Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Catch 4:22 (Issue #2)

I've beat my personal record of numbers of article written in a month. This is number 18 of November. I started in April, reaching 17 as a beginner with tons of fresh ideas. Granted, for this month, I kind of dragged out "It's a Twapfield" in 4 installments. But given the diversity of material, and given the lengthier nature of certain articles......all things considered, November has been a success. Here's some bullet-points.

- Redesigned the entire site, including a fresh new banner depicting a Mushroom Kingdom zombie apocalypse.
- Rebooted my comic series "It's A Twapfield"
- Started a new series, which you read above, "Catch 4:22"
- Exposed Ark Music Factory sleeper agents "Nicole Westbrook" and "Rebecca Black" in two separate articles, the latter of which received over 800 hits in about five hours time, successfully reaching 10,000 gathered hits in the process.

- Exposed World War Z for the pile of turd it is, inspiring the idiots who are making the film to go back in for re-shoots. Seriously, my review of World War Z was released on November 14th. That article about re-shoots was released THE NEXT DAY, November 15th. Coincidence? I think not.
- I forced Lil Wayne into retirement. 
- Hunted some trolls and new-agers.
- Made two videos:
 - Spoiled the ending to Twilight.  
- Took a shirtless Facebook picture.
- Exposed the CIA sex scandals as the false flags they really are.

- Explained through the power of Youtube what it feels like to be white.
-Inception spammed Jenna Marbles.

Triple play!

All in all, it was a successful month for Sweet Funky Freedom. I plan to keep this momentum going into the future; exposing more Ark Conspiracies, releasing new installments in "It's a Twapfield" and "Catch 4:22," and hopefully making more hilarious videos for all of you to enjoy. But remember, November isn't over for three more days, bitches, and since I've already beat my personal best for number of articles in a month....I'm going to take it a step further and release even more killer content before December rolls around. This is MOvember - mo' material for mo' viewers.

See, we may never get another full month of Sweet Funky Freedom. The dreaded December 21st 2012 is less than 30 days away, friends. Our days may very well be numbered.  

Everything we fought for in the Alamo will either be remembered or forgotten forever on that day.

 So tonight....we dine at the restaurant at the end of the universe. Tonight we feast like kings. Tonight is right for love. Tonight we fly, we feel alive. Tonight, we do the same thing we try to do every night...try and take over the world. Tonight is party time, it's party time tonight. Tonight we lose control, and lie awake with stories. Tonight.........we ride. Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak. Tonight is ladies night.  Tonight is going to be a good night. Tonight is what it means to be young.

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