALL OVER again.

Before I begin showcasing the astonishingly valiant VSTis and scandalous soundfonts that will surely get you into that sexyTomb Raider cosplayers pants......

....I first offer you this link to supplement your current promotion regiment. It's kind of like the Cloud Killers for social networks. It's way less involved then Cloud Killers - takes less than 5 minutes of your day. I definitely recommend it.
Seriously, use this affiliate link, too, because I get points for referencing, and I am giving you a bunch of free shit in this post, so use the link, people. That means YOU TOO, Noize Punk baby grrl. Help me, help you help me. And help yourself to all the free shit I post for you.

 Awesome Face-Melting Promotional Tool!

Did you sign up? EVEN YOU , NOIZE PUNK? Let me show you guys how the site works.

All right, good. Now onto some chip tunes.

hese first two links are doozies. Hope you're all stocked up on fresh greenery and have your pipes / bongs / bubblers cleaned, because you're gonna be inspired to make a shit-ton of new music after installing these sexy soundfonts and victorious VSTis. (Highly recommend ROCKET PUNCH VSTi too, if you can't find it in Woolys just Ask Jeeves that shit, bitches.)


Can't click the link? Oh, my bad, I must have only turned the font blue and underlined it. Here's the real links:


And here's a second and third sites, with more game-specific sound fonts. Ocarina of Time soundfont, Megaman X, etc. This stuff is priceless, really:

Page One
SNES Soundfonts

Remember to follow me on Facebook (yea, I went there, follow me, least you can do for giving you all these free resources ;) ) and Twitter and Myspa....nah, fuck that . Who the fuck still uses Myspace besides Justin Timberlake? Note: I will follow you ALL back on Facebook and Twitter should I notice you follow me. And if you follow me on my second Facebook, I'll unfollow your Facebook and refollow it agian, so I followed you twice. WIN WIN FOR ALL INVOLVED!

I bid all you ladies and gents a good day, and enjoy the free shit! Production Pack Shred Stash Volume 1 will be released in the near future, but if you want some free loops and Massive Presets right away, I have a few download links hidden throughout my Apocalyptic Dawn website:

You stay classy, San Diego. You stay golden, pony boys and pony girls. Except you, Noize Punk. FACK U.


  1. https://soundcloud.com/dreamerdeemerDecember 11, 2012 at 6:24 AM

    Amazing stuff, truly appreciate all the links and downloads! I don't know if I will ever have time to check it all out! but Ill sure try!

  2. No problem Dreamer Deemsters.

    I think you could sign up for Headliner.FM, download a half dozen soundfonts and half dozen VSTs in about an hour. Seriously


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