Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cultural Cancer (Part 1)

A short time ago, we talked about "Cultural Skid-marks." Today, we're going to be talking about something far worse..."Cultural Cancer." 

While Cultural Skid-marks are, in their own right, a form of social conditioning to dumb down and distract the masses, it's entirely up to the masses what they wish to subject themselves to. Having shit taste doesn't necessarily render one incompetent - a brain surgeon or nuclear physicist aren't going to devolve into busboys at Chilis because they watched an entire season of the Big Bang Theory in one sitting. Sure, their time may have been better spent watching a season of Futurama or Venture Bros, but if they enjoy over-bearing laugh tracks and generic sitcom plot-lines, that's their prerogative. Who am I to fault someone for their personal taste? Just because someone listens to Lil Wayne, it doesn't mean they're retarded. It's a red flag for sure, but you know what they say? Different faps for different chaps.

Cultural Cancer, on the other hand, is literally rotting society out from the inside, and we really need to take it more seriously.

 I'd rather endure 10,000 more Gangnam Styles or 15 more Justin Beibers than have one more scumbag immortalized with constant news footage. "Sweet Funky Freedom, are you off your meds?! What the fuck are you talking about, who are these 'scumbags' immortalized with constant news footage?" I'm not off my meds, I have plenty of weed left, but thanks for asking. There's a particular brand of scumbag I'm talking about here. Sure, Kanye West is a mentally handicapped piece of shit, and Kim Kardashian is arguably just as big of a scumbag - despite having millions of dollars, the cunt actually stages fake weddings to collect wedding gifts. But as scummy as these people are...they are easy to ignore. It's depressing how popular they are, to actually have fans, but again, who really gives a fuck if Rhianna gets a #1 hit instead of someone awesome like Tenacious D? Anyone with even a remote level of intelligence doesn't take people like Jay-Z or Carly Rae Jepsen seriously. But cultural cancer on the other hand has far more dire consequences than mere cultural skid-marks...

What rustles my jimmies the most are the non-celebrities the mainstream media seems to elevate to celebrity status. This sort of news coverage falls under the "false flag" category nowadays. That's pretty pathetic, if you really think of it - a non-event like Casey Anthony can be utilized to rile up the masses. Back in the day false-flags were designed to start entire wars, or flying planes into buildings. Now all false-flags require is a mother killing her child. That's how much stupider people have gotten - the hypnotizing process that used to take 3,000+ lives to accomplish now only requires one death. People are getting stupider and more naive.

Instead of these criminal investigations getting treated by the court of law professionally, affording the families (and all parties personally involved) the privacy they deserve, they literally use these event to entertain the fucking public. Don't believe me? Search "Casey Anthony" on Google and see when the most recent stories are on her are dated. I guarantee that stupid bitch has had a dozen fucking articles in the last month.
I'll even check for you.

Did we really need over 15 articles about Casey Anthony in November 2012? It's been over 4 years. Why are we still focusing energy on this cunt? Money needs to be spent to continually give her coverage - how much money is getting invested into Casey Anthony news? How many hours of journalistic manpower are wasted keeping Casey Anthony in the spotlight? Even if its only her right foot? How much time, money, and energy is spent on her? Why have the details of her case flooded mainstream media so much? Whether the cunt is guilty or not, why was there ever a media circus surrounding her? It was ONE MURDER. ONE MURDER, and the entire nation is gossiping in hushed whispers like a fucking gaggle of high school girls.

Even in the circumstances of massacres, there is no reason to dwell on the incident and get constant updates.

Why are we gossiping about past relationships of accused shooters? What the fuck?

The coverage on Casey Anthony, James Holmes, Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman...that's the cultural cancer that annoys me the most. I can't express how disappointed I am when the public eats this shit up, discussing the events at work like brainwashed cultists, actually dedicating time out of their lives to give this stuff the attention it doesn't warrant or deserve.

Hell, some times I think these events are completely staged. Maybe Casey Anthony never even had a daughter, and Caylee Anthony is a work of fiction. Maybe government agents shot up that theater and James Holmes is an actor, hired to portray a real-life Joker to mindfuck the masses. Maybe the whole shooting was just a giant Illuminati ritualistic sacrifice to whip up a media-frenzy. I'm not saying that is the truth, but isn't it kind of ironic Heath Ledger died right before "The Dark Knight," ensuring its success? Jack Nicholson warning him, "Yo nigga, they're gonna sacrifice you if you play the Joker in that propaganda film. Seriously; be careful, dawg."

The entire media is so batshit crazy, that mainstream journalism has basically devolved into 'reality TV,' and it's just as scripted, feels just as fake as those crappy TV shows are.

I can't see how this doesn't bother people. It's disgusting the way our media sensationalizes private affairs or small-time crimes. The way they work the masses up into a frenzy over these trivial non-events. The masses are eating right out of these tabloid gossip journalists hands, they love reading about this shit that has literally zero impact on their lives, they love feeling better about themselves when they read about other peoples sorrows, miseries and mistakes. They're vapid, mindless drones, the working-class slaves of a modern day Rome during its fall from grace. It's disappointing, it's frustrating, it's enraging, it's...kinda scary.

Think about it. Most people would likely be far more offended while reading this article than they will ever be by the amount of coverage dedicated to bullshit like Casey Anthony or George Zimmerman. They'd rather bitch at me for pointing out how hollow modern journalism is than listen to what I'm actually trying to say. That's how indoctrinated so many people are - they'd miss the entire point of this article, call me heartless, then in the next breath call their work buddies and gossip about the circumstances of an inconsequential murder that took place 4 years ago.

And I know there's something very wrong with that picture.


  1. You are absolutely 100% right! I agree with you but the whole Casey Anthony not having a daughter was a lil bit overboard I must say because I for one knew her and her daughter and she was very well alive.

    1. Definitely a bit over-the-top, I don't actually believe the entire thing was staged. (The Batman shootings, on the other hand? There's a possibility that THAT was at least partly staged.) I'm just saying the media circus following these rather inconsequential and private affairs makes it all seem so....surreal. That's why I pointed at there's over 15 new Casey Anthony articles in November ALONE. That seems a bit absurd. The bitch is a friggin' celebrity. I wonder if people were scratching their heads raw, the same way about Charles Manson, that I am now with Casey Anthony.

  2. I agree with everything you said except for the Trayvon Martin story. Seemingly 70% of attention from mainstream media practically died within in within 3, 4 weeks. When Casey Anthony's story happened, they covered that YEARS after the murder happened. Heck, looking at your article, some still are now! The only thing anyone can say about the whole Trayvon Martin murder nowadays is that Zimmerman is filing a "lawlsuit" over NBC's supposed defamation, but that barely got attention from the mainstream or indie media, or people in general. And from what I can gather (unfortunately), is that nobody cares (for long) if a non-white person is killed, but if a white person, especially a child, is killed then suddenly EVERYONE has to care and hear about the story...even if the murder in question occurred months ago.

    Hopefully my words don't sound to harsh to anyone, BUT I can't deny anymore on how the mainstream, and even indie, media brings much more notice to a murder of a white victim then they do a non-white victim.

  3. Also, I don't quite get what you are trying to say about the awareness ribbons. Are trying to say that instead of people wearing them because they truly and deeply want to bring awareness to whatever plight, it's basically for show and a lame fashion statement? Or are you trying to say that the ribbons carry a deeper and much more negative meaning and is basically being used as some sort of subliminal messaging tool?

    1. While I do often have points of actual merit on the blog, if you read most of the material it definitely leans way more towards comedy, satire, and parody than it does as actual social commentary. But there are nuggets of truth in my maniacal rantings.

      The whole Trayvon / Zimmerman bullshit felt like the media trying to incite a race-war - the press was drawing up more racial barriers to keep the masses divided and at each others throats.

      I tend to leave the actual journalism to sites like Vigilant Citizen, and focus more on comedy.

    2. The Cancer Ribbon graph is just pointing out the many, many forms of social conditioning the 'powers that be' inflict on the masses. I thought it was just a clever way of pointing out the flaws in society, while maintaining the whole "Cultural Cancer" theme I was ranting about. The irony of the chart is, most people ARE NOT aware of the aspects of society I am pointing out, so they would actually be "Unawareness Ribbons" if anything. It's supposed to make you laugh - sure, you'll cringe, but it's still kind of funny despite the insensitivity of the idea.

  4. switchfoot pretty much sums up your rants in their song "selling the news"

    1. The lyrics are pretty spot-on. Lot of bands speaking the truth nowadays. Look up "Martial Law" by Paris, or old school Agent Steel.


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