Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ron Paul

Politics are a bunch of bullshit. Nearly every election is a collection of dishonest talking heads attempting to pander to the biggest demographic. These idiots discuss pointless non-issues like abortion and gay marriage to avoid having to discuss actual issues like the futility of war, the Federal Reserve, the legalization of hemp, or the staged financial crisis. Why try to make a positive change in the political infrastructure of our country when all you need to do is win over the biggest percentage of the shitty, clueless population so you can fake-run this shitty country?

Enter Ron Paul.

I don't know about you, but when I see a politician constantly trolled by the media in their attempt to psychologically handicap the viewers into supporting other candidates, I get the impression he might be a bit harder to bribe by the powers that be...ya know, the powers that bought all the other candidates. This would also be the same powers that be that bought and paid the media shills to not only troll Ron Paul on air, but to alter poll results in an attempt to get their sheep viewers to vote for anyone else.

Look up any interview he's done on TV.

Look at that bitches face. She looks like she just ate a bowl of Cheerios and dog shit. That smarmy, cunty, condescending tone she uses is annoying to no end. Ron Paul has the patience of a slug to not verbally rape these idiots on live TV, considering the amount of disrespect these spineless hack journalists show him.

"I the goal to get you a prime-time speaking role at the Republican convention? Is that why they're working so hard?"

Well yes, you vapid festering cunt. That's exactly what his supporters are doing. Just trying to get him a prime-time speaking role, nothing more. They couldn't possibly want Ron Paul to, I don't know, get elected as president or something far-fetched like that! He's not running to win! They just want him to speak, that's what they're working so hard for. Because according to shills and hack journalists such as yourself, the entirety of mainstream media really, he has no chance.

Bullshit. The only thing Ron Paul has no chance of is getting fair treatment in a media he refuses to bow down to. Whether you agree with him on every issue or not, he is quite obviously the one candidate that seems interested in revitalizing the merits of the constitution, the one candidate that speaks eloquently, from the heart (and not the wallet), and with honesty.

We couldn't possibly vote someone into office with actual convictions, right? We prefer being lied to and treated like children by our government! Right CNN? And Fox? And MSNBC? And (insert other shitty news outlet here)?

"Did you see a point..." (condescendingly cunty hand gesture) "...maybe that you'd ever consider endorsing Mitt Romney?"

That's a perfectly acceptable question to ask a presidential candidate! Let's not get his stance on issues, we'll just ask him about other candidates, even flat out ask the guy to give up and drop out. That way, our shitty, programmable viewers will be conditioned to believe he has no chance of winning! No one bases their opinions on intellect and insight these days, instead they want to be spoon-fed the easiest and most popular choice.

Just the fact that Ron Paul gets trolled so hard by the media gives me the impression he's the right person for the job. Although he'll probably just get JFK'ed for trying to actually make a difference if he is elected. Wouldn't want someone fucking up the Dark Cabals bank account, now would we? Or giving people back their freedom...

 If only we could get THIS guy voted into office. You're ahead of your time, Vermin Supreme. You're just too far damn ahead of your time.

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