Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tanning Mom? Give Me A Break

If there's any other indication necessary beyond stories like this to convince you that the mainstream media is nothing more than entertainment and're fucking clueless. This is the god damn proof of the needle in the pudding haystack that we're either on a fast track to an Idiocracy, or have been there already for years. I'm leaning towards the latter.

There is no shortage of stupidity in today's world. It is quite fashionable to the masses to remain as intellectually mediocre and sub-par as possible, and it's been that way for many, many years. "Just shut up, go to school, keep your mouth shut, work, and die." Right, sounds like a great fucking life full of rich stories and interesting settings...

Really? Are you fucking kidding me?

"Bahaha, she's suffering from....'Tanorexia!' Bahahaha!" "Guess you could say, she's.......tanorexic? Hahahaha!" FUCKING IDIOTS. I bet the shithead who coined 'tanorexia' thinks he's so clever. Sitting in his shitty office with a big shitty smirk on his shitty face. "Tanorexia...oh, me! Hahahaha! How witty and clever!" Whoever came up with that term should be cast into a Snuff-Film remake of Final Destination 3. 

I wanted to save them SO BAD. Or at least recover the bodies....

I think the entire thing is fake. It's a falsification, a hoax...this lady is a fraud! This whole story is just a sick, twisted joke, the events of which never even happened, just like someone finding Big Foot, or the Bay of Pigs, or the moon landings.....all fake.

I hope. I hope the 'tanned to a Thanksgiving turkey brown' mother story is fake. Because stories like this are so shockingly stupid to the senses, it is unhealthy to think of them as anything but fictionalized. It is detrimental to the state of ones sanity and well-being to even acknowledge the existence of these happenings, never mind accept their reality.

If one considered the possibility these aforementioned people and their happenings exist? And not only that, but similar happenings are occurring, perpetuated by similar people, RIGHT NOW, in a hundred thousand different shitty flavors and variations, some of them arguably even stupider and more degradable than this lady tanning herself to the complexion of a discarded leather couch covered in dog and bird feces at the local consider this alarming stupidity is not only a possibility, but an inevitability? One would have to face palm through their own skull, to give themselves enough brain damage necessary to accept this harsh reality. Unless the social conditioning they face every second hasn't already raped their mind to constant tears, that is.

Thank you, Google Images. Time and again you've proven to be a valuable ally. Your death shall be sexy and televised.

Maybe the apocalypse just NEEDS to happen. The balance has long been tipped in the favor of lunacy over rationality. Any semblance of sociological lucidity has long been dead, raped, and buried, arguably for decades. A vast chunk of the worlds population has devolved into idiotic zombies, mindlessly gouging and feasting on whatever dull-witted beguilement will keep them mindlessly distracted from the increasingly shittier state of the world.

"It can't possibly be that bad." You're right, it isn't that bad.

It's far worse.

It's to a point where people actually flaunt their ignorance and uselessness; they are very proud of how unintelligible and slow-witted they are. It's a competition of stupidity.

"Don't expect or try to make a difference, no no. Just shut the fuck one likes a whiner. Stay positive. Live with the flaws, embrace the flaws...don't try to point them out or remedy them...just leave it be. No one likes a complainer; they prefer the blissfully ignorant! You've never seen Curb Your Enthusiasm? See the blissfully ignorant, those types never make ya think...just how we like it."

It's like a sick, one legged race - that people cut their legs off to participate in. 

What, you think I was gonna really leave you hanging on that Final Destination 3 censorship? Hell no. Full scene, tits and all, bitches.


  1. Is that masturbatory rape, in that it is an involuntary action? Faping = undesirable fapping?

  2. There, I added a reason to fapp - titties. Until they start melting and popping. Unless you dig that, not gonna judge. I'm not the judgmental type.


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