Friday, June 22, 2012

21 Images That Will Destroy Your Faith In Humanity

Feeling all nice and fuzzy after viewing the heart-warming pictures in the article, "21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity?" I know I did. Hell, I even teared up a little. That shit really tugs on the heart-strings. But as I dried my tears and logged in to my Yahoo e-mail account to shoot off some e-mails to my closest friends about how moved I was from this article, (all of my closest friends are Yahoo! cam-whore spam bots) all the lost faith those beautiful images had restored was again lost. So, I humbly present to you....

21 Images That Will Destroy Your Faith In Humanity

1. This image of that cunty "actress" from Twilight on a raging period. U mad, bro?

2. This image of Justin Beiber showcasing the effects of the feminisation of modern day society.

3. This news article that makes "Myspace angles" seem like child's play.

4. This article chronicling a gyms choice to ban skinny people to "boost morale" in a gym.

5. This image that not only verifies Yoko Ono is still alive, but also that she is as delusional as ever. Remember how this shrew used to shriek awkwardly into a microphone and classified herself as a 'singer'? Shrieking that effectively ruined any musical performance she joined in on? Well, now, she's calling piles of dirt "art" and calling herself an artist for doing a little bit of shoveling. Shoveling is manual labor, Yoko, not art. You are the exact opposite of everything John Lennon was.

6 and 7. These two images that show that garbage released about a month and a half ago....

...get's over 27 times more views than this classic heavy metal anthem, which was uploaded 5 years before the other video. 'Hall of the Mountain King' was released by one of metals most underrated bands, Savatage. "No Church in the Wild" was shit out by the two biggest douchebags in the rap game, Jay Z and Kanye West, a good 25 years later. The fuck, Youtube? Have you no class?

8. This image that proves movie studios have their heads up their asses.

9. This image that proves television studios have the Illuminatis cock up their asses. (Much like the aforementioned Jay-Z and Kanye West.)

10. This image that is 100% self-explanatory.

 11. This image that depicts several layers of faith-destroying idiocy. The article mentions people calling these shoes "racially insensitive." They must fail to recognize the fact every race has been enslaved at some point, and to immediately assume it is racist only to African Americans is racist in itself. People offended by this shoe design are completely missing the fact it is a slap in the face to all races. Hell, it makes fun of the very people purchasing it: the vapid slaves of materialism and consumerism who'd waste money on this shit. Who the fuck designed this shoe, anyway, David Rockefeller?

12 and 13. This image depicting the price of a pair of 1995 Air Jordans....
....and this image showing a wide variety of later Air Jordans with an average price of $289.

14 and 15. This image showing what is currently trending on Yahoo......

 ....and this update to trending topics 10 minutes later. With topics such as "Early onset puberty," "Retirement planning," "multiple sclerosis," and "Asian immigration," it would appear the world had actually gotten smarter in a 10 minute period of time. A bit creepy with the puberty business, but much better than "Jennifer Lopez hair" and a list of celebrities. Unfortunately, the number 5 term, "Drinking during pregnancy," completely sunk the entire countdown.

 16. This image of Yahoo glorifying an unhealthy addiction to masturbating and unhealthy obsession to pornography.

  17. This image showcasing some STRONG logic.

18. This image of a poster for the new Resident Evil movie. That's cute, Paul W.S. Anderson, you cast your wife in all 17 of your shitty hack-job Resident Evil films. How adorable. It's also cute how she hogs the screen time in EVERY Resident Evil movie. I mean jee willickers, that scene from the first movie, where she wakes up and tries to recollect her bearings, mouth agape, her half naked boyish looking figure exposed - that scene is so powerful and well executed. It made complete sense reusing it in every Resident Evil since then. And it's also cute how she is given ridiculous super powers that completely remove any possible tension or suspense from what are supposed to be horror movies. Please, Paul W.S. Anderson, make 15 more Resident Alice movies, they are the pinnacle of film-making. It takes a truly talented film-maker to essentially lift Milla Jovovich's character from the Fifth Element, shoe-horn her into a wildly successful film loosely based on a ridiculously popular video game series, and flip off George A Romero all at the same time. Bravo, sir, well done.

19. This image depicting an altercation I had with a fake profile. The fake profile was made to troll local hip hop artists and rappers from my area. This coward actually blocked me after I started to troll him back and successfully exposed his tranny lust. Listen, bro, if you lack the guts to troll from your own Facebook profile, and don't wanna risk your reputation so you make a fake profile, HAVE FUN with it. When I troll people in between futile online job searches - usually on the daily from my parents basement - it is on my actual Facebook profile. So feel free to add this Caeser Walden toolbag. #RealRapeRealTalk

20. This moving image showing off the new, upcoming Nintendo console, the WII-U. What happened to you Nintendo? You used to be cool. Remember the SNES and N64 days? But ever since Gamecube (and all 15 of its games) it's been downhill. Stop focusing on the controller, and make some good games for a change, god dammit.

21. This image from a banned episode of South Park depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammed. Not cool dudes, not cool. It is completely out of line to broadcast an image of Mohammed to the world, be it on television or the internet.


  1. nobody gives a shit about your stupid deity, you don't get to tell people what they can do because your stupid religion bans free speech. Get over it and move on, or grow a brain and realize there is no god watching over us. But that is probably asking too much.

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