Friday, November 16, 2012

Twilight Ends w/ A Fake Battle, Peace, & Viewers Infected w/ Hepatitis

Twilight ends with a fake battle sequence, peace between all, and a montage of actors who ruined their careers starring in these films.

Oh yea, and it also ends with entire audiences infected
with various forms of Hepatitis.

I was trying to find a spoiler for the ending from Google, but it was harder to find exact spoilers of this shit than I thought. You have to sift through crappy reviews to get to them. So hopefully I'm doing a favor for other people looking forward to spoiling the ending to this crappy series as much I as am.

Thanks for all the hits, people enraged because the ending of Twilight has been spoiled for them by this blog!

And special thanks to Maddox, for the idea of spoiling a movie with the title of an article.

Please leave all death threats or hate mail below \/

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