Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's Thanksgiving - Occult Symbolism Revealed! (ARK Part 2)

You're back? Good! You've took your time recovering from the initial discovery of the ARK conspiracy, but our time is still widening short, and we have work to do. As of writing this, it is Wednesday, November 21st, 2012, and I must get this article out before everyone celebrates Thanksgiving. It is crucial to winning the war against the Greshtiffoorapeulessian that as many read these dire warning as possible, as soon as possible. It's a race against time to unearth these damning conspiracies before more false flag dirt is thrown over the conspiracy grave we'll be digging up today. Speaking of digging - here, take this shovel! Let it serve you as your guide, your weapon, your therapist, and your digging utensil! Use it wisely and frequently.


But again, we must hurry....I can hear the helicopters circling above my house even now as I type this, presenting you with your honorary shovel. That's the 4th time they've been over my house today. Oh wait, nope, false alarm..just a Poland Springs truck delivering its fluoride-rich water to the community. Carry on.

Look at that shit. They're force-feeding fluoride consumption to children in the marketing of drinking water. They even have a cheerful little mascot to entice the children into docility and servitude. How about a little honesty with your advertising, Poland Springs? What the fuck is that shit? Where did Poland Springs open it's business, Auschwitz?

Does no one else find it fucked up the word "fluoride" is advertised in huge bold letters directly under "CHILD SAFE CAP?" What is this, kid poison?

Have the Greshtiffoorapeulessians no hearts? Actually, yes...they do have hearts - they have 8. And suffice to say, each heart is ice-cold, hearts that are scorched black in color from the vile toxin they pumps through the Greshtiffoorapeulessians veins.

Of course, fluoride is just another carefully woven thread in this tapestry of a conspiracy I am exposing. See, if people weren't drugged by their tap water into a calm, collected, docile, indoctrinated state, they might start freaking out.

Notice the white guy who can't riot right? Everyone knows white people don't have riot rhythm.

I imagine NOW you must be thinking, "Well Sweet Funky Freedom, people obviously ARE freaking out. How else would you have those pictures to edit in a humorous fashion?" If anything, the pictures validates my point, as opposed to nullifying it. Here's the unedited picture, without my shameless self-promotion covering the top part of the picture.

See? These people were rioting at a Foot Locker. So it's highly likely they were just trying to get themselves some fresh new kicks, as opposed to lashing out because the shoes in the store are made by 4 year old Tibetan children in a musty little sweat shop that reeks of death. Think about it - these jackasses are so indoctrinated, so hopped up on fluoride and MTV they're actually getting violent for sneakers. Again, I repeat....these people are so materialistic they are rioting for shoes.

Or how about that 'iconic' picture of that dude finger-banging that chick who fell in the street during some Canadian riot a year or so ago?

That was a riot after the Stanley cup. Sure, I realize Canadians have a lot less to riot about then probably every other country in the world. And granted, hockey is arguably the coolest sport. (Would be undisputed #1 if you could stab people with your ice skates and have battles with the hockey sticks) But if you're gonna riot, do it for the right fucking reasons. Riot because the cost of living goes up and the minimum wage constantly stays at a laughable $7.50 an hour. Riot because profits take precedence over the welfare of human lives. Riot because they want to dope your children with benzos and force feed them vaccinations every two weeks for the common cold. Riot because a wealthy elite are intentionally dumbing us all down through the media so we break our backs in servitude, barely scraping by while they live in a seat of luxury attained by screwing everyone else.

  But don't riot over sports. What a petty reason to riot.

The only riots that should occur over sports, is because people are pissed how much money is pumped into such a worthless facet of society. Yea, $20 million a year for one NBA player to throw a basketball at a net. Great investment, guys! Surely we should be funding basketball players as opposed to, oh I don't know, curing cancer or something?

Now I'm not gonna pretend I understand economics in the slightest. But I'm also not gonna deny the fact that I remain incredibly skeptical this country is in any kind of debt when there's dozens, likely even hundreds of athletes with multi-million dollar contracts. Athletes making have fun. If we have that much money to throw around on sports, it just seems unnecessary to have the "average folk" bust their ass for chump change, barely able to earn enough to eat or keep their house lit up. Somewhere along the line things seem to have gotten a bit fucked up there, if you ask me. But again, I don't understand economics, so what the fuck do I know?

That's why we have fluoride. It aids in the dumbing down process. It chokes out irritability and rebellion, acting as somewhat of a Trojan horse for the propaganda and conditioning of mainstream media to hide in, as they invade your mind, pillage your intellect, loot your standards and rape your common sense.

Basically, fluoride is the very reason Greshtiffoorapeuless sleeper agents have been able to invade pop culture so successfully, completely undetected, unsuspected, or unmolested. In my last installment in the "Exposing ARK" series, I revealed agent Rebecca Black. And now it's time to move on to the latest sleeper Mr. Nicole Westbrook.

Mr. Nicolai Westbrook first met Patrice Wilson in his 1998 stint in Vietnam. At the time, ARK Music Factory was a mere twinkle in Patrices eye, but that eye could spot anti-talent a mile away. This rang true when a young ladyboy caught that very anit-talent seeking browneye. After the two had prompt $20 sex in a public restroom, Patrice whispered sweet nothings into Mr. Westbrooks ear, telling the ladyboy about his desire to start a music company that would lower the standards of people worldwide. This music company would release music so terrible people would be distracted by its shittiness, rendering them oblivious to the occult messages it was efficiently embedding into their brains and etching into their subconscious. Westbrook offered his support, sticking his tongue seductively in Patrice's ear, leading him to earning another $20.
Flash-forward 14 years. Nicolai Westbrook has people convinced she's a 15 year old girl. Patrice Wilson has formed his company, gained monumental publicity with his first hit, "Friday," as performed by sleeper agent Rebecca Black. The world is holding it's collective breath, a month away from the ominous December 21st, 2012. Only one day away until 10,000,000+ people indoctrinated by Nicolais terrible video, "It's Thanksgiving" will lash out and fulfill the subconscious tasks implanted into their brain when they listened to that demonic music. And the only thing standing in the way of this Thanksgiving day massacre is me and my blog.
As I told you in my last article, before we proceed any further, you must take preemptive cautionary measures against the audio horrors that lay ahead. I present you, again, with musical protection to shield your mind from audio STDs.

All right, you nice and shielded? Have your towels and shovels ready? Okk, let's dive in!


As you may or may not remember, the Greshtiffoorapeulessians order the Illuminati music video directors to immediately blast the listeners anus with propaganda and occult symbolism.
Notice all the Freemason symbols? Always wondered what the "G" in the Freemason logo stood for?'s Greshtiffoorapeulessian - and now you know.  Also, notice how Thanksgiving on the calender falls on November 28th, as opposed to November 22nd? That's because the evil elite celebrate Thanksgiving exactly 6 days after we do. And while we celebrate by gorging on excessive amounts of dry, really bland food and monotonous television programming (watching parades and sports on your TV? Really? What a waste of time) - the elite celebrate with festive orgies filled with animals and children. That's right, they practice pedophilia and beastiality simultaneously. These are some really fucked up individuals. But after listening to "It's Thanksgiving," is that really a surprise?
Then the foreign tongue hits.

"Oh-oo-oh-woooow-oh! Yea-ee-yea, uh!
All right! Yeyuh!

Oh uh oh! Oh uh oh!
Oh uh oh! Oh yea-uh-uh-yiy!
Oh uh oh! Oh uh oh!
All right! C'mon!"
This incantation leaves you feeling immediately violated and vulnerable. Exposed to the audio elements; indoctrinated by the corny preset-synthesizers and beat that took all of 15 minutes to create. As the video continues, even more subliminal imagery is thrown at you.

This imagery is used to hypnotize young girls into being sluts. As you can probably tell when in public, this conditioning is manifesting at overwhelmingly disturbing rates. There's a time and place for sluttiness - and that's college. Any earlier and the girls will spoil early and have loose pussies in the prime of their life. This has an additional effect on the males of our species - we are being indoctrinated to smash younger and younger hoes. "Well, she might only have her learners permit, but at least her vaginas still as tight as a fleshy vice grip and smells of a crisp morning dew on a cool Fall morning."
As we listen listen further, the first discernible lyrics hit.

I'm wide awake
And I should take
A step and say
Thank you, thank you!
It's likely you are now on the verge of suicidal tears, tempted to find the nearest object with a sharp point and jab it into your ear drums until they stop making sound. Please, fight this urge and move forward. Confide in your shovel, if you must; that's why I gave it to you. I know you can make it! 

For the things you've done
And what you did
Oh yea, oh yea
What kind of person says the same thing in a song twice in a row? Even mainstream rappers have the common decency to variate their subject matter between bitches, hoes, money, the car they drive, stating how awesome they are, just saying their name, or mentioning shooting people. This little cunt really just said "The things you've done" followed by "And what you did." Not only that, but she had the audacity to immediately follow THAT with "Oh yea, oh yea" like repeating unnecessary filler lines in lyrics is going out of fucking fashion or something.
Next up is the chorus. Lyrically, melodically, and rhythmically, this hook is one of the worst ever conceived in music. It's as if the Baha Men, Milli Vanilli (post-suicide), Yogi Ogi Dogi and Boys II Men gang-raped Ashley Simpson and this is their twisted baby.
December was Christmas 

 January was New Years

April was Easter

And the Fourth of July

but now its Thanksgiving

It's crazy. Every year we celebrate the genocide of those gosh darn Buffalo Jockeys and Featherheads....and as offensive and morally reprehensible as it is for the entire country to celebrate the genocide of the Native Americans we stole this land from....the creation of this three minute and thirty eight second song is almost 10 times as vile and offensive. It's like musical genocide.

The only plus in the whole fucking video is this little bitch is in the kitchen were she belongs. But, oh wait, that's right, she's a tranny, like I mentioned earlier. So now there's yet another layer of propaganda; they're trying to replace all the 16 year old girls with trannies. ARK is skipping right over the sterilization process (the fluoride was taking too long) and aiming right for humanities jugular; heterosexual coitus. Yes, ARK is so diabolical they are attacking the very act that ensures the continued existence of our species. They're trying to abolish vagina and get everyone to have sex with inside out weiners. These are sick people we're dealing with, and it shows in their music.

This shit is so bad, they even have the little ladyboy singing with a turkey leg as a makeshift microphone. Hopefully she tries to deep throat the thing next and chokes before she can make anymore of this evil, evil music.

I mean, you wouldn't think it's physically possible to create a song worse than Rebecca Blacks "Friday." But clearly you've underestimated the anti-genius of Patrice Wilson. This guy is the king of regressing. This creepy pedophile asshole is determined to outdo the shittiness of his last effort with every song he produces and awkwardly shoehorns himself into. Rebecca Black's "Friday" sounds like Tangerine Dream compared to Nicole Westbrook's "It's Thanksgiving."
That's how you can tell Patrice is 100% serious about ARK.  He puts himself in every song. Any logical, sane person would stay as far away from this shit as possible. They'd be in another fucking country when they were filming the video as an alibi. They'd have a pen name, with a fully developed back-story and birth records as a scapegoat to ensure they were never connected to the music video. They'd exploit the talentless little kids, cash the check from their rich parents, and be out. Not throw up their name on a billboard taking full credit for the music genocide. 

But Patrice...Patrice is the opposite. At the risk of looking creepy constantly hanging out with 15 year old girls (and ladyboys).....and at the risk of looking pathetic that, as a musician, his presence is reduced to guest-starring on tracks of exploited talentless girls funded by their rich parents....he still defiantly shows up in every music video, as if to say "I'm BACK, bitches!"

With the turkey (ey!)
And mashed potatoes (ey!)
We we we are gonna have a good time
We need the turkey (ey!)
And mashed potatoes (ey!)
It’s Thanksgiving
It’s Thanksgiving

You can't act surprised this is the lyrical content of the track. This stuff was designed to turn your brain into stuffing. In fact, "It's Thanksgiving" is an occult ritual, performed to hypnotize anyone who watches the entire video to overeat at Thanksgiving. I don't mean just overeat and get the kind of diarrhea where you get the really sharp stomach pains.........I mean the song actually implants a subconscious message to the viewer to EAT UNTIL THEY DIE this Thanksgiving. 6 days later, on the 28th, the Greshtiffoorapeluessians will celebrate the death of approximately....

....10,300,488 people. These twisted mother fuckers will celebrate the death of all these people with mashed potatioes (ey!) and turkey (ey!).

It's disgusting, really.

So in order to stop this nationwide conspiracy of Thanksgiving Kamikaze, I implore you to indulge in non-traditional foods tomorrow. Instead of turkey, stuffing, corn on the cob, and mashed potatos, you need to eat steak, bacon, General Tsos Puppies and lobster. And remember to wash it all down with some bourbon. 

It's the only way to survive the holiday if you've been subjected to this terrible music video.

Don't let this asshole....

....get the last laugh.

Holy shit, Patrice Wilson is such a douchebag he unintentionally reenacts the worst moments of the in
ternet in his music videos.

In light of this new information, you must be leaving. We haven't the time to reminisce on musical genocide - I must research Patrice and his diabolical schemes with ARK further. The future of the planet may very well depend on it! Off with you, now!

Hey, hold up, guy.....d
on't forget your shovel. I gave it to you for a reason - don't get careless now! ARK will be watching you more closely since you've met with me.
I fully expect to get a Nobel Peace Prize when all of this is over. I'll be sure to have this music played as it's being presented to me.


  1. patrice wilson is a nigger pedo.

    1. Accurate assessment, Michael Richards. I am honored to have you commenting on this blog, huge Seinfeld fan here, even if Curb Your Enthusiasm is better.

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