Saturday, December 15, 2012

A List of Things I Would Do To Or With Emilia Clarke

Seems like the internet has the same creepy obsession with Emilia Clarke as I do. Every hot-blooded male that watches Game of Thrones shares this obsession - Emilia Clarke is fucking HOT. My celebrity fap regiment progressed from Jessica Alba in my younger days, to Olivia Munn in my "college" years, and now that process is dominated by Emilia Clarke. In the spirit of giving my users what they the spirit of giving the general internet public what they want, as according to Cracked (the success of which being a strong indication of our generations complete lack of an attention span) is a list of things I would do to or with Emilia Clarke. With the exception of the obvious, like having sex with her, marrying her, impregnating her without pushing her down a flight of stairs a week later, putting it in her butt, etc. We'd all do those things to her, so this list will be more dedicated to the over-the-top things I'd do for a chance to get a three second whiff of her moistened panties.

1. Snort lines of cocaine off her tits and ass. Hell, I'd snort lines of Pixie Stix of dat ass.
2. Sit through the entirety of the Notebook, maybe even multiple times in a row. Hell, I've even watch the entire Twilight saga with her.
3. Tongue her asshole daily.
3B. Let her tongue my asshole. Not something I'm into, but what kind of gentleman would I be if I denied this beautiful young lady access to my anu(bi)s if that was her thing?
4. Swim backwards through piranhi infested water with 50 lb weights tied to each of my limbs while blindfolded, drunk, and on Oxycontins while a boat full of hecklers rides alongside of me, tossing thumbtacks and vials of battery acid on me and shooting me with nail guns, just to get a chance to drink a glass of her week old bath water.
4B. Swim BACK across whatever piranhi infested body of water I described in 4.

5. A number of things I'm too ashamed of writing on this blog.

6. Rape.

Let's be serious for a minute here. Emilia Clarke is a gorgeous heavenly blessed beauty. Something about her just bring out the unparalleled HNNNG. Maybe it's when she's half naked, covered in dirt and grime and looking so innocent and helpless? I can't tell. Something about her elevates her above the normal level of hot, particularly in Game of Thrones episodes. 

And apparently, hundreds of people visiting this blog from Google agree. I covered this phenomena in two earlier posts, 
Game of Thrones (Kid-Friendly Article)
My Viewers are Perverts

So in a shameless attempt at pulling in even more viewers, without having to actually produce more content, I will now type out every single phrase found in my recent "Search Keywords" blogspot statistics.

 game of thrones nudity
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This bitch is so hot, people can't even type correctly when they're searching for her nude photos. "emilia clarke game of thrones nuda," "emilia clarke nu" Relax, neckbeard, you'll find the pictures you're looking for, don't worry. She's only naked every other scene in Game of Thrones...fortunately for us perverted viewers. Hell, she even had that epic lesbian scene.

Can't leave out these other perverted or just downright strange search terms, now can we?
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 nailed to the cross
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interspecies rape hentai
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