Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cultural Cancer (Part 2)

I feel like there's a very strong influence on modern society from very obvious social conditioning that's (successfully) attempting to feminize / emasculate men. At the same time, I watch as social conditioning also effects women; culture is telling them to be more masculine, to be in control, which inadvertently causes them to act like arrogant, manipulative sluts. You've got it all backwards, mainstream media. You're telling women to be men and men to be women, and need to start telling women to be women and men to man the fuck up.

News flash - neither gender is unanimously superior than the other
. Men are better at watching porn, lifting heavy objects and constructing houses; women are better at cooking, cleaning, and raising children without curb stomping them after 15 minutes of their crying. The only "Battle of the Sexes" that should be being waged right now, should be occurring - guilt-free - in various bedrooms filled with cleverly placed mirrors....all over an array of living room furniture....on billiards tables and air hockey tables in game rooms....and even in public restrooms. (For the more adventurous.) These battles should be between consenting adults, and in these battles, victory is entirely possible for both participants. Some times, everyone will be a winner....unless the sex is bad, in which case there will likely only be one winner - the male. Or no winners at all, in the event she's on the yeasty side. But I digress - there shouldn't be any 'Battle of the Sexes.' And the battle that the mainstream media is subconsciously seeding into the minds of the masses have no winners and few survivors, but countless POWs and casualties or war.

 Here's a good example of the two mindsets. Red = bad, blue = good.

 Is this not a magazine for women? Is this not a "masterclass" that a woman will be, reading? Then how the fuck is this test gonna make a MAN better in bed? Are the women who buy this publication expected to force their spouses to read the article? That's the only way that article would work. This is real cheeky stuff - most would say this propaganda is subtle, but I spotted it right away. This publication is intended for women to read, so the 'masterclass' should be directed towards women, making THEM better in bed. It's not like males have fucking telepathy. We can't read the information from this article out of their minds as we pull down her panties. We don't plug a 1/4 inch cable into the back of her necks, then into her vagina so that we can transmit this information SHE read into our brains. The article title puts the pussy on a pedestal. I can only imagine what the article itself reads like.
That's right, only the men in the relationship lie or lead double lives. They're always catching the poor, defenseless women off-guard. This title is pandering to the mindset that all men, even that 'perfect boyfriend,' is hiding skeletons in his closet and bodies in his backyard. Sorry ladies, even that perfect boyfriend you're always in search know, the one you use as an excuse to jump from dick to dick....

"I'm just looking for the perfect guy...sorry I fucked your brother last week and my ex yesterday. I was drunk and not thinking clearly, I promise!" 
...that "perfect man" doesn't exist. How can someone be perfect when they are robbing banks and knifing elderly folks at retirement homes? This perfect man is burning down pet stores the night after they get fresh puppy shipments. Thus...your whoring is completely warranted! You are a seductress for a reason: all men are pure evil! So slut it up guilt free!
Learn to love your body 
Translation: It's OK to be lazy. It's perfectly natural to gain 42 lbs three months into a relationship. 
Scarlet: Why I had to get married 
No one has to do anything besides eat, shit and breathe, which are all fall under the category of "survive." So the one thing people HAVE to do is "survive." And I can't imagine the article reads out like a hostage situation or something.
"He had me at gunpoint, I was crying like a baby! The priest went through the whole thing really fast, and we went straight to our honeymoon. My husband raped me again and again in that Las Vegas alleyway. That's why I had to get married. He would've killed me otherwise. I later found out he was rich and am totally cool with it now." 
Marriage is a fucking joke, these days, and would necessitate an entire articles worth of material to do it any justice. So we'll leave it at that and move on.
  Cosmo Experiment: We prove whats better: Sex or Shopping
Really? They're gonna compare sex with shopping? The single act that ensures the continued existence of nearly every species on the planet vs. the materialistic act of being a consumer whore that spends currency on pointless crap? I'm sure shopping wins, right?
 You have to be blind not to see what all these articles are doing - slowly turning women into materialistic, prissy, entitled cunts who feel their sluttiness and promiscuity are totally warranted and expected. They feel that society will embrace them in loving arms despite their whorish tendencies and damaged reputations.
 "All men are evil, bank-robbing rapists, so you should probably use them for their money and cheat on them at least twice a month.
- Cosmopolitan"
Now that second magazine cover really surprised me. These were literally the first two images I saw on Google Images when searching "Women's Magazine." I expected to just make a montage of all the bullshit propaganda. But the second image actually had what appears to be quality content that actually understands and honors the gender roles of not just females, but indeed, both sexes. 
DON'T CUT YOUR HAIR: He'll have nothing to pull
Right off the bat, I had a cheeky grin reading that. Women want to be dominated. The article title honors that particular quirk instead of twisting it around. Not only that, but the article is implying the women does something for someone other than herself. She's not expecting something from the man. Instead of the typical, "Here's why men should pay for your dinner and the tip and the gas to and from the restaurant," it's suggesting the woman takes initiative to do something for her man for a change.

VEGAS: Ladies, don't ask, don't tell
That's the second article title embracing the inner-slut without making it 'dirty.' The article is suggesting BOTH SEXES may be up to no good in Vegas - DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL implies this If Cosmopolitan had ran a similar article, it would have likely been titled:
"VEGAS: Your man fucked some Vegas slut while you were cheating on him with his boss back at home. Now is the time to strike!
Divorce him and take half his shit like you've been planning."
Jessica Alba: Leave this issue in the bathroom
Thatta girl, Jessica Alba! Since the very first time I saw you on Dark Angel, I knew you were one of the good ones. I could tell you were a keeper. I loved watching that show, my balls dropped to Ms Alba running around in over-the-top action sequences in tight-fitting spandex. I just wanted to plant my gooey, white, semi-transculent seed deep into her belly. I know that will never happen, and so does she. And I really appreciate her embracing the fact men want to masturbate to her image, openly telling women to leave this issue in the bathroom. Jessica Alba in Idle Hands is unparalleled HNNNNG.
 ANGRY SEX: The only real argument climax
Wait a second...something doesn't seem right here. This couldn't possibly be real. Jessica Alba endorsing ladies to let their men fap to her? Speaking publicly about girls love of being treated roughly, with choking and hair pulling? This must be a ruse, they certainly wouldn't reveal that much in a magazine. Something isn't right here....
Sandwiches Guaranteed to tickle his pickle

Ok, at this point, I begrudgingly realize this is just a parody magazine cover. Maybe I should have went with the montage of propaganda instead. Oh well.
My point is, the flow of culture is reversing the gender roles. And this is not good. Women are supposed to be submissive and feminine, men are supposed to be dominant and masculine.

We need to be conditioning women in different ways. Like how to clean, do laundry, and cook better. I'm not saying this in a disrespectful fashion, either. I try to keep my man-cave / music studio pretty clean. Not women clean, but man clean. Hell, some times I'll even rearrange the entire room just so I'm forced to tidy it up. And I love cooking breakfast for a lady after a night of passionate whoopie making. Cooking is something everyone should learn....especially women.
Listen, I'm not a misogynist - men don't get off scot-free either. For every 10 meals a woman cooks, a man chops 1 cord of wood. For every 5 blowjobs she administers, he gets her 1 box of chocolates and 1 shrubbery. It goes both ways, guys, we gotta pick up some of the slack too. As great as it sounds to watch full seasons of Sons of Anarchy and Curb Your Enthusiasm while getting blown by our enthusiastic girlfriends, it just doesn't work like that. That only happens on weekends and holidays. And birthdays are even better.
Most men need to let their fucking balls drop and stop acting like a bunch of sissy metrosexuals.  Act like men, stop embarrassing our gender with your skinny jeans and faggy emo bands. Just because you're wearing overpriced ball hugging black jeans and eye-liner doesn't mean you'll be "inside the mind of a woman" and have an easier time courting her, or something. A man should NEVER be wearing eye liner unless it's surrounded by corpse paint. Hell, corpse paint isn't even makeup.
Corpse paint is a disguise for Black Metal bands so that when they burn down churches, they can just blame it on other black metal bands. (They're all in on it, trust me, I was a guitar tech for Immortal.) Kind of like how if someone who has a twin brother/sister owes you money, they just send you back to the other twin, who will inevitably send you back to the first twin, and so on.

Makeup is for women, not men. CORPSEPAINT is for men. But you better know how to sweep pick and rage buzzsaw guitar riffage.

And the whole, "let your balls drop, start acting like fucking men" spiel doesn't apply to just heterosexuals, it goes for all you homosexuals, too. Stop acting like sissies and flaunting your sexual orientation in everyone's faces in a flamboyant and awkward fashion. Maybe then people will shut the fuck up about how much they hate gay people. The less womanly you act, the less you'll be stigmatized by all the homophobes trying to suppress their Roman urges. You'd figure men tough enough to handle an object being rammed in and out of their shit-holes would act a bit more manly. You enjoy getting fucked in the anus? Good for you! That's one less person breeding, one less little shithead kid to share oxygen with. But we don't need to hear all about how much you enjoy the anus fucking - do it in private, for Christs sake.
Our gender completely dropped the ball in the last few decades. Hell, we arguably dropped the ball even worse than the females did. And I thought we were supposed to be better at sports. For shame. But back to the ladies.....
We need to be instilling a sense of honor, self-respect, and loyalty into their tiny female brains; this whole "over-population" issue isn't gonna go away if mainstream culture keep assuring women it's OK to be unfaithful to their husbands because "all men are pigs." No matter how much fluoride you pump into our water or needless wars you start, you won't be able to keep up with "overpopulation" if women are continually urged to be skanks. Stop encouraging adultery. Stop rewarding sluttiness. Hell, if overpopulation is such an issue, start encouraging abortions and discouraging marriage, you fucking idiots.
 Women should be classy, not trashy. Trashy is a lot of fun, but trashy has its own time and place. And that time isn't 24/7, and that place isn't everywhere. Hell, 90% of the the girls I've hooked up with have been trashy. But that's the problem - when it's only trashy women to choose from, it loses its appeal. And unfortunately for my generation, women are being conditioned to literally whore themselves out for money and attention these days. I'm pretty sure the majority of females from my generation can socially juggle 7+ different dicks, while also maintaining an "exclusive" relationship on the side, in less than a week. And she can maintain this 8 dick juggling feat for months with all 8 guys being oblivious to each other. She'll never get  caught or feel even the slightest hint of guilt.
It gives me all the more incentive to just stay home and knuckle shuffle my way to a set of sticky sheets, instead of wasting money and energy on finding some slam-pig to woo for three hours at some shitty night club that plays crappy music, awkwardly dancing with her despite the fact I don't enjoy dancing, just so I can dump my load in her then awkwardly leave and drive home still half-drunk. I'll just stick to masturbation for the time being, thank you very much.

The way girls act here is literally the opposite of the Middle East.

 That's both extremes of modern female gender roles. What we really need is a general consensus that falls somewhere in between. The way women are treated in the Middle East sounds completely ridiculous and over-the-top - but I've never been there, so I can't say shit. HOWEVER, I CAN say shit about the US side, and in particular that meme.
 I've actually seen girls share that on Facebook, as if they're proud to describe themselves as "loyal pussy." A lot of the girls that shared that meme were hot in a sleazy way, and definitely smash-able....a few were fatties....but not a single one was datable. I mean really, nothing you see a girl post on Facebook shatters her illusion of classiness quite like when she shares a meme that says


I hope your parents haven't added you on Facebook if you're posting shit like that, you stupid cunts. Have some self-respect, how can you marginalize yourself to "Loyal Pussy" publicly and feel good about yourself? This is the reason I don't put any effort into getting laid or finding a girlfriend - I'm expecting way more than a moist gash and sweet rack. I'm looking for a girl with class and intellect, not some trend-riding cum-dumpster with a shit taste in music who can't even hold a decent conversation without getting distracted with her Iphone
, probably texting the next dick she has lined up in the "penis buffet" marathon that is her life.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of sexually confident, 'easy' women that are known to put out. The stigmatization of "easy" women is unnecessary - we WANT women to be "sluttier." Sluttier is a good thing, guys! Stop bitching and whining, "Oh, this girl posted slutty pictures on her Facebook, what a whore!" What the fuck is wrong with you, dude? DON'T FUCK THIS UP FOR US. We want these women to start being more open about their sexuality - b
ut not at the expense of her personality or intellect. The word slut is thrown around way to liberally.

You see, women are
not just walking vaginas, so unless you know what that girl that has slept with 30 dudes at age 22 was thinking every time she has had sex and what her situation was at the time, you should probably shut the fuck up about her being a slut. If a girl wants to be sexually active when she's single, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It's only when girls are MANIPULATIVE and SNEAKY about their sex that they are truly acting "SLUTTY." Number of sexual partners isn't as important as the context of each sexual encounter. Some girls in their mid 20's have ridden cocks in the triple digits - over 100 men. THAT is a whore, no matter how you look at it.
Back to miss 22 year old who slept with 30 guys.....if, out of those 30 guys, 24 of them were affairs while she was in an exclusive relationship, THEN she can be considered a slut BECAUSE of her methods. She is faking a hollow relationship so she can use the one guy for his money and emotional support, but the second he's not around, she's getting plowed by the first cock she can find. She's using the relationship as a "Get Out Of Slut Jail Free" card. But the fact she's faking the relationship to avoid being perceived as a slut is the very thing making her a slut - if she was single and sexually open, she wouldn't be a slut at all. She'd just be a girl that enjoys the cock. But that's not what social conditioning wants you to think, so these are the girls that get stones cast at them unrightfully, while the cheating manipulative whores continue to fake their way through horrid relationships, tricking themselves in the process.
Another thing, guys....don't attack girls for posting provocative pictures of herself on her facebook. You wusses would have a heart attack if you went on Tumblr. News flash - she isn't looking for attention on facebook. She's looking for attention in real life. She's seeking counsel with a round table of meaty dicks. She's hoping to fill every orifice in her body...I'm talking EVERY orifice. Her warm mouth full of fluoride-rotted teeth; her moist, quivering gash; her bleached, puckered bunghole/anubis; both her wax-filled ears, and both her nostrils.....she wants every last orifice filled to the brim with dick. That's why she's posting slutty pictures on Facebook. So man the fuck up and shoot her a message. Get your dick wet instead of getting angry that these girls are sending out public invitations to her vagina. RSVP or shut the fuck up. I mean, are you really pissed off this girl is showing off her body, and doing a standing splits pose against a mirror?
And I guess these ladies must also enjoy the ego boost they get when 356 people like her self-taken duck face photo in her bathroom. The collection of devoted stalkers she calls her "Facebook Friends" will show her much love indeed. All these people are leaving her comments, calling her cute, complimenting her eyes, being so delightfully coy, far too apprehensive to just message the slut and tell her what she actually wants to hear - that he'll tear her in half like a wet news paper and split her open like a coconut.
These aren't Facebook "friends," girls. They are Facebook "admirers." These are hundreds of dudes wanting to be inside of you. 'Internet suitors,' if you will. And I'm sure you know that - of course you know that. Even so, girls don't necessarily want to think about how their Facebook "friends" masturbate to their pictures, while they're online playing Farmville. They don't want to think about how this probably happens several times a month. She just wants to focus on particular suitors, and what they can buy her in real life, not how they creepily fap to her pictures.

So make no mistake, ladies, these aren't "Facebook friends." True friends don't masturbate when they look at their friends pictures. I can assure you if I ever feel the need to dedicate a load to one of my very fine female friends, I have the respect to keep it in the confines of my mind - her facebook page will not be getting involved in my masturbation session. It would feel creepy to fap to these girls pictures online, my mind paints picture that's good enough. Now the girls I've already fucked? I have no problems fapping to pictures of them. That's different. I'll TELL them I whacked to their picture, and they'd probably laugh and set up another fuck session.
That's a whole different set of rules - I was already inside these women, they enjoyed it (or pretended to) - so I'm sure they wouldn't mind me fapping to the naked pictures they texted me in December 2010.

My point is, the more we stigmatize women for being sluts, the more slutty they will get. Think about it - they need to keep getting sneakier and sneakier to hide their sluttiness, and in turn, become sluttier and sluttier. All they need to do to come off as classy is be honest and loyal. But because of this social backlash against openness to casual sex, us guys now have to work 100 times harder to get snatch, or just settle for our hand instead. Us guys shouldn't have to jump through three dozen hoops and pass 17 shit-tests on consecutive Wednesdays to get pussy three Septembers from now. But because the majority of the fairer sex use their sexuality as a weapon to manipulate dudes, that's what us guys need to resort to. Besides the ones that are rich, that is.
Think about it - if a semi-attractive girl snaps her fingers, she has three dozen cawks instantly at her disposal, erect and ready to penetrate. If a guy does fifteen consecutive backflips while blindfolded, with his hands tied behind his back, in order to save a litter of puppies from the anthrax that escaped Osama Bin Ladens dead asshole, and the guy later gets awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for stopping the War on Terror, War on Drugs, and War on Free Speech, simultaneously, he MIGHT get to second base. With a fat chick. Who's black out drunk. And roofied.
Women have all the power nowadays. But men are supposed to protect women, make them feel safe, be in control of the situation. Men don't exactly feel like they have to much power left when the women are so manipulative and controlling. A women is literally two text messages away from getting laid at all times - a guy is three figurative oceans and two metaphorical mountains worth of work away from getting laid. And that's some unbalanced bullshit.

Because of social conditioning, everything is going to shit. The gender role reversal is only one form of cultural cancer that needs to be stopped. Feminism and political correctness need to die a swift death. And we need to get back to work inventing flying cars that run on water, planet colonization so by 2035 we can be taking summer trips to our condo on Mars, and time travel so we can go back in time and end this battle of the sexes before it's even started. Seriously.

There is no reason our two genders can't coexist without stabbing each other in the back. Females need to stop manipulating men with their vagina devil magic and dragging unsuspecting dudes into counterfeit relationships. And males need to stop mentally reducing females as a talking fleshing to pump a few loads into. Continue fucking, start fucking MORE, but stop fucking each other over.


  1. >_> lady gaga has penis

    1. Precisely. The Gender Role Reversal is going far more swimmingly than they ever could have predicted. It's dire times we're living in, dire times

  2. I don't how I found this place but I am sorry I did. Does not matter how you dress it up, this article is nothing but a woman hating rant by someone with zero clue about the issues he is attempting to discuss. This is the unfortunate thing about the internet, it allows all manner of idiots to voice their opinions on blogs. Terrible writing.

    1. You found it on Vigilant Citizen, I assume. Now if you cared to read the entire thing......and didn't care to ignore the obvious element of'd be able to read between the lines and understand the actual underlying message.

      Now as it stands, apparently both the humor and actual message of the article flew right over your head, shitting in your hair as it soared high above you. How about FINISH READING, maybe smoke a joint before hand so you can get a chuckle without getting those panties in a twist (you're clearly wearing panties regardless of gender - try unbunching them) and then come back to me and try to debunk the actual truth I'm speaking.

      The unfortunate thing about the internet, it not only allows all manner of idiots to miss the very point and humor of an article they didn't have the attention span to finish....or intellectual depth to comprehend the satirical also affords them the luxury of taking personal potshots at the writer from behind a veil of cowardly anonymity instead of actually attempting to debunk the information they were so offended and butthurt by.

      Try again, douchebag.

    2. Thanks for the hits to the site, though, at least you're doing something useful with your time. But why don't you ride your tricycle back over to Cracked and read some lists? Seems like that tricycle still has training wheels and you need your comedy spoon-fed to you. Remember to wear your helmet with built-in veil, though; you'll probably want to retain your anonymity if you're gonna be such a major buzzkill

  3. You were good until you said the bullshit about "30 dicks? She's not a slut, she just likes dick!"

    A slut is a slut. But that doesn't mean they deserve to be hated. Though telling them, "Nah, its cool, as long as you're open and honest about it," will have virtually the same exact effect as saying, "BURN ALL THE SLUTS!" Save for getting sneakier about it. It'll all be out in the open. But they'll continue to get sluttier, they'll just rest easy knowing they can bang as many dudes as they want and some faggot little beta will wife them up regardless.

    I love sluts, but I'm not going to delude myself into thinking a woman that has lots of sexual partners is anything close to dating material, let alone more than that.

    1. I never said to date the sluts, I just said not to shame them for being honest. Think about it - when the world is less inclined to attack her for wanting the cock, the less inclined she'll feel to enter hollow relationships to hide her slutty instinct. Thus, cheating loses its appeal, and as a result, the sluts will stay single and the quality girls will seek relationships with quality guys.

      When sluttiness loses its power, we'll probably start seeing more quality women and less vapid, mindless whorebots.

  4. It's ok to be a phaggot! Just stop trying to make other does phaggots.

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