Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It seems like our government and society is always zeroed in on the most trivial of  issues.....always trying to focus in on the smallest picture possible to hide the bigger one that reveals all the important and juicy shit. (The picture they painted, control, and will soon tear off the wall of the museum....the museum they built.)

All the constant issues are petty, inconsequential, and pointless to debate. How can anyone deny the fact MOST news and ALL political rhetoric are psyops and disinformation? Intentionally crafted issues and stories, designed to keep people dumb, docile, and divided? It's a constant attack on our intelligence. It's a way to keep us at each others throats instead of making sense of the system enslaving us. "The Game is rigged..."

How can anyone deny the fact that pop culture is on a steady and intentional decline? That todays most advertised TV, music, and movies demean and insult the human spirit, continually lowering everyones standards? Or that through subtle mass-hypnosis, the slow kill of intellect has been rampantly ravaging our society for decades, raping her of her creativity and freedom, all to maximize profits for a wealthy elite? Is this not obvious to anyone else?

Ignorance and stupidity is celebrated. Mediocrity is endorsed.

And then anyone who points this shit out is immediately attacked by all the sheep either too embarrassed or too blind to admit to themselves they have no standards. Anyone mocking the societal slavery system is called "crazy" and a conspiracy theorist, or a "liberal" or a "hippie" or some other bullshit term used by the sheep as a defensive mechanism to divert the debate to petty insults instead of a civil discussion.

Before YOU call ME crazy for suggesting politicians talk a bunch bullshit to keep people distracted from true issues, let's discuss....


Debates rage about abortion. Lets end that debate right now. I thought everyone is supposed to be worried sick about overpopulation? Hell, millions of people even believe there is a sinister depopulation agenda already in play. (I may or may not be one of them. ;) )

So why ban what is, at the worst, the most humane form of murder ever - killing an unborn entity? It's preemptive murder. It's like cracking open an egg for breakfast. Quit fooling yourself otherwise...

There's a soul in that unborn fetus, you say? Well then if you believe in the existence of the soul, you'll be doing that unborn baby a favor...maybe when its born 10 years down the line instead of next Tuesday, in a completely different human host, to a different parent, the world won't be as fucked up and uneducated as it is now. (Unless, of course, Idiocracy was as prophetical as it appears. Step aside, Nostradamus.)

How is this an issue at all? WHO CARES? Anyone who hates gays but wants to ban their right to get married is an idiot. What's that you say, you're sick and tired of seeing these butt fuckers flamboyantly preach about their sexuality and rights? THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP AND JUST LET THEM GET MARRIED. Maybe then, they'll also shut the fuck up, having no more need to be so vocal, and we can all bask in the glory of unvoiced hatred and petty intolerance. 

And moreover, unless you yourself are currently getting raped by a cock, or have a hot girlfriend you suspect might be getting her cock from cocks other than your own cock, the only cock you need to worry about is your own cock. Actually hating someone over their sexual preference is like hating someone over their love of lasagna, a food which you are not particularly fond of. Get over it. The more gays in the world, the less competition the rest of us will have in our quest for pussy.

Someone has a different color of skin tone? (Gasp), they have a different culture and upbringing, and came from a different part of the planet? I don't like 'em. Ya know what? LETS LYNCH THEM! I'll get the rope, you grab a torch and some pitch-forks! Lets round 'em up! Or better yet, we'll just bomb them. Wipe their entire sorry ass country off the face of the planet.

Racism is retarded in every way. It's like when people hate pitbulls. "Well, that breed of dog might ATTACK me!" Any breed of dog has the ability to attack you, asshole. And any race of human could shoot you, stab you in the back, fuck your girlfriend, or fire you from your job. Hate people on a personal basis for relevant reasons. Like, that asshole that shot you, that douchebag that stabbed you in the back, or that Brazilian that fucked your girlfriend.

The only thing I have against everything. But really, I think everyone takes religion a little too seriously. Instead of arguing about which deity is worthy of our undying praise and worship, why not instead focus on making the world the best place possible to please said deity?

Unless that deity wants you to kill other people to improve the planet.

I'm sure if there is a god, it would prefer us improving our planets situation than worshiping its position of power. For that matter, would a god even be self-aware? Or could existence itself and our ability to manipulate god?

I just prefer seeing religion in the light it was crafted - as a collection of stories and morals a person can read to get some insight on how to personally better themselves and live in harmony. You people thinking that every event depicted in the Bible actually happened, that there was a giant flood and they brought two of each kind of animal on board and we all came from Adam and Eve're missing the point.

When people get annoyed with other peoples negativity, and start to rant about being offended or how its not nice or how people need to stop being so negative, blah blah blah....shut the fuck up, pussy. Don't rant about someone elses discontent without observing the reasons why. Either debate them on the issues you have with their reasoning, laugh at the twisted humor, or attack them verbally to their face(book) / e-mail. Or better yet, simply ignore it, genius.

People always call anyone outspoken and bold an asshole. I get that vibe all the time. (Safe to assume anyone reading this blog is NOT surprised.) Well sure, of course us outspoken philosophical types are assholes...that is our job. We aren't smiling and nodding, blindly accepting what every douchebag in a position of authority wearing a badge or a tie is violently force-feeding us. Instead we're saying "Shut the fuck up. YOU'RE WRONG.......and here's why."

Maybe I actually enjoy ranting and expressing an opinion in a satirical fashion, shithead. Maybe this is written with the intention to make you laugh. Maybe it's supposed to make you think from a different, more cynical, completely over-the-top perspective to give you new insight.

I never attacked you personally, did I? now choose to attack me personally to voice your disapproval of my opinion? That's all fine and dandy, and by all means exercise your right to be offended and call me names. But I'm just saying, maybe you oughta ponder the possibility you're simply too stupid or chickenshit to have an actual debate.

The things I rant about are either very broad, impersonal subjects, or musicians that are far more successful and rich than I'll ever be. They have millions of dollars, they don't give a shit what I write on here. Neither should any of you. And if you do give a shit what I write, debate me like a nerd, you bitches. Back your opinions and mud-slinging up; clearly I take the time to express what my point entails, in excruciating detail. And my intent is to make people laugh, what is your intent? To make me feel guilty about these posts? Actually debate with me, jackass... I can verbally rape you.

I respect your intelligence enough to illustrate my point in the same when you insult me for having these outlandishly twisted thoughts.

"Slacktivist." "Liberal." "Hippie." Oh shut the fuck up, I put out 20 - 30 free songs a year that I compose, produce, and record all by myself. From a musicians perspective, that isn't slacking, you douchebag. Not to mention all the digital art I make to go along with those songs.

And now I'm even writing a comedy blog, too! (I'll post a link to it, sometime.) Let's see your creative output into the world. Oh, what's that, your creative output is whatever shitty, inbred opinion you put on your facebook? Or verbally berate peoples rants while simultaneously ignoring the free, quality content they post? (I'm looking at you, Facebook friends.)

Well good job shit head, you're thousands of times worse than the person you're attacking, because the point they were trying to make seemed to completely fly over your head while you were too busy being offended. And you also seemed to miss the bombastic, over-the-top joke, too, making you equal parts retard and asshole.

I'll stop being bitter (in my comedy writings) and start being optimistic (in my comedy writings) when society stops being so shitty, materialistic, and mediocre. (In my comedy writings)

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