Monday, April 30, 2012

Trolling Yahoo

There's no way these last for too long on Yahoo before they get censored. Which is why I took these photos via print screen.

 The white dude to the right of Jay-Z is all mortified with himself. He knows he's sitting next to one of the biggest douchebags in the Universe, yet is too chicken shit to voice his hatred. The black man to Jay-Z's left is all like, "Aww snap," like their favored team just scored a touchdown or goal or whatever. And the white lady in the background looks like a reptilian shape-shifter. Or like she is taking a massive dump in public, yet trying NOT to appear satisfied. Or like a reptilian shape-shifter who is taking a massive dump in public.

  Stupid. STUPID. INTENSELY STUPID. This hurts my brain equal amounts to the live footage of Whitney Houstons funeral and the reveal of SNIPERS ON THE ROOFTOPS. The fact they had snipers on the rooftops for a funeral of a pop musician (yet somehow managed to forget their guns and ammunition when people actually protested Dios funeral) just affirms my belief the world is turning into an increasingly shittier episode of the Twilight Zone.

They're DEAD. Which means we don't have to hear about them anymore. So shut the fuck up, and let them rest in peace at the levels of hell reserved for crack heads and pedophiles, and be done with it. 

UPDATE: I already write a blog, Barbara. And I already have wrote a movie script - about LSD that turns people into zombies at a hippie festival. It's a rock opera too epic to ever be filmed.

What a douchebag. Just look at that face. Those aviators. The hat too big for his head. The two front teeth showing ever-so-slightly. The general height of this behemoth as compared to Kim Kardashian makes him look like an even bigger douchebag.

See, I get the impression that Kim is much like Hulk Hogans daughter - she seems like she'd be a lot more handsome of a woman in person. They appear MANLY. And for this guy to look so tall in comparison...just who is this guy, exactly, Super Douche?

 Short. Simple. To the point.

Troll fishing has been taking a while, but we got our first bite.

Update (20 seconds later)
Really, Yahoo? Every time I post a scathing response to a clueless naysayer you censor me. They censored me immediately on two occasions with this one..

This one about the Crocodile Hunter had potential, but holy shit do people take too long to respond.

These people aren't even fun to troll. Fuck this shit, I'm going back to my cave and getting high. Gonna fish-bowl that shit.

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