Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stinky fish (and douchebags) limit potfest at university

BOULDER, Colo. (AP) — Stinky fish fertilizer and two dozen law-enforcement officers kept pot smokers away from a grassy quad at the University of Colorado on Friday, but a few hundred protesters defied the crackdown and rallied on another field, where some lit up at 4:20 p.m.

Well then. So glad to see that tax payers money in Colorado is going to such a noble and endearing effort; to pay for the brave and bold police staff to keep busy by taunting a bunch of potheads trying to gather at a University. Good going, dipshits! Starsky and Hutch would be proud.

Considering TWENTY FOUR of them were spending their day "keeping pot smokers away from a grassy quad," it is safe to assume that there is absolutely NO crime in Boulder, CO. So they must be doing a REALLY GOOD fucking job cleaning up the streets. 

They banned unauthorized visitors from campus, and spread smelly fertilizer on the Norlin Quad and declared it off-limits. They even booked Haitian-born hip-hop star Wyclef Jean for a free concert timed to coincide with the traditional 4:20 p.m. pot gathering.

Man, these people REALLY don't want anyone smoking pot, huh? They hired WYCLEF JEAN? They offered a mildly entertaining alternative, and SPENT EVEN MORE MONEY on this ridiculous attempt to quell activist demonstrations? And yet I'm sure, every other day of the year, such entertainment would be frowned upon. Entertainment for the sake of making their students happy would be a burden and waste of money. But entertainment utilized as a distraction to white-wash the celebration of a growing movement actually based on logic and reasoning? 

Administrators had argued they have the right to protect faculty, staff and students from disruption, and a judge said Thursday that the university could close its grounds to unauthorized visitors Friday.

I take it, by 'disruption,' they are referring to the right to protest? "Fuck your freedom of speech! We got WYCLEF JEAN. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!"

What about protecting faculty, staff, and students from bogus, arcane laws that are an impeachment on our rights? Oh wait, you're trying to distract us from discussing those issues, right, I forgot you only want people learning whatever bullshit will keep them mindlessly producing more useless materialistic shit to smear and slather generously over the American flag.

"For us the real achievement was there were not 10,000 to 12,000 people in the academic heart of our campus disrupting our fundamental operations," he said.

What are your fundamental operations, exactly? Booking Wycleaf Jean to play at your university as a distraction to the rally built around a pressing sociological issue that has been constantly swept under the rug since the 30's? Well keep sweeping, jackasses, we can all SEE you with the broom.

Are your fundamental operations keeping your student-base dumb, docile, and entertained, successfully distracted from discussing real issues, while you simultaneously force-feed them all the academic pursuits that fit in with this countries close-minded slave ethic? "Fuck having an intellectual discussion, lets just book the Fugees and hope they forget about it."

You funded, out of your own pockets, a distraction to the very academic (and necessary) pursuit of questioning a tyrannical, illogical law costing our country millions, probably billions of dollars yearly. You intentionally spent your money to keep people ignorant.

"For us the real achievement was there were not 10,000 to 12,000 people in the academic heart of our campus disrupting our fundamental operations," he said.

So what are your fundamental operations, again? In a nut shell. Is it putting out the fire of free speech?

Do you guys fill bars with stinky fish on St Patty's Day to cut down on all the drinking? Maybe slash all the tires in a 3-mile radius of the campus so no one drives drunk on St Pattys Day?

Do you burn down candy stores and orphanages on Halloween to scare people from trick-r-treating?

Do you celebrate the murder of countless Indians who were forced off their native land every year with bland food?

Nice going, you Nazi fucks. You're supposed to be an institute of academics and learning, but instead you've reduced yourselves to THIS....a university who hopes to impart a lesson of ignorance and indifference on its students. Great job teaching by example, dipshits.

Good going, Boulder! You fucking suck!

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