Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cultural Cancer (Part 2.5)

I thought I'd delve further into the topic of gender conspiracy in this article, holding a magnifying glass over this generations current Battle of the Sexes that I made reference to in Cultural Cancer Part 2.


Women use sex as a weapon.
Men use sex as a means of social validation.
Both sexes use sex for sexual pleasure and procreation.

An example of this, I saw a girlfriend of a friend post a picture a few weeks ago. It was a picture of her all up on some other guys jock....ya know, a jock that didn't belong to her boyfriend, and the caption read something along the lineshru_fhnv_euaf_hue_____EDFs$%$#%^&65342trgf5ghrgh%^74hFBEHUegtyuhsdufisdj^%#&$*54_____

Fuck, this shit again? Really? I really thought the homemade hat I made for my router made out of tinfoil would stop all this censorship? I guess it didn't work as well as?er______foijdscfdfhwrefosdajfcioD

Son of a bitch! It happened again! Glad I already had this rant safetly posted over at Rantlister. Looks like I'm gonna need to take a bit of a vacation from the ranting for a while. 

I've decided to take a hunting trip, take a hunting trip, take a hunting trip with speed. I'll be back from troll hunting in the Midwest after the heat dies down. Tell my wife I love her very much - she knows.

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